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  1. Is it worth me putting my Blue Bin & Box out tonight for Col in Morning. (Norton Lees)
  2. I did my apprenticeship there 1970 onwards. I remember Dave Shaw, Dave Loveday,Neil Cusworth, Lenny,Richard, Ken, Bill Smith, Del a hire car to his Sister Recently). Eric Monday, Bob Till, Les,Bob, Too many to mention. Had some great times there. Miles Raynor was my mentor. He used to let me watch him do the brakes on one side & just before he finished, He used to say, I hope youre watching cause youre doing the other side. If i got it wrong, H'ed rap me on the knuckles with a metal ruler. (*******) My name is Gordon. ---------- Post added 26-02-2014 at 00:27 ---------- Bob Haigh, Dave Loveday,Dave Shaw,,Gordon Westran, Len,Clem,Neil Cudsworth, Terry Capel, Richard electrician, Rushie, Ken on Service Bay, Len who once threw a hammer at me! Paul Morrel (works at Robins & Day at Handswoth) Bernard, Dave Davies, Testers? Miles, Anybody remember Steve Holland in Reception. The best days of a lifetime of work.
  3. Swansea Also Paid £1 for their club & look where they are now without any big money signings..........UTB!
  4. I have just had my mate on the phone saying he's got a problem with his computer. He said he was running his Anti Malwayre scanner & when he came back to his computer, there was a message saying that 38 infections had been found. He now says his comp will not log into anything & he's getting a warning saying that unless he pays 59.95 Dollars by entering his C/C details It won't be fixed & also threatening his & his wifes lives. The scam, he thinks is called System Tools & is a American Co. Seems Pretty scary to me but I said I'de put it on FORUM to see if anybodys had the same or similar or could offer any help. Cheers Gordon.
  5. Cheers for that. Have been looking & asking for YEARS.
  6. I used to play cornet in Dinnington Maine Collery Band back in the early 70s. We used to play one particular tune & I can't for the life of me can't remember what It was. CAN ANYBODY HELP. It was played to the Websters Pennine Bitter advert & In It flames would come out of Fred Truemans mouth. I'de love to know what music this was played to, & would be ever so grateful. Cheers Tavish.
  7. Listening to Lilly Allen. The Fear. No matter how many times I hear it, I never get fed up of it!
  8. Why not try a B&B IN Whitby?. Ive booked from Fri to Monday.
  9. Anyone out there going to Whitby in July? The ticket cost's are £39 each!. There's a special offer on at the moment 4 tickets for the price of 3. £117.00 in stead of £156. Me & my partner are going & we thought that if anybody wanted to buy a couple of tickets why not share. A good saving of nearly £20 each couple! If anybody feels the same, don,t hesitate to get in touch. Cheers Gordon & Sheila.
  10. Northern Soul. REMINDS ME OF DAYS GONE BY!
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