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  1. Perhaps they're far-righters conspiring against you. Doesn't happen around my way. There's always one. How very passive aggressive. wonder what the neighbours call you.
  2. That old street scene is long gone, taken over by paint, camera's, signs, bus gates, an ugly authoritarian landscape. Didn't take long before the Windy Millers took over with their patronising view of the world. Socialism, you will be miserable, you will be controlled, restricted and punished, you will pay through the nose. 2k council tax, 2k parking charges, 4k gas/elec (including a whole host of green taxes) , 2k road tax (DFO), petrol duty, insurance, insurance tax. The idea that the motorist hasn't contributed more to the tax take to pay for some tarmac is ludicrous. Instead of supplying cheap or free city centre parking to meet the demand, lets turn the whole city into a car park, crazy.
  3. Do you think the generating industry don't know their options.
  4. The first post suggests you already know how to use google maps yourself It's already been explained that using a range left estimate is not the way to calculate mileage, you need to read the odometer. If you don't believe google maps, read the odometer before the journey, read it after, work out the difference. Multiply the answer by 45p/mile.
  5. Most of the loans will never get paid back, just more tax/government debt. Has many other side effects, higher rents and house prices, kids settle away from their family, no parent childcare, no elderly care, it all falls back on the state. The period poverty nonsense about periods costing women £500pa is another one. The lefty politicians and media serve up any old crap, and the public just suck it up without question - originates from some publicity campaign by a voucher codes site, and gets turned into a misogyny narrative. Isn't chillblains a side effect of heating, rather than lack of it.
  6. Any update on the 100's of thousand of nurses supposedly using foodbanks, or Elsie, is she stuck in a bus depot with a shivering group of pensioners. Or these poor kids who are getting food poisoning because their parents are turning the freezer off at night to save money. Haven't seen a picture of someone sat on the floor of a hospital or train recently, that's going to probably rear it ugly head again soon. This is off the scale mind manipulation. Any questions about an 'experts' advice to not lock into a fixed price utility contract - (we'll see how that works out in a few months when the prices go up another 45%, and if OFGEM gets their way, another hike in January), and swap branded beans for value. A not so slim Chef is back in the news, going on about cheap crisps causing obesity, there's probably a tv production team frothing with ideas about how to make another campaigning series out of that. Speaking of which, what happened to the chicken bloke, he's been quiet of late. The media are playing a political game, I wouldn't be surprised if certain media organisations have a food bank outside broadcast team on standby to scour the country for obese people who claim they have to miss meals so their kids can eat. Tonights TV choice between, eat well for less, secret spenders, or Jamie cooking banoffee cheesecake (a few more calories than a bag of quavers I expect) ---- We've conned the youth into thinking they need to go to university, punished thrift with stupidly low interest rates and high taxation (leading to unaffordable housing), paid people to sit on their backsides for a couple of years, and printed money to pay for it, that's socialism for you, always ends in inflation and misery. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a party with the slightest idea of how to fix it. Governments aren't to blame for a lack of people wanting to spend their days with their hand in your mouth with blood splattering everywhere.
  7. Yes they do change, it's even more pointless now than it was a decade ago, when you said it was er pointless..... A different OS has no impact on the layout of a disk. This all started when 5MB disks had a 2 foot diameter, and lived in a housing the size of a washing machine, which would vibrate/shake as the head moved about if the blocks weren't contiguous. Smart programmers would code around it to avoid the issue. Things have moved on in the last 40 years, yet still people stick to these odd routines, despite them never making a difference. Anyone who knows what they are talking about, knows software is the root cause. which is why a reinstall nearly always cures it.
  8. You're contradicting yourself, don't pick at my post when you've said exactly the same thing in the past. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/324847-speeding-up-pcs-c-cleaner-v-c-cleaner-pro/?do=findComment&comment=5978556 Windows does all sorts of pointless crap in the background, and they still haven't managed to eradicate slow laptops. People get so wrapped up in their habits and instructions from guru's, that they see imaginary speed boosts. It's a waste of time, and isn't going to solve this problem, but the originator seems to have gone, so let's drop it.
  9. Really? You get your household sewage and rainwater taken away and exchanged for potable water for less than a quid a day. Bargain. They pay tax on profits like any other company.
  10. Lasted about 45 seconds, don't know how people listen to this stuff. Guess confected outrage is a bit of a drug, once you're on the treadmill, it's hard to stop. What happened to Elsie, that could have filled up endless hours of programming, it only lasted a day, hardly plebgate. What's next weeks contrived "Fury as" headline going to be... my money's on the Bank of England or maybe Ofgem
  11. There's a Japanese tv programme about sending toddlers shopping on their own. When you move out of your parents care, you have to suddenly clean the toilet, and cut the grass, and arrange the insurance, and feed yourself, and pay the bills - didn't learn any of that at school. What I am saying is the reverse of stigmatising. I'm suggesting that the vast majority of people are quite capable of the maths to do a household budget, and quite capable of cooking a meal for themselves, without any patronising tuition - they may just choose not to. The increase in the cost of living isn't going to be any better for families who don't even try to live within their means.
  12. That doesn't compute. We live in a consumer society, where we work endless hours so we can buy extensive amounts of pointless consumer tat, which goes back to Anna's point about being time poor and working endlessly for little benefit. You need recipes to bake, you don't need recipes to cook meat, veg, pasta. If you wanna know how to do anything, it's on youtube. I haven't checked, but there may be a mashed potato video if you're struggling. We currently send (ie fiddle unemployment stats) about 40% of the population to university. Are you suggesting it's beyond them to knock up some beans on toast, and without a deliveroo app, they'd starve to death. This is primary school level. Re thick or lazy, what other explanation would you suggest. Being a responsible adult means you have to do adult things, that includes living within your means - more primary school maths. Offering to help those who might find it (budgeting/cooking) useful is a good approach imo, whilst forcing them to go on it is patronising.
  13. Like nearly all cooking books, they end up on the bookshelf for show, never read, unwanted Christmas presents. Or in the unused breadmaker/sandwich toaster cupboard.
  14. You can't be serious. If you think it's normal for the average human to get to adulthood, and be unable to work out how to make mashed potatoes, there is little hope for humanity. What are the parents doing in that situation. There is undoubtedly skill involved in fancy cuisine, but day to day meals is warming stuff up and chucking some salt on top.
  15. Ooh please don't start blaming men for everything, there's enough misandry in the modern narrative as it is. Men do their share of chores or bringing home the bacon in most households. If they're not doing the cooking, they're doing something else to contribute Roast meal, is 5 minutes effort to peel the veg, bang it in the oven. Bangers n mash on the hob, 20 minutes from start to finish. 10 minutes to wash up. It's no big deal. The smartphone and proliferation of takeaway restaurants is the root of all evil, the future doesn't look bright, roads full of bikes, mopeds, cars and robots delivering pizza to obese diabetics with no money. You don't need to learn any cooking at school, it's warming stuff up. Similarly, you don't need to teach budgeting, it's adding stuff up. People who don't do this are either a bit thick, immature, or lazy.
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