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  1. Did you work in Rotherham by any chance? My Dad worked as an Inspection and Testing Engineer for BG until he retired on his 65th birthday in October 2013, he's called Bob Allen.
  2. Hmm, interesting, I thought Hillsborough Library closed years ago, I've been past it loads on the Tram and it never looks open?
  3. Good evening. Inspired by a recent Neighbours episode that was on last week, I'd like to do my own weekly Podcast, based on my own interests such as gaming, martial arts etc, how would I get the software to do this that's compatible to Chrome OS? Sensible answers only, I can't use a Windows PC, I don't have the funds
  4. Good idea, plus it's an excuse to pop down to Meadowhall tomorrow weather permitting
  5. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock 8/10. One of the best of the original 6 Star Trek movies IMO, starring all of the original crew including Bill Shatner and the late Leonard Nimoy.
  6. That's the problem with this forum, always has been IMO, too many Daily Fail readers who think all disabled people of working age are workshy slaves to the benefit system! Falsehood, I actually WANT to work but the system won't let me.
  7. So Curry's PC World have sent me another phone, which arrived about an hour ago, even though I specifically rang 'em up last week to tell them the issue was resolved and we'd found the original handset! So someone somewhere along the line has messed up and not passed my message on!
  8. I had a Wasp nest outside the HA Flat recently, I had to ring the Housing, who rang the Council and got them to deal with it. Ring the Housing, they'll get someone out to deal with your problem.
  9. I'm not sure if it's still a thing but try Friends Reunited, I once found my ex's Brother on there
  10. I've lived in Chapeltown, lower Walkley, Stannington and now Netherthorpe, all pretty quiet areas really with not much crime. Plus I was only about 2 when we left Chapeltown in September 1978 and I still have vague memories of it.
  11. A quick Google found this about Ms Patel's immigration policies, doesn't make for good reading IMO.
  12. It'll be 5 years on Friday since the day I was attacked outside Oxfam on West St waiting for my carer at the Bus stop outside the shop, there was CCTV footage and everything, I reported it to my social worker who reported it to the Plod, 14 days later, when the bloomin' CCTV footage was out of date so they could see an attack had happened but not who did it. I did get a visit from the Police though so all wasn't totally lost.
  13. There is, problem is the "posher" areas such as Dore, Totley, Ecclesall, Whirlow etc get more of the money whereas run down areas such as Pitsmoor, Burngreave, some parts of s2 etc get left behind.
  14. There's only so much the Plod can do though due to lack of manpower/resources due to cuts from central government.
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