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  1. We started this last night and watched the first two. I watched all the Desperate Housewives series in the past so it's easy watching with a bit of nostalgia for what came before. They seem a captivating cast and we have been a bit at a loss for things to watch the last couple of weeks so I think we'll see the series through.
  2. Dreamed of becoming a politician. E
  3. It's a very sad state of affairs especially for the Lyceum where you are packed tightly to watch a performance and if you introduced social distance there I doubt they'd cover the cost of the performance. I had a booking cancelled there donated 10% of the value used the credit to re-book for 31-10-20 paid a few pounds more only to have them shut down until next year. No one has been in touch to refund my cash. I don't want to demand it if it means they close down permanently. A terrible time for them. If you can travel on a bus or train with a mask is it really much different to go to the theatre and watch the performance wearing a mask for a couple of hours ? Can't they make it work will restrictions be much different next year ?
  4. Glad you got sorted, it's difficult to speak with them at the best of times, same with HMRC at the moment I held for 45 minutes the other week only to get cut off. I wrote to them in the end, I'm fairly patient but that on hold music makes me twitch after a while.
  5. Booked a surprise party πŸ₯³ C
  6. Yes and alot of hearings have been done remotely and will continue that way where it's appropriate. I am waiting to hear back if I will be given an interview but given the problems this year, it is more than understandable. I'm still hopefull.
  7. I was at Thornbridge 1982 to 1986 maiden name Rachel Stones I have two older brother also went to Thornbridge John and Aidan Stones.
  8. Good for you Patricia, very best of luck with your studies. I'm applying to be a magistrate in the Family Court.
  9. Exactly same here never heard of him until he passed. Don't know why the funeral got special treatment. 30 people allowed at funerals currently for tax paying law abiding citizens.
  10. Jane ( no offence Jane 2008 )
  11. Flowers delivered to my work πŸ’πŸ‘§πŸŽ‰
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