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  1. I am looking for an asbestos garage roof panel to replace a broken one, if anyone is taking there's down. I know all the problems associated with asbestos but having had sound advise from council specialist I understand it is very low grade and can be safely handled if kept damp and using protective clothing and mask.
  2. Swowls I lived at 27 Tyler Street, my mum used the hairdressers. My Grandparents bought the shop in the 40's from I think some one called Thacker, I'm not 100% sure of that name my memories fading! I remember someone going to the outside toilet at the hairdressers and having a heart attack while there and no one could get in to help! Must have been around 1964 ish. I remember the Stanniland family and Birkby family were our neighbours. And a dog called Rebel. Wow memories flooding back!
  3. Hi 123 Tyson sorry I don't know the names other than Lawton. They had a few children, Edith, Elsie, Margaret ,violet and others I don't remember.
  4. Just found this link. My grandparents lived on Coleford road. They were called Lawton. My mum was Edith and one of several children. I can remember visiting on a Saturday afternoon, walking from Tyler St Brightside along Greenland Ave and up Coleford Road. This would have been in the late 50,s early 60,s. Does anyone remember the family?
  5. :)Just like to thank Ashley Cordwell for a brilliant job of supplying and fitting our plaster coving! Thanks Ashley, can recommend him. 07866 938155 if anyone interested.
  6. Just leave it outside, mine was gone within couple of hours!! Hubby found someone wandering around our garden only last week so if its not scrap DON'T leave it out !!!
  7. Left a very good torch!!! thank you very much!! but damage wall will cost more!
  8. Did anyone in Foxhill area have any problems last night? It looks like someone has jumped over my garden wall possibly to hide, and they have damaged the wall and left something belonging to them behind.
  9. No contest, Greggs is the best. Not tried the one in Sheffield but not been impressed with the Pound bakery in Barnsley or Chester.
  10. Last week when Frans work buddy was beaten up was filmed on Wolfe road, foxhill, outside the shops, How do I know? Cos I watched them film it last year.
  11. Hoyland dental market street, only 10 mins drive from Grenoside. Tel 01226 748 404. You will get appt straight away
  12. Fred also has a brother Brian Pass and sister in law who live at Gleadless. They were our neighbours until we left the area last year.
  13. Hoyland dental practice , Market street Hoyland S74 0ET new NHS patients always made welcome
  14. I remember some one clled Fiona Neatby, think she lived at Ravenfield
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