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  1. I suppose it depends on what time Sheffield council take the direct debit. ---------- Post added 17-10-2015 at 18:54 ---------- Will that need a card reader?
  2. I've ran out of money. Council rent direct debit is due Monday. I can probably get hold of enough money to cover it but its saturday evening and tomorrow is sunday, so the bank is closed.
  3. Who's Roger Stone when he's at home?
  4. Those who make a big deal of the tuition fee thing and then go on to vote Labour are utter, utter idiots. Labour introduced tuition fees and don't have any intention to abolish them.
  5. Libdems. Not because I like them particularly, but because they're currently the only realistic counter to Labour in Sheffield.
  6. Most of the big time Greens are the upper middle class that are completely puddled and live in their own bubble. http://i.qkme.me/3pe70h.jpg
  7. I like the "No surrender" comment 535 by Danny Andrews.
  8. The fact that banks and big business run countries was laid bare during the Scottish independence referendum; the single biggest and most important argument against independence was the ramifications it would have on banking and business.
  9. It could be argued that the 70's sitcoms were a reflection of society not the other way around. Personally, apart from the obvious things such as rape and underage child abuse etc, I think its folly to judge societies of the past by the standards of today. Society is in a constant state of evolution on the road to perfection, and we're not there yet.
  10. Not the loveable old rogue from Last Of The Summer Wine!?
  11. Actually I do pick up litter in the area nearby my house. The spot I mentioned I think is beyond help though. Litter picking there would be a pointless exercise and I think you guys know it too.
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