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  1. I'd never heard of "Sea-Lioning" before, I've seen it used a lot but never knew there was a term for it "Sealioning is a harassment tactic by which a participant in a debate or online discussion pesters the other participant with disingenuous questions under the guise of sincerity, hoping to erode the patience or goodwill of the target to the point where they appear unreasonable." - Miriam-Webster You learn something new every day
  2. For once I actually would like a "Like" button 👍
  3. She liked the Bane character in the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises & she had cats that she was very fond of, so the avatar was a mash up In case you were wondering where the name Mort comes from, it's short for Morticia from the Addams Family, she always saw herself as tall, thin, elegant & carrying a large axe I miss her terribly
  4. She was one of my best friends, we chatted pretty much every day, I keep expecting her to pop up, it still hasn't sunk in. Rest well honey x
  5. Mod Note Posts have been removed for copyright reasons, if you wish to refer to articles from other sites please provide a link to the site and a short précis of the article Do not copy the entire thing and make a few minor changes to pretend it's all your own work
  6. Mod Note Posts have been removed for publishing personal details, please do not make posts containing names & addresses Posts also removed for discrimination
  7. Mod Note Posts containing derogatory terms have been removed, along with any quotes, please do not repost
  8. Mod Note Any more bickering or personal comments and this thread will be closed permanently and the accounts involved will be suspended The thread will reopen shortly once you've all had chance to read this
  9. Mod Note Posts inciting or suggesting criminal actions have been removed, if these are reposted the person posting them will find their account suspended All responses to these posts have also been removed
  10. Mod Note Just to clarify you can criticise but not insult or direct hatred towards them. And any further queries about moderation can be taken to the Helpdesk. And if people really don't want to discuss the topic subject to these restrictions then we can always close the thread.
  11. Mod Note There have been a number of queries regarding why these threads keep getting removed. This is because they all degenerated into a list of insults & hatred directed at the traveller community. So as the topic seems to be of interest, we're giving you this thread, and only this thread, to post in on the understanding that any insults or hatred directed to the traveller community will be removed and the user who made the offending post will be suspended indefinitely. Any other threads on this topic will be removed on sight. These restrictions are in addition to the normal forum rules.
  12. Mod Note Posts have been removed for alleging illegal behaviour. If you wish to make allegations of illegal behaviour kindly do so on a forum where you alone bear the costs of any legal actions.
  13. Mod Note Kindly keep the discussion civil please, any more name calling and the offending posts will be removed
  14. Mod Note Posts have been removed for insults & bickering. Kindly discuss the issue without attacking the person making the point you wish to disagree with If you really can't do that then don't post as if we have to put any more warnings in this thread then those causing the problem will find their accounts suspended
  15. From one of the links on the page referred to https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/720124/Caincross_call_for_evidence_govuk.pdf Chapter 6 Key words "policy levers", "intervention", "subsidising", "funding support" you really think they haven't got eyes on money from the treasury, you think Lord Rothermere wouldn't be interested in a revenue stream provided by the Government ? The panel is already stuffed with media representatives. Try getting a denial out of a politician, a straight yes or no, personally I trust politicians about as far as I can spit one. If you haven't told them you don't want your taxes to pay for these things then it will be an option, they will assume you are in favour or at least will trust their judgement in the matter, wouldn't you rather express an opinion & try to remove the option. Why is the Government getting involved at all ? These are private enterprises if they cannot adapt to a changing marketplace then they should go under or be sold to someone who can manage the business. If supermarkets were struggling because home delivery services with huge robotic warehouses were taking their custom the Government would shrug & say "market forces", privately owned newspapers are no different. But fine call it fake news, don't express an opinion, wait and see what they do.
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