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  1. Didn't prince naz get less? And he didn't stop.
  2. Ticketmaster always sold tickets for city hall aswell as the siv ticket site, siv are still selling tickets for other venues just not city hall which is why i thought it was a little odd with what the op has said about the gift card issue.
  3. siv must be getting rid of the city hall as one of there venues as they transferred the ticket side of things to ticketmaster, and if you look at sivtickets site they only have a handful of events.
  4. When i went to this pub for a pre booked familiy meal, a little early, ordered 2 drinks and didn't get much back from a tenner, I did think How much? but after eating the food I can see why its popular. There is cheap places to drink this end of town like the norton or woodseats wetherspoons but ive never left thinking that's the best sunday dinner ive had.
  5. Thought robs was taken over and still a chip shop?
  6. Hi, don't know if this is any help but found this information on another forum I use. "William Ridgway and Sons company of Sheffield, manufacturers of augers, bits, wood-boring and motorising tools, was founded in 1878 and became a Private company in 1909, these works were founded in the 1930s. William Ridgway Tools merged first of all with Record Tools in 1974 to form Record Ridgway Tools Ltd. Record were another Sheffield company who were renowned for the quality of their vices and industrial clamps. Following the merger Record Ridgway Tools Ltd was made up of 14 UK Companies with 5 overseas companies. A later merger with a woodwork tools company called Marple (which was part-owned by Record and Ridgeway respectively before their original merger) led to the company becoming known as Record Marples Tools. Record Marples was taken over by the Swedish hardware manafacturer AB Bahco in 1982. Despite a management buyout leading to the company reverting to British ownership in 1985 the company struggled financially and following administration was acquired by U.S. based Irwin Tools in 1998 who have since moved production to China in recent years.
  7. didn't know derby had falcons http://derbyperegrines.blogspot.co.uk/p/our-webcams.html
  8. managed to get some in handsworth but not great if you have to do a 12 mile round trip just to get lpg ! hopefully they have lpg at the new garage or atleast move it to meadowhead!
  9. It was also one of the few petrol stations with LPG.
  10. will you be having bands on again ?
  11. thanks for that - had only found the website but no mention of lunch on it.
  12. Just got back from having half an x at the cross, it would be easy for me to sup too much of it as it doesn't taste too strong and has a very nice fruity flavor - barman also said not that much left.
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