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  1. Ultimately its the responsibility of the individual to stop being abusive.
  2. That sounds a little drastic to me:hihi:
  3. I dont think you can have enough freedom but whats needed is for people to stop blaiming other reasons and look at themselves.
  4. Has anyone noticed how the blame culture has taken over in this country,just to give a few examples first of all you have fat or obese people who say its not their fault they are over weight its the fault of McDonalds for selling them their food,come on get real its YOU who dont eat the right diet and take the right execrcise. Then you have the binge drinkers who say its not THEIR fault they got drunk its just they forgot not to have too much to drink or its just one of those things,no its YOUR fault for drinking too much. Then there are the bone idle who say its not their fault they cant get a job because all the immigrants have taken them or they have some disability and the employers wont give them a chance,come on maybe its YOU who has the wrong attitude to work?? Do you see what im getting at, the people seem to look for any excuse to blame their actions on someone else and they dont like to hear the truth.
  5. Hi Rich would just like to say that it was you who gave me the idea to contact the Daily Mail as you mentioned them a while back,cheers.
  6. I notice on the Sheffield Star web site there has been a mass cull of posts,no explanation why?maybe the council have been putting pressure on,I guess they don't like all the publicity their stupid decision has given them. Edit to this,they have now put most of the comments back.
  7. I agree with this 100%,but thats common sense isnt it this council dont do common sense.
  8. Im pleased I did my bit to get this story more exposure,lets hope the council think again and make weekend burials available to all. And lets remember the family might be members of this forum so lets keep it civil.
  9. I have sent the Mail a copy,hope they publish it and embarrass the council.
  10. A Sheffield family who wanted to bury their relative on a Saturday have been refused as only Muslims are allowed to bury their dead on Saturdays. This is the kind of thing that causes resentment and I hope this council will reconsider its position http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/Stepdad-can39t-be-buried-on.4521028.jp#3268113
  11. I have to say that this womans claim was looked at and found to be wanting so she should be removed ASAP,I'm sorry but this country cannot go on accepting false claims for asylum. And while we are at it I find the personal attacks aimed at this Columbus person to be unacceptable,just because they differ from the liberals on here is no excuse for personal stuff. On a personal note I get sick and tired of this right versus left crap,it gets bloody boring after a while stick to facts and stop letting your politics interfere with your brain.
  12. If you dont want kids then good for you,no one should be judged one way or the other.
  13. No I wouldnt cheat,if you have steak at home why settle for burgers???
  14. Born and bred on the cross and have used that road millions of times and its not a bad road for speeders,of course you get the odd one or 2 but at the end of the day you was responsible for your dog being out and maybe if you had not failed in this the lorry would have no part to play in its death. Do try to be more careful next time you own a dog and maybe you and the dog will have a happy and long life togeather.
  15. 2 points from the last 12 its not good enough and we simply have to win against watford.
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