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  1. he is a large mini poodle but whilst hes tall for a mini hes about 17" to shoulder hes very slim and hardly weighs anything where is the rescue centre? i would be happy to donate how much would you like?
  2. he should be allowed home tomorrow afternoon and i was going to let him stay in the consevatory to recover with my safety gate to stop him and our other dog playin, however the vet has stated i need a crate as he can, t jump up and needs 6 weeks rest!! i did have one and sold it as my dogs normaly sleep upstairs with us please does any one have one i can lend or buy off them?? i can collect today no problem please please help!!xx
  3. i know a bloke in rotherham whos specialise in this forgot the name of his security services but ring around a few and you should get in touch, he trains dogs for norway and uk police and security forces and has loads of awards for such stuff, sorry i can, tbe more helpfull!xx
  4. please let me know as we need to get we live in the handsworth area of sheffield , could you please help me sheffield forumers??
  5. thanks fabcakes i have spoke a number of times with hanna at poodles in need and i sponser one of her older dogs that can not be rehomed, but she has nothing suitable hers are either to timid or to old for our young dog i have registered my details on the other site, thanks for the links raintescue do you rehome standards? as a small standard would possibley be an option as our dog is a lot larger than most mini poodles? that would be great if so ? cheers
  6. for my large mini apricot poodle boy who is neuted and innocolated we want an extra addition to our family but also need a dog/bitch on the same poodle wave length eg thinking they are tiggers!!! we go to training classes once a week we also own a touring caravan and like to go on adventures we cycle and need a young dog whos fitness we can build up we would like a dog/bitch around 1 years of age, who needs a forever home, cash waiting for the right one please message me with details if i am not allowed to post then i am very sorry forum!xx
  7. try glossop caravans they may have one, or towsure? if you don, t mind second hand try admag?
  8. he started been ill late last night so we took him at 4am to the vets they say hes either got an infection or his appendix are too close together and he may need an operation. poor little mite hes sooo sweet and loving and its so upsetting luckily my free insurance doesn,t run out until thursday but i,m going to renew first thing this morning when they open so far its cost 450 pounds without the operation. i know money is not everything and my puppies health is paramount but would recommend all other pet owners who like me leave things till the last minute to make sure your pets are covered. fingers crossed for our little Wednesday our apricot minature poodle!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. one hoody style in blue with no 8 on back 25 cms suit small dog and the other one four 3/4 legs waterproof with little hood and clear visor for dog to see 11" both brand new with tags to small for my little man would like at least £10 for both or £6 each buyer to collect from handsworth sheffield, i would take them back but bought them both from glasgow this week and to far to return
  10. excellent!! thats what i wanted to hear! i love the 2 out of the photos gonna use them as my base for my hair!! lurveeeeeeeee ya!!! thanks soo much for the time and the effort you have made for me!xxx
  11. whats the thing to do??? all the magazines just have one or the other i have my eye on both and waiting for my dress to arrive to try both but feel a bit odd as haven,t seen any others... please advise:
  12. holland and barratt stopped sellin it cause of druggies however mothercare do a liquid version which has instructions on it, i think it costs 2.00 for a couple of sachets with the powder version put your normal amount of water, put on empty, leave the lid on for 30 mins then rinse out and do a normal cycle with just water. good luck!!x
  13. hi kate your in a perfect area for the baby groups i used to have to travel to yours!!! the nursery down from the black bull pub in aughton is perfect, i went their for my weanin cookery lessons, they do a weekly walk with babies around rothervalley every week where you meet loads of new moms, they also organised swimmin lessons, they will have a pre-pregnacy class and also i used to go to treeton for the weekly coffee chat!! bob in and see them!!! your soooo lucky you gonna meet new friends for life !!! i have from the sessions they run!! congratulations and enjoy every moment!!!!!!!!! xxxx
  14. Aires thanx so much ive just been readin my toddlin to ten book by net mums and its exactly what it says!! it states if a child still shows aggression at the age of 7 then its time to worry!! its says what you say so we have been turnin it into a kiss and hug!! thank you for takin the time to answer and offer me some help!!xxxxxxxxxxx
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