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  1. Best local band i've heard in a long time is Jezebel.Check out their myspace if you like dirty rock n roll http://www.myspace.com/jezebelsheffield
  2. Try Van Schaicks in Hillsborough or Shalesmoor
  3. Up to 8th .Keep voting.Make things up if needs be
  4. Try H.T.C. Motorcycles behind the Horse and Jockey in Hillsborough.I can guarantee Ross will sort it for you
  5. Unfortunately i think its real.I heard that not too long ago he went after some guy in Mexico and was locked up for it as he didnt have the authority in that country (or something)
  6. Right then erm ..... here we go Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer Show No Mercy - Slayer The Ultra Violence - Death Angel Darkness Descends - Dark Angel Alice in Hell - Annihilator Bomber - Motorhead Arise - Sepultura Piece of Mind - Iron Maiden Countdown to Extinction - Megadeth Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera
  7. So what exactly should we do? Let him out so he can carry out the attacks then sentence him accordingly
  8. Or even better,we could hold a prize draw and the winners get the opportunity to kick the b*!"%!d to death.That would cost nothing
  9. Are you being serious ? How exactly would you police it then ? What would be the penalty for being racist ? Would the law come down as hard on non-whites as it would on BNP type people ? Somehow i think not
  10. From what i could gather the car driver overtook (at speed i assume) then cut in front of the bike.He obviously knew the bike was there and where the bike would be going but chose to cut across because he didnt feel like waiting even if it meant the endangering of other road users. On a side note,Im glad you didnt get hurt mate .Any car driver that cut me up like that better be prepared for a hospital stay
  11. What happens when you wake up in the hospital after realising he could run faster than you ? :hihi:
  12. Jackie Chan vs Benny the Jet in Wheels on Meals
  13. Never said it did, however last time i looked it was a free country therefore the landlord should have the choice about the kind pub he runs.Just because it isnt to some of the locals tastes doesnt mean there arent lots of people who like the place.
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