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  1. Still in Leicestershire, little town called Coalville and the three kids are surly teens. We went to the exhibition too, a few days after it opened . If only we could post pics here , I have loads
  2. I’m … reduced these days. On one hand I have my sight back, thanks to two five hour operations but on the other hand I missed nine months of last year, because I had several seizure…things… First one in March and the next thing I remember, I was in my living room wondering why the Christmas tree is up- nine months gone, where I acquired two tattoos on my neck and …loads of odd things. Anyway, healing now, slowly and I’ll soon be back to my sweet, sane self.
  3. Thank you. I won’t be posting much, busy as hell these days, but I’ll do what I can when I can
  4. About three days ago. In a much reduced capacity , but I’m here
  5. Happy birthday! bit belated, sorry about that
  6. Thank you but it was a decade ago
  7. Can’t beat a bit o gammon!
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