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  1. our hearts go out 2 the family of this young boy r.i.p
  2. for those of u that have repiled 2 my post not every one is on drugs high green is really nice theres good and bad in every area i was on about the views that are free 2 enjoy not drugs
  3. fallenangel i came from s5 so glad i made the move as i would not go out after 6pm but now i feel safe in high green its a shame all areas cant be the same but certain gardens deffo need doing and 2 tighten up on anti socail behaviour
  4. high green is out standing there is people in every area that should grow up n stop all the fights n get on with living
  5. i have been exploring high green and areas around, i cant believe how amazing the views are breath taking, people should stop fighting and enjoy what is on offer for free.
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