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  1. I was referring more to the fact that Sheffield is a big city, rather than its history with Steel. But thanks for the input.
  2. Thank you all for the suggestions. I've checker them out and Simmal seems to have what im after, not local but i'll give them a call. I didn't think this would have been so difficult to find in Sheffield! Cheers.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for local suppliers of Aluminum extrusion or Aluminium T Slot. I'm wanting to make a cube from this material but I can't find anywhere local where I can go and see the product. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. If we did leave the EU, what would the chances be for a general election? (sorry if this has already been asked)
  5. Myself and a small group of friends (in their 30's) are looking for nice scenic campsite in South Yorkshire of Derbyshire which allow small fires. I have searched around and can't find any at all as most sites don't allow groups of lads. So I thought I would ask on here as a last resort! Thank you in advance
  6. I know that is an option on most cars, but these seem to be a bit more tricky and therefore a press is required. Still looking for a mobile mechanic is anyone has any suggestions? Thank you
  7. Can anyone recommend a mobile mechanic to change a wheel bearing for me on a Focus ST170. They would need a press for these bearings so I have been told. I'm based in Penistone. Thank you
  8. isn't it just a large scale training exercise? I don't understand why American's think this is the end of the world. What am I missing?
  9. Thanks martss, I will have a look into that first option! I'm still pretty confident it wasn't a plane. I do see them all the time round here and the fact it was so high up, clear skies and yet nothing in the sky once the light vanished. I'm sure I would have seen the actual plane after the bright seen as though I stopped and watched the sky for a while after. But I suppose anything is possible!
  10. True, that was one of my thoughts. The fact is it happened quite quickly before I could really take it in. It was bright like a headlight but from what seemed very far away, and high in the sky! The sky was still light..ish so if it was a plane or helicopter I would have been able to see it. There were no clouds that it could have gone behind too.
  11. yeah sure, not today I'm afraid but I will do. The photo's are not great as I didn't have a zoom lens but you can see the trail, which also has a distinct kink in the line, kind of shaped like a boomerang. I didn't think UFO or anything like that, my first thought was a plane explosion or something like that? I had a quick look on t'interweb when I got home and thought it could have been a meteor/fireball. But the fact that it wasn't moving may have put me off that idea.
  12. This will happen. The Greeks will not be able to repay that debt.....ever! We will be in the exact same situation when the next repayment is due. I think the Greeks will get the bailout knowing full well they can't repay it, and hope it's written off when the do eventually leave the EU. That vote against austerity didn't exactly work did it?
  13. it was far too bright and big for that, and facing me (so away from Manchester) Also just to add, the light wasn't moving at all. Thank you
  14. I read posts like this on here and never thought i'd be the one asking, but......did anyone see a bright light in the sky last night (14/07) around 9:40pm? I was just outside Penistone looking towards the west of Manchester. I was driving down a lane and I saw this very bright light high in the sky. Far too bright and too big to be a star. It was abnormal enough for me to pull over to check it out. But as soon as I pulled over it had gone. But in the same area in the sky I could see what looked like a trail of some kind, coming from where the bright light was and shooting down. I did take a few pictures of the trail as I thought it was extending towards the ground. I first thought something had exploded in the sky and it was the trail from that. But after 10 minutes it didn't seem to be moving any further down, so it could have just been a cloud maybe? At first the trail was glowing red, but it was at sunset so I presumed it was just that. Anyway, I just thought I would post it on here in case anyone saw it or could explain it. Thank you
  15. if I remember right the flag was very popular amongst Muslims way before ISIS as it is the stamp of a ring that the prophet Mohammed was known to wear and used as a wax seal on letters. I once did counter terrorism training for my job which included this information. This was post ISIS, and the message was, the flag could be a sign of ISIS or as a message from Mohammed and could therefore be completely innocent. But since ISIS has made this symbol associated with the terror group then we all now associate it this way. The trouble is that the flag is pretty much exclusively associated with ISIS, in which case if I saw that flag I would probably associate it with the terror group.
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