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  1. C'mon guys, don't be shy. There must be fans out there somewhere?????
  2. Hi I asked this question a few years back. Just wondering is there any Saints fans out there?
  3. Cool, I have Animal Crossing and Mario Kart.
  4. Hi I've finally got hooked up to Wi-fi. I'm just wondering if any one else uses Wi-fi? If so, what games do you play? Many thanx.
  5. The Full Monty's on Infirmary Road. Food and customer service - spot on.
  6. Hands up anyone addicted to the Ds game, Animal Crossing?????? I know its sad but hey keeps me quiet.
  7. Hey, good for you. That takes alot of courage. Good luck and all the best.
  8. What game is better on the Nintendo DS, Theme Park or Sim City? Cheers
  9. Just a quick question, if you are working can your company legally not pay you if it is closed due to flooding???? Or if you are unable to get to work due to the flooding?????
  10. Hi Can anyone help a friend in need? My poor friend needs to get to Barnsley Interchange to Meadowhall tomorrow morning before 9am!!!!!! Is there a way she can get there? Many thnax.
  11. I was just wondering what was everyone's favourite Nintendo DS game and why? I am sooooo addicted to mine.
  12. Hi, although I am not wanting BB to end. Does anyone know the last day for BB? I want to make sure I am not working on that day. Cheers.
  13. Hi Can anyone help me? Has anyone got a copy of last Saturdays Stars In Their Eyes? Cheers
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