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  1. As I've told you before, the solution is in France, the backlog stuff is a diversion of no relevance - which is why the Labour party bleat on about it. Consecutive home secretaries and their minions have failed to deal with it, perhaps you should apply for the role, as you think a chat with the French is going to solve everything - cloud cuckoo land, check the figures when the Dublin agreement was in place. ps, if you saw someone breaking in next door, do you just shrug your shoulders because you haven't signed a contract to help
  2. nor do you, hows your foot doing quite an obsession about gb news on here, it's great
  3. you should be well aware by now, the discussion is about economic migrants taking the mick, not genuine refugees from war torn environments
  4. exactly how the rest of the world works, unless you pull out the asylum trump card bit of a backlog in the nhs and housing system atm
  5. language and nuance is difficult for some. back on your silly rant again, getting quite repetitive.
  6. evening rudebloke, need someone to play with again? the point as usual goes whoosh over your head - I know the facts, he doesn't what is your purpose here
  7. the male/female ratio and no id is published data, just a google away
  8. you are forming a lot of opinions, without any facts to back them up what percentage are male, dunno, what percentage are taking the mick, dunno, what percentage lose their ID, dunno
  9. I haven't asked for any links, you have. I asked you to make a guess, you refused remove? hows that working process them quicker, more will come
  10. form an opinion, and counter misinformation you've done the dublin agreement line repeatedly, you can leave now, your job is done not necessary, you're wasting an awful lot of time avoiding this search, do you suffer from anxiety
  11. would you like a lesson on how to use a search engine, 3 words ...... 90% male boats
  12. you're doing that walking up to strangers thing again, and butting into their conversation ..mind yer own. instead of trolling with this silly contrarian "I didn't say that" line, try putting a few words into a search engine. It's common knowledge that circa 90% are male
  13. are the media to blame for the official figures being circa 90% men too, or is that an inconvenient fact which shatters your ludicrous argument that it's a media conspiracy
  14. how many millions of households claimed some sort of benefit in the last 36 months, from this harsh system. and what are the public finances like as a result?
  15. nothing to do with wokery, this week the bullies are after a prosthetic nose wearer, and an over enthusiastic kisser, click click click
  16. that's quite an imagination
  17. you're demonstrating woke behaviour perfectly. is there a problem with being white and/or heterosexual, and/or male?
  18. will you be putting your name and address at the bottom
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