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  1. What was she into him for? Just sex? Or was her bit on the side fulfilling some emotional need for her? Companionship, perhaps? Personally I think sex is over rated as a reason to break up - if I found out that Mr Babychickens had been poking random laydeez on random nights out I'd be absolutely blinkin' livid, but it wouldn't be the end of teh world because our emotional attachment isn't in question. We don't have an open relationship, but I certainly don't mind if he goes out flirting with other women if he enjoys it, because there's no doubt in my mind that he loves me. If, however, he actually formed a meaningful sexual relationship with someone else I don't think there's any way I'd forgive him that would enable our relationship to continue on pleasant terms. Why not give yourselves the chance to work it out as a couple? She may genuinely love you and be genuinely sorry. Give yourselves 2 months, and if you still can't see any sign that you want to forgive her, then split up then.
  2. 3 months for calpol, not 2:). Or generic pharmacist's own brand, which tastes and does the same, but costs half the price. Buy the stuff full of sugar - when a kid is ill and doe3sn't want to eat it's better to get some sugar in rather than go for the sugar free option. At least they get some energy that way.
  3. Maybe they go there for the air conditioning? I don't think 'sweaty' is an accurate description of Hell on a hot day - it's practically arctic.
  4. You're just trying not to have a fight now so that I won't peck your shins. Chicken.
  5. Canada goose (young). The beak is definitely goosey. Perhaps Mr Goose will come on and tell us it's his Aunty Florence or something. edit to add - just google image'd it, and the beak is wrong for a canada goose. So please just ignore me. I know about chickens, that's all.
  6. FIGHT!!! RRRAAAARRRRRRR!:rant: Oh. OK .
  7. I've not got much of any use to say, but don't just assume that this is a bad thing - you might find that not having the stress of work to worry about helps you get a little bit better. You're not going to starve or go hungry, and although it feels like it, the world hasn't ended. You have people around you that love you and care about you...let them help and support you (emotionally, but financially as well if you need it) if you need it. Hugs n stuff
  8. No, but if you want to have an argument, why not try one of the people that is bothered whether their children are gay or not? I don't think there was much implication that I think that teaching your children to be straight is the best way to live life in what I typed, until you chose to selectively quote me . What I do think is that families (whatever form they take - straight/gay/single parents/gaggles of children/mormons/whatever) are important, and by teaching my children that, I would hope they would also choose to start their own by having their own children.
  9. True, but in terms of probability you're more likely to get your wish of grandchildren if at least one of your sprogs isn't gay. And besides, part of your role of being a parent, as Tricky has already alluded to, IS to guide your child down what you see as the best ways to live life.
  10. I'm going to keep having fantastic kids until I have one that I don't think will be gay. I WANT GRANDCHILDREN, DAMNIT! Not sure how I'm going to work out which are gay when they're still young enough that I can have more, obviously, but I'm sure I'll work something out. I don't mind whether they're gay or straight other than the grandchild thing - I'm never going to be having sex with them, so why would their preference be of any great interest to me?
  11. unless it's clinique and their liking for duping ladies into buying paintstripper at cleanser prices.
  12. I'd have put my fifty in and sucked it up, to be honest. Either that, or not ordered food (which IS an option when you're with a group). I hate the niggling and pettiness that goes with splitting bills pedantically...I agree that £30 over is taking the mickey (I don't think THAT's petty, but when people are arguing over £2-3 it gets reet up me noze), and I don't know your circumstances or whether £30 is an acceptable right-off during a night out for you, but I've reached the conclusion that unless the loss of money is actually going to affect my quality of life over the coming weeks, it's just not worth the hassle to worry about. It's only money.
  13. I quite enjoy doing that. It might even be one of my favourite things. mmm, crunchy.
  14. ...in which case you may want to insert a hyphen between 'pillow' and 'cleansed', too. I'm not scared of you and your absence of banning stick. grrr.
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