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  1. Rain on Me - Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga
  2. Opened up a can of worms P
  3. Everything But The Girl
  4. It's raining men The Weathergirls 🌧😁
  5. Mothers Talk - Tears For Fears
  6. Earth Song - Michael Jackson
  7. The full phonetic alphabet, I end up saying daft stuff like 'U' for umbrella 😏
  8. That's the best you can do be there for people. There is no perfect gift, the fact that you care, keep an eye on your neighbour and he knows you are there if he needs you will mean so very much to him , even if he hasn't the words at the moment to say it to you. Hang in there.
  9. Having lost my mum in December last year. I would say the best gift would be to share a memory you have of your neighbour's wife. It is important to think our loved ones meant something to others. If you have a story or memory of the deceased lady to share, I'm sure that would mean more than a gift.
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