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  1. Had mine keyed circa 23rd 24th March at Loxley. It's old so no big deal, but if I could get my hands on the little dear I'd love to thrash them with a blunt and heavy object (it's good to have a hobby!)
  2. I can't get the webcam on the link to play, very frustrating!
  3. Hi, Business Sheffield have some great networking events, you just missed one at Trafalgar Warehouse about a month ago. Also a lot of their workshops are good networking opportunities I'm told, as well as being really informative.
  4. WAP Architects http://www.waparchitects.co.uk Bryan and Elizabeth have done a fabulous job for me up to outline PP for 4 new builds (awaiting decision) They're award winning, but very reasonably priced I thought, and they really try to do you a great job. Can't recommend highly enough
  5. Oh good, probably just short staffed, with people not being able to get in because of the snow ---------- Post added 28-02-2018 at 11:03 ---------- On another note has anyone noticed the Met Office website is only working intermittently?
  6. Are the gritters on strike? Seriously I live on a bus route (albeit we see very few buses these days) and I haven't seen a gritter all day and I've been up since 6am. Usually they're up and down at the first hint of a frost
  7. Hi Just wondered whether anyone on here might be interested in a custom build plot of land in Loxley S6. The outline planning permission is currently in, and decision should be in the spring some time. If they get the PP they'll be up to 3 generous plots for detached dwellings, south facing over-looking fields, down to a valley with woods up the other side. Good transport links and local schools. Just trying to gauge how bothered people are about the idea of being able to design their own houses Any feedback would be welcome Thanks
  8. Signed. SCC seem to think they are a law unto themselves, and forget they are public servants, paid to serve the people of Sheffield
  9. A troll obviously, but also unable to string a written sentence together. What's not to like?
  10. That made me chuckle! Seriously though can anyone point to anything they've actually prevented from happening, or anything they've saved the valley from?
  11. Hi I'm after info on an elusive organisation called Loxley Valley Protection Society. From what I can gather they are a self-appointed group of people who have decided it's their job to protect Loxley Valley, but from what and why is unclear, also they don't appear to have a contact number, so if anyone has one I'd be really grateful if you'd let me have it. Any info on them would be good, for instance does anyone know anything they have actually protected Loxley Valley from please. where, when they meet, their remit, how you can view minutes of their meetings etc They seem to make themselves very busy, but seem impossible to get hold of. Thanks in advance for any help
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