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  1. And this help the Nicaraguan people how?
  2. I'm trying to get it on the news. One of the cities is twinned with Sheffield, Esteli. I was hoping someone would care enough to make some noise about it. There are silly backpackers still going there thinking it's fine, or it will make a good blog, but Nicaragua is not currently a safe place for travel.
  3. Nicaragua is a great place for a holiday. The weather us fantastic, the beaches clean and beautiful, with coasts on both the Pacific and the Caribbean, great food, cheap beer, and the people are so friendly. Sounds like the perfect place to be, hey? Unfortunately 2 months ago, peaceful demonstrations against a rise in taxes and a 5% cut in 'elderly benefits', were met with riot police with tear gas and live rounds. The tragedies that resulted from that first night of violence have made Nicaraguans to be mad. Mad at living under a dictator who, well, does what dictators are known for -oppressing their people and stealing all the money. The people of Nicaragua are fighting in the streets because they are being shot. Murdered for speaking out. Killed for voicing their opinion. Over 200 have been murdered - most of them university students and teens. Thousands have been injured. Countless have gone missing. Mothers are being rounded up and chained to fences, until their 'rebel' children hand themselves in. Doctors and nurses have been shot for providing medical treatment to the wounded. Families have been locked INTO their houses, while police set fire to it. Why doesn't the world know about this? Why are tourists still flying into the airport not knowing what awaits them in the street outside? Why are backpackers still crossing the border expecting the biggest beer crawl they've ever seen at Sunday Funday in San Juan Del Sur? The government has shut down news agencies. Reporters have been shot by snipers, even during live feeds. Tourist's SD cards and other memory devices are being confiscated at the borders. Nicaragua isn't a place of violence. These people aren't guerrillas, they are students. They are farmers, office workers, council workers. I was in Sheffield's 'sister city', Esteli when the riots began. It was 4 days before it was deemed safe enough for us to leave. Since then, it has become a lot worse. Please look up #sosnicaragua, because I can't put all the atrocities on this forum. People need to know what's happening there. Nicaraguans deserve their cause to be known. Please help get this story into the news, so aide can be arranged. They desperately need medical supplies. If not for the whole country, at least for Esteli - what's the point of having 'twinned cities', if you won't help them out. https://www.facebook.com/groups/expatsinnicaragua/permalink/1955936711142967/ ---------- Post added 17-06-2018 at 15:50 ---------- This is an example of the Human Rights violations this government is getting away with because the world isn't being told. This family in Managua refused to let police snipers into their house. What did the police do? Blocked the doors, locking in 6 members of the family, including a toddler and a 5 month old baby and SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE. The police then shot at anyone who tried to help, including members of the fire department. That night, all 6 family members were in their coffins and thete was a candle light vigil being held. The police turned up and violently dispersed the crowd.....INSIDE the funeral home. https://www.facebook.com/groups/expatsinnicaragua/permalink/1966231063446865/
  4. If anyone knows Julian Hobson from Dronfield, who travelled in Australia with 2 Austrian lasses in 2001, please ask him to get in touch.
  5. Is it strange that this game was televised in Sam Pedro La Laguna, in Guatamala today?
  6. I've had Chinese friends say that Noodle Doodle is the BEST Chinese food they have had, outside China. It's definitely the best Chinese/Malaysian food I've had in the UK.
  7. Happy New Year from a sweltering Antigua Guatamala
  8. Off topic. Try sending your 10 year old to buy a jar of Beetroot in vinegar, or a potato peeler.
  9. You could try contacting a company called Euchner..... They shred their old documents and usually have garbage bags of it to recycle
  10. It was an inherited house. Fully paid off. I will still have enough left at the end of travels to buy a house outright.
  11. Not Sheffield. I've done an 8 year stint there.
  12. I sold my house, so money is no issue. So far I've been to: Belarus Ukraine Moldova Transnistria and Romania
  13. It's the traffic that's the problem, not the new complex. But if they even start to build the complex without sorting out the congestion, it will be even more horrendous. I work 3.4 miles from home. On a good day, it takes me 15 minutes to drive to work. On a normal day, it's 30-40 minutes, and the delay is caused by this intersection alone. (busses would take longer, I'm not brave enough to ride a bike and walking is too far)
  14. The dog run is a fortress, otherwise they would have been successful.
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