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  1. Nosey nosey people, id use a stronger word but id get banned again. If its <blank> all to do with you then keep you nose out....
  2. There ya go Mr Busdriver, Sophies free and single....off ya go hand in hand into the sunset!
  3. Yeah booooyyyyyyyy Soldjaz aint we............. Good grief
  4. Every day some nosey sod's asking "whats happened on such and such road" etc...... Perhaps forums just aren't for me.
  5. Do you mean the ones JML are advertising on the TV at the moment? Like spot lights you can stick anywhere?
  6. I dont know. Its the stupid threads that annoy me like....can anyone tell me the phone number for ???? Just google them for Christs sake
  7. ring TW communications based at Owlthorpe 07909750765 Tell him Pinnacle PAT Testing sent you
  8. Nice one Chris my good man. I'll be there on the 19th!!
  9. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FBK44VN2 Track Listing Cupid Mix Feb 14th 2008 1. Unknown Acapella 2. Danny Tenaglia & Kult of Kramer – “Esperanca” (Original Mix) 3. Esoterik & Kirk Degiorio – “Starwaves” (Spirit Catcher Mix) 4. James Zabiela & Nic Fancilulli – “No Pressure” (Original Mix) 5. Moby – “Go” (Trentemoller Mix) 6. Underworld – “Crocodile” (Oliver Huntemen Mix) 7. Marascia & Dusty Kid – “Plumbi” (Original Mix) 8. Cagedbaby – “Hello There” (Radio Slave Mix) 9. Nitzer Ebb – “Control Im Here” (Dubfire Jamrock Mix) 10. The Killers – “When You Were Young” (Freeform Five Mix) 11. Kings of Tomorrow – “Finally” (Acapella) Let me know your thoughts
  10. Most of the pubs in hackenthorpe are crap now. Plovers ok and what used to be the old club on main street is now The Cherry Tree, thats ok too
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