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  1. why do you have to fill it in, it isn't even addressed to a name, can't they look at the electoral role.
  2. if the vaccine contained the virus would it be better against different mutations ?
  3. If the vaccine does not stop people getting the virus or spreading the virus then what is the rush ? as long as those at risk are vaccinated that should be the focus. All the talk about people having to have the vaccine and every person who dares to ask a question about it on the news is just put down as "anti vax" so there is no sensible discussions.
  4. With covid vaccinations where would it stop, medical insurance companies have wanted medical history to be shared for decades.
  5. Boris thinks we can go till April without hairdressers, has he not looked in a mirror.
  6. Drug companies pay loads of people in medical trials, what makes this any different ?
  7. I remember hearing that it was not for profit but have since heard investors like Google will make a lot of money.
  8. They could be family. People police themselves these day's
  9. With those replied is anyone not getting side effects or do we just need to accept we might need a day off work after getting the vaccine.
  10. If work places can't access medical info how will they know who has had it and who is just saying they have had it to stop a boss going on about it.
  11. People aren't even registered with a gp, just curious with all this talk of covid health passports to travel.
  12. https://www.libertyhumanrights.org.uk/advice_information/coronavirus-criminal-penalties/ Says they are unlikely to be recorded How do they know people have had the vaccine if they are not booked in and are "stand by" are they given a document ? As I've only previously seen appointment cards.
  13. Yes really don't see the issue, it is much better than them going to waste, obviously think the staff working at the vaccination centres should be given more priority than players but if they are only getting wasted then crack on.
  14. wouldn't the leftover jabs get wasted ? and if they are in the ground and happy to have the jab is that not better than it getting wasted ?
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