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  1. BasilRathbon

    New forum feedback and questions

    Who'd like to see a picture of the late, great Terry Wogan?
  2. BasilRathbon

    I really miss ..

    Really? I thought he was a bit of an egotistical prat who was nowhere near as funny as he thought he was.
  3. BasilRathbon

    Where is 0742Sheff/Vidster?

    Personally I thought he was fine in small doses but got tiresome very quickly. Good riddance to the old sod!
  4. BasilRathbon

    Your Perfect Woman??

    The former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Robert Runcie.
  5. Another forum legend departs the stage. Can't really add much to what's already been posted, but I remember in the golden days of the forum around 2007, Redrobbo was a prominent and fascinating figure, always willing to engage in both heated debates and fun, if sometimes silly banter. Respect to him for all he achieved in life, and condolences to those he leaves behind.
  6. BasilRathbon

    The Sheffield Night Clown

    Fancy that! Who'd have thought a thread like this would wake the ghost of a long-gone forum legend?
  7. BasilRathbon

    Odd Facts we didn't know

    That fence could do with some creosote.
  8. BasilRathbon

    Cameron's immigration speech

    That fence could do with some Creosote.
  9. BasilRathbon

    Owls v hereford

    Speaking as a Hereford fan who grew up in Sheffield, I've been waiting around 25 years for this game! Expect a lively away following of around 2,000 - mostly well-behaved but we do have one or two idiots who only come out for the big games so be on your guard. And don't count your chickens - in 2008 we got drawn against Leeds, who were at a similar level to what Wednesday are now; we drew with them at Edgar Street and won 1-0 at Elland Road in the replay!
  10. BasilRathbon

    SF Dedications 2010

    I nominate the moderators for their tireless work in ensuring that this forum is one of the finest on the web. I bet they're all really good looking and great in bed as well.
  11. BasilRathbon

    Thought Provoking - Christmas' past

    If they'd only known that 70 years on Paul McCartney was going to write a bloody awful song about it I bet they wouldn't have bothered.
  12. BasilRathbon

    Is Santa a potential terrorist threat?

    Be warned! Once again there have been unconfirmed sightings this evening of this guy!
  13. BasilRathbon

    Shirts with drivel printed on them.

    I think the OP may find this comedy sketch rather appropriate and amusing.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/clips/p004vx4d/the_armstrong_and_miller_show_south_harbour_club_patrol/
  14. BasilRathbon

    Your memories of summer 2010

    My fondest memory of Summer 2010 is standing at the urinals in the Fat Cat wazzing out a kidney stone, as it was that which brought 10 days of agony to an end.
  15. BasilRathbon

    Get job seekers allowance while on holiday?

    Did anyone actually correctly answer the question in the thread title before it descended into the usual SF slanging match? Reason I ask is that I'd like to take a good friend of mine on a long-distance walking holiday for a week, but he's on Jobseeker's allowance and the only week I can get off work is his signing on week. A google search throws up several forums where it's suggested that those in receipt of JSA can still claim benefits whilst on holiday in the UK, but I can't find anything official anywhere.

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