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  1. This being one of them........Yes is the answer!
  2. Funny, some of the topics i start on here get ''discussed'' more than once in theads. Dont think i'll bother with this site any more. Bye
  3. Hey anyone seen? I went to see it over the weekend, enjoyed it thought it was good fun if a little slow and plody in places, superb effects (apart from the CGI) I have too say though that i did find one scene involving the killing of a little girl vampire quite appalling, overly graphic and in bad taste. I thought the depiction of child murder in movies was looked down on by most film makers these days (even if they are vampires)
  4. The Beautiful South and Pink Floyd, but mostly The Beautiful South
  5. Hey does anyone know of any software that will let me edit and join mpeg4 video files together? Ive got some videos in iTunes that are in the format, and would like to join em together to play on my ipod classic. Ta
  6. Exactly right. The trouble with sequels is they are rarely original, they are usually just a rehash of the same story, Aliens was for its time a strikingly original movie which expanded on a concept in a very intelligent way in a different genre, instead of just re-telling the same story.
  7. Duran Duran's 1995 album Thank You was widely regarded as a turkey, but i liked it Although their version of 911 is a joke by Public Enemy was.....well a joke!
  8. Yeah i think all the 'Torture Porn' movies are staring to wear very thin now, although the Saw films have a big audience because of the strong(ish) plot behind them and people are morbidly interested in the traps
  9. Hey who's looking forward to this? I'm not so sure after seeing Saw III......made me feel ill!
  10. Tell No One Hot Fuzz Sunshine The Fountain??!.... Yeah i liked it
  11. Yeah that is a superb film, although that flogging scene did make me feel a bit ill, very disturbing!
  12. ALL LIGHT UP by The Pretty things http://www.alllightup.com/ http://www.forestonline.org/output/Page1.asp
  13. God i hope the NHS suffers from tax revenue, longer waiting lists, dirtier wards, lets indeed hope so!.............Simply out of a smokers spite
  14. Though they are both typical Jeunet, they are quite different films. Delicatessen is a dark almost gothic film with traces of horror, Amelie is a light, magical romantic comedy fantasy ( Montmartre does not look as clean and bright as that! the graffiti was digitally removed!)....I like them both. I don't think you can dismiss Amelie as Hollywood just because it did well globally. Did someone mention Alien Resurrection?.............Didnt think so
  15. Well they do call me Dan The Paleman I just thought of another one too.......Pedro Almodovar's Live Flesh which was a Ruth Rendell novel i believe.
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