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  1. As someone who has used LAX terminal 3 on several occasions when flying with Virgin America and knows the post security layout of the passenger area. Looking at this picture http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/21709480-post62.html it looks like the gunman managed to get all the way to the very far end of the post security screening part of the building, past the shops and the food court. That picture shows part of the main waiting area for passenger by departure gates 31 - 39. About as far away from the TSA screening area as you can get.
  2. I live down in Ecclesfield and in the 2 days since the changes I'm having no trouble in getting to work on time and I've got to change buses in the city centre and I'm certainly not getting home any later.
  3. 200 pages long. Enjoy. http://www.scribd.com/doc/109619079/Reasoned-Decision
  4. First off I might keep it as a back up camera so I'm not putting it up for sale ( so no offers to buy it please ) but if i did to help fund for a new purchase how much should i be looking at getting for it. Canon 40D with Canon grip. Great condition no obvious signs of wear or tear Roughly 25 - 30K shutter count.
  5. This has gone off topic a little with it moving onto sports drink manufactured for adults doing high levels of sport and they are in general marketed towards professional athletes and regular people like me that do high levels of sports like cycling, running ect. Not children or Miss Jones next door doing a stretch and relax class, but at the same time are not the same thing as Red Bull or Monster. Back on to the original topic children shouldn't really be drinking stuff like Rockstar, Monster or Red Bull. Just look at Red Bull they market this super cool, living life on the edge image and children think that's cool, so buy the stuff.
  6. Let's take Coca Cola that does have a high level on carbs but all of them carbs come from sugar. One regular can of Coca Cola has nearly 40g of sugar in it. Take an SIS sports drink, 1 500ml bottle contains a high level of carbs just like a can of Coca Cola but only around 2g of that comes from sugar. 1 330ml can of Coca Cola you would take in almost 40g of sugar. 1 500ml bottle of SIS sports drink you would take in around 2g of sugar. Doesn't take a genius to see that Coca Cola isn't the most idea thing to be drinking in large amounts. Same goes for coconut water vs a sports drinks. It has been said that it has a similar composition to sport drinks but just like Coca Cola most of the carb content comes from sugar. There has also been research on coconut water vs sports drinks and it's been noted that coconut water can leave you with a bloated feeling vs using sport drinks, which are usually very light on the stomach. The last thing you need to be feeling when pounding the roads of the Peak District or running 25k is bloated. These sports drinks from manufactures like SIS are high in carbs and the other stuff your body needs but very low in sugar, light on the stomach and are quickly absorbed into the body. Would you really want to be drinking 2 3 4 litres of either fizzy pop or coconut water, me personally when out on a 150km intense ride in the Peak District, most certainly not. More independent reasearch into the pros and cons of these types of drinks does need doing but you just can't simply compare a can of Coke to a SIS sports drink and don't believe everything a BBC programme tells you.
  7. I don't usually like to quote Wikipedia but in this case the " hitting the wall " link below explains perfectly why when doing some sports like cycling you do need to use these high in carbohyrate performance energy drinks and foods like these in the links below. Water will keep your body hydrated and is perfectly fine if doing a few laps around the park, but if doing endurance sports like cycling over a sustained period at a high pace you need to take it more than just water, thats a fact. Water alone will not give the body what it needs to carry on performing at that same high level. Take a look at the picture of Bradley Wiggins at the start of the men's Olympic TT race last week, the 2 yellow things sticking out of the bottom of his shorts will be packets of high carbohydrate energy gel. Same thing as the drink but in a gel form.*http://www.cyclingnews.com/2012-olympic-games/olympic-mens-individual-time-trial/photos/233912 The amount of energy his body would have been burning up during the 50 minutes it took him to ride the course would have been immense. http://www.wiggle.co.uk/science-in-sport-go-energy-16kg-tub-previously-known-as-psp22-1/ http://www.wiggle.co.uk/science-in-sport-go-isotonic-gel-box-of-30-x-60ml/ Hitting the wall - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitting_the_wall Like the other poster, I'm a cyclist and I ride at a decent level. 150km in 5 to 6 hours on a Sunday Morning in the Peaks is usually my thing. I hit the wall a couple of times when i first starting taking cycling more serious than just a hobby due to not eating or drinking enough of the correct food stuffs during a ride and it's not a nice thing to experience. These high carb performance drink and gels do work. They are a simple and very fast way to keep the body's energy levels topped up, but as others have said they are not aimed at the twice a week average joe doing a casual workout at the gym.
  8. I don't think anyone is advocating going to a totally cashless system, but a mix of pre payment daily, weekly, monthly passes and a sensible and speedy onboard cash payment option is what we need.
  9. Do buses still let passengers stand if there isn't any seats left available. Having spent an extensive amount of time in the Los Angeles area, I can say regarding fares and fare payment on buses works great in that part of the world. They have a Oyster type payment card which can be loaded up with daily, weekly, monthly tickets, plus a simple $1.50 flat fare if you want to pay by cash. They do have other cash fares for OAP's, express buses, transfer to other networks ect but the point is paying by cash the fare is a flat fare with a no change given policy. Payment card gets scanned on a card reader upon boarding, cash fares gets payed into a secure fare box. Driver handles no cash at all, passengers know the cost of cash fare before boarding and boarding is amazingly quick.
  10. I never seem to have any trouble getting to sleep on a long haul flight. Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz
  11. Not a beer but enjoying a pre take-off glass of bubbles before flying out to warmer climes
  12. Im a big fan of ' street art ' like this as long as it doesn't get plastered all over the place. Ive noticed with Phlegm, unlike Banksy. There does seem to be a lack of info on the exact location of his work.
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