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  1. I hated when leeds was built thinking all the band's would go there...then I went to a gig and found out how much I better it was. The city hall is a great venue but the arena only pleases ice hockey fans.
  2. Ozmans London road. There's also a Chinese supermarket between London road and bramall lane im unsure of the name but will look for it tomorrow. Think it's Boston street
  3. what is the washington times our version of ....😂 https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/apr/28/covid-19-turning-out-to-be-huge-hoax-perpetrated-b/
  4. Do you think we will see adverts of how to dispose of masks this year ? https://notthebee.com/article/good-thing-we-banned-straws-new-report-says-15-billion-masks-will-pollute-the-ocean-this-year
  5. Thought those hospital photos looked suspect. Didn't look the same protest types and no signs etc. Not agreeing with it I just thought the photo seemed suspect but if it sells papers...
  6. I know some zero hours staff that had work on boxing day so they can have a bit of extra money from just universal credit thanks to the sale still happening.
  7. Surprised that there was on 50 cases week ending 20/12 I'm I reading this right as it can't be https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/notifiable-diseases-weekly-reports-for-2020
  8. Doesn't feel like it can get much worse...went from thinking we could be tied 2 and go to work and have some money to looking like another lockdown
  9. Life isn't worth living so not sure what we should be lucky for.
  10. Some still not getting furlough at all. Should have made zero hours employers pay a percentage of the average monthly wage of their employees.
  11. I meant at Meadowhead not the Bradway garage where the road works are
  12. Have they fixed that water leak near the petrol station that runs right across the road?
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