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  1. Well I’ve definitely caught buses from that stop, but maybe I shouldn’t have! They all stopped and let me get on anyway. Ah well, it’s a minor inconvenience compared to the desecration of some other routes.
  2. The temporary stop is being removed? I assumed they were just waiting for a permanent pole/shelter to be installed. It’s got the textured pavement and a pull-in space for the bus. Why on earth would they remove it? (I’m not doubting Resident BTW, just questioning the sense behind the decision)
  3. Their “stories” pop up on Facebook, I’ve not seen a printed copy for ages. (When I say “stories”, it’s usually inaccurate weather reports, or lists of takeaways with one-star hygiene ratings.)
  4. The Star have now published a “story” on the changes, with a typical click bait headline : “LISTED: Every South Yorkshire bus service set to change from the beginning of next month“. Honestly, their reporting gets worse.
  5. The new timetables don’t seem to be on the website yet, does anyone know what time “evening” starts?
  6. Personally I think they’re horrible, but I can appreciate the skill and artistry needed to create them, and he has certainly developed his own unique style - obviously not to everyone’s taste, but definitely art.
  7. There was a van outside from an arcade/video game company, so this would be a reasonable guess.
  8. I can only imagine the electronics store referred to is Dixons which shut years (decades) ago, unless they mean Maplins which was never on Fargate to my knowledge.
  9. John Lewis in town or Waitrose will take them off your hands.
  10. Do you think the Sheffield BID group could, with the council and PTE, subside a “City Clipper” type route again? Doesn’t have to be free, but maybe a flat rate low charge.
  11. Which electronics store has gone from Fargate? and yes, countless eateries - countless because it’s zero?
  12. One of the “streets” listed in the article is the Northern General Hospital - hardly a street, and probably not the criminals’ home address either. Photos from Google Streetview, and not even sorted from worst to best, it’s a terrible article!
  13. I have seen a few posters on buses (mainly on Stagecoach), but only during the Christmas/New Year period when some people might not have been going to work.
  14. I don't think this has already been posted on here. TravelMaster Prices from the 6 January 2019 will be: 1-Day Tickets CityBus £4.70 CityWide, BConnect, DonConnect, RConnect £5.00 SYConnect £6.80 SYConnect+ £8.50 GetAbout £2.60 GetAbout+ £3.90 7-Day Tickets CityBus £16.30 CityWide, BConnect, DonConnect, RConnect £17.30 SYConnect £23.50 SYConnect+ £29.70 GetAbout £8.30 GetAbout+ £13.60 28-Day Tickets CityBus £61.20 CityWide, BConnect, DonConnect, RConnect £64.90 SYConnect £88.20 SYConnect+ £111.40 GetAbout £33.20 GetAbout+ £54.40 Annual Tickets SYConnect+ £1,281.10 https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/TravelMasterprices6Jan19/
  15. Yes, the Saturday strikes on Northern continue. http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/207629.aspx
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