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  1. Opened my thoughts to the possibility of self-isolating. P
  2. Hung out my washing over the Winter months. I
  3. The argument raised by yourself and Pettytom in particular has been that profitability is an outdated concept and sustainability should be foremost now to repair the damage of previous generations to pave the way for generations to come. This goes way beyond a ham sandwich or a salad sandwich, but it is small steps needed and the debate has been interesting. It does seem changes are needed and while I don't like to think they are imposed and choice is taken away i can see the merit. Let's hope that we can all make some changes now big or small to redress damage caused to date and be more socially responsible for my grandchildren and their children.
  4. It does have a feeling of Spring about now. Although 4 out of 5 mornings lady week I had to defrost the car before driving to work in the morning. Looking forward to frost free mornings.
  5. The HMRC regulate what people should be paid the 'living wage' now pension contributions not only for staff but employers are been regularly increased. All legislation is on the side of employees and the employer foots the SSP bill for time off for sickness/ mental health issues which are escalating. How does sustainability keep pace with the employer constantly being at the wrong end of the stick for all these costs. Not to mention the current health crisis looming. Is sustainability going go cover staffs mortgage and rent if they have to self incubate. SSP is £95 a week will that cover people's costs? You couldn't have planned for people not working for two weeks and the economic strain associated.
  6. We'll I hope Pettytom you prosper on your principals . I don't see the value in Igloos stance personally each to their own. It's a tough climate for businesses and with minimum/ living wage being hiked up by the government each year/pension costs/ ssp costs that businesses have to pay in full an employer is packing many punches to survive, never mind trying to make a decent profit. Lots of businesses are hanging on by the skin of their teeth in a tough market. Principals don't pay the wages and tax bill. Profitability does.
  7. Businesses making profit is outdated thinking yeah right. If it's not profitable for the owners it's not sustainable and then they hit a bump in the road like brexit or coronavirus and then staff are being made redundant and out of a job. Business doesn't exist primarily to make an eco statement and to save the planet. They are there to be profitable employ staff and if they are lucky enough to do so they lend support to local charities and do some good within the local community. That part is a privilege.
  8. Load of claptrap. In the real world businesses exist to make profit. Then at there good will they use there position to help support /sponsor worthy causes. The government has responsibility for protecting the environment.
  9. It's about meat. If there was no meat then we'd eat vegetarian. There is meat so people have choice now today tomorrow. If we all stopped eating meat tomorrow we'd be putting an industry out of work. If we all cycled to work or drove electric car same result people out of work. We have choice and change doesn't happen overnight it's a gradual process of education and knowledge. I'll eat meat and drive my car to work tomorrow to work at a similar company to igloo in accounts. That's my choice. You can make your choice and I have no problem with it why have a problem with my choice?
  10. Knitted a cover for my jar of strawberry jam. L
  11. Exactly let's concentrate on the job in hand providing outstanding service. Leave thd politics to the politicians 😉
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