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  1. No worries,that nice Mr Cameron is going to allow driverless cars soon. How will the ex drivers get to Aldi and lidl now,who will pay for the parking permits?Will I still have to pay road tax?
  2. If you stick a camera in someone's face you will probably get a black eye.Just be sensible about it,
  3. Ikea is the last thing Sheffield needs. What is needed is a couple of(multi -cultural All welcome)gitmos and Boris with his water cannons!
  4. Thert The ACWS seem to be cutting back on events. http://www.acws.co.uk/about/index.php?page=events.If anyone has never sen this event,try to get to one. I went to one a few years back at Deepcar about 100 people turnd up.I knew from the society web site.AS I was walking round I asked why this event was not advertised locally,the reply was that Good ole Sheffield council were contracted to do the advertising !
  5. Yeah but whose necks are they round?No prize for the best answer.
  6. If you feel brave this might help http://www.friedchillies.com/recipes/detail/ayam-pansuh/
  7. In January I went to the doctor to check on blood tests,there were 6 of them! I think if there is a problem they let me know ,which has happened before. PS all were clear,so was there any need to take any of them?
  8. Has any one got any relevent updates on this repair thread please?
  9. When I worked on them I considered it my duty to diligently recycle stuff! (£
  10. Does that mean I have not been born yet?
  11. While in the RAF I and some 30 troops were in transit from Singaore to Hong Kon, in a C130 which landed in Saigon and unloaded some supplies.We were not allowed off theA/C except the flight crew and loadmaster.As soon as the load was off loaded it was collected by troops who were easily recognised by us as Aussies and Kiwis (commonwealth troops).As far as I know only 5 GSM medals were issued for Vietnam.
  12. When I went to the moon I saw the film of it. Honest.
  13. ACWS events are scheduled for here this year http://www.acws.co.uk/about/index.php?page=events So nothing for Sheffield. Well worth visiting if possible at all venues.
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