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  1. No he was American, black guy. Did some OK songs about 30 years ago.
  2. Just seen this on eBay that might suit your purposes and it's below your budget.
  3. I've been saying for years that the Americans seriously need to sort out the total bobbins that are their gun laws... But of course their Lords and Masters in Congress will never do it!
  4. Yep, Ice Ice Baby was one of the few rap songs of the early 90s I actually liked, also Pray by MC Hammer, which has been on 1991 Top of the Pops on a Friday night a couple of times of late.
  5. At this point in North America's storied history, almost anybody would've made a better POTUS than Trumpet IMO, the man got impeached, twice! And would therefore struggle to get elected as a Milk monitor in an Elementary school. Although, if I was American and had been old enough to vote at the time, I'd possibly have voted for Bush senior or Bill Clinton, Clinton in particular seemed like a nice enough bloke.
  6. Actually I did like some of MC Hammer's early stuff, and Vanilla Ice was good in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze.
  7. Indeed, most pubs ask for it but I refuse on principle to tell the government any more about myself than what they NEED to know...
  8. Indeed, all that naff rap stuff that dominated the early 90s!
  9. Dad's told me not to buy anything anyway. Not for Father's Day anyway, although I will hit Moonpig when I get paid next week and order a cheap card.
  10. If you wondering where the shop is, it's on Fulwood Road in Broomhill, just above the Fox and Duck pub.
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