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  1. I wasn't trying to debate anything as im not up to date with the case I was just replying to your mention of transport police, i know you can walk from the station straight to one of the arena doors.
  2. The station joins the arena,is that to do with it ?
  3. Are you going to tell us what or at least where the shop is?
  4. I just don't know how you can tell the difference, I wouldn't know.
  5. Humans are quite selfish....some people just won't care about anyone else. I just find it easier to protect myself as much as I can and then I won't be blaming other people.
  6. So are you going to shout at people who are exempt then? People should just worry about themselves.
  7. Is football with fans still happening next month ?
  8. Now you can reopen any idea what the first event back will be for any of your venues?
  9. I've heard the same thing, maybe you should call up and ask them or pop down?
  10. Why would they care who they transmit? as long as they don't die doing their shopping.
  11. Why do people feel they have the right to ask someone why they are mask exempt? If someone isn't wearing a mask can't people manage to just accept that unless you are going to access that persons medical records i imagine it is hard to prove.
  12. For thursday https://edalemrt.co.uk/incidents/?pages=4 "The Coastguard Rescue 912 had also been requested and they were able to land near to the casualty site with rotors running. After packaging onto a stretcher he was hot loaded onboard the Coastguard Helicopter for onward transfer to the trauma unit at Sheffield Northern General Hospital. "
  13. I just think the coastguard one is too big for NGH.....as it is only this one that seems to land here, theres still a helipad at NGH for the air ambulance. I'm not sure where at NGH the helipad is as it could even be a weight issue. Maybe someone who works at NGH knows ? Also had Chinooks land at the parkwood helipad aswell.
  14. Dronfield bypass at night is normally empty, if a biker was doing 140 down there, on the straight part with no other road users then I'm not sure that would bother me, it is the idiots driving in 30mph areas at twice that speed that would
  15. you could use a now tv box but it will just be the apps for all the normal channels.
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