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  1. I also assumed it was a parody account! It is a parody, surely …. isn’t it?
  2. I notice it says on the back that if paying by debit card they accept Visa or Switch. Switch debit cards were discontinued in 2002 🙄
  3. Some news on this from The Star https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/technical-failure-delays-more-than-ps10-million-in-council-tax-payments-3266642 So for those of us who should have paid on the 1st, it might be taken on the 23rd or it might not. It would have been nice of the council to contact us directly to let us know, at least an email to acknowledge that they are working on the problem, but personally I've heard nothing. Edit to add : my online council tax is showing the June payment as "outstanding", they'd better not put this as a black mark against my credit score!
  4. The written words on the road are not exactly helpful. C’fld and H’fld? Huddersfield? If you don’t know the area, by the time you’ve thought about decoding the abbreviations it’s probably too late. The signage could definitely be improved.
  5. Roughly twice a week here too, sometimes late afternoon or early evening. First class taking 3 or 4 days to arrive. Royal Mail are obviously struggling to meet their targets. Understandable, but still a bit frustrating if you’re waiting for something important.
  6. The building immediately next door (Barkers Pool House) is going to be converted into a five star hotel (Raddison Blu), so I don’t think that’s likely.
  7. From BBC News : ”Some restaurant employees at crisis-hit Debenhams say they will be made redundant at the end of the month. Staff say they will not receive redundancy pay from the company and will not have paid notice periods. They heard during a conference call on 28 May that administrators had decided to close a majority of store cafes.” So “some” and “a majority”, don’t know about Sheffield specifically but it doesn’t look great.
  8. Or it could say no spaces but ten people get off. Maybe a traffic light system (quiet to busy) might be better, but at least it's an indication.
  9. There's quite a nifty new feature on the First Bus app, if you track your bus on the map it shows how many free seats there are. I had no idea the number of passengers on board was tracked electronically - I suppose the driver must have to key in how many get off at each stop? Obviously it only works for First buses, but it's still interesting.
  10. The live bus tracker at Travel South Yorkshire (and the screens at bus stops) hasn't worked since the start of the pandemic - I know they haven't updated the journey planner but surely they could get the live bus trackers working again? Especially now that the buses are a lot less frequent than they used to be, it would be useful to have an idea when they were coming.
  11. Looking at the new timetables, the First 24 between Woodhouse and Bradway has added a second service each hour, but the extra bus runs at the same time as the Stagecoach 25 between Woodhouse and Bradway! (unless Stagecoach are going to change their times but haven't released the new timetable yet) How exactly is that supposed to benefit anyone, unless First are trying to take every bit of extra custom they can get from their competitor.
  12. I’ve not seen any other posts on this yet - Stagecoach buses have announced they will be following a Saturday timetable from next Monday (with a Sunday service on Sundays). I’ve not seen anything from First yet. I also read that the over 60s passes will be able to be used before 9.30 but I’m not sure what date that starts from.
  13. Ah well, at least it’s something you could fall back on if you can’t find a better deal. On the plus side they gave a 2-hour collection slot and were very efficient, with a certificate of safe disposal so you know it won’t end up fly tipped on a country lane.
  14. I’ve used https://www.collectyouroldbed.com/ £11.99, I chose my collection date, they turned up, collected, gave me a receipt - nice and easy.
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