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  1. I moved to a rental house with my two children and i'd only ever used electric hob and oven. The rental house had a gas cooker. I was making their tea and the grill went out, I noticed a couple of minutes later and reignited the grill while still looking towards it to check on the food I was cooking. It went whoosh and my fringe was black and burnt. It was a tough lesson on gas cookers I have never forgotten and I felt incredibly stupid for doing it. At least it burnt hair and not skin, for that I can always be grateful.
  2. Anyone been watching Alan Carr on a Saturday night reviving some of the old gameshows? We have been watching and my 16 year old stepdaughter was with us this weekend watching Play Your Cards Right she was quite into it. I used to love Blankety Blank most of all with Les Dawson, Terry Wogan, even Lily Savage. I'd like to see that come back, maybe with Lee Mack, or Peter Kay ?
  3. I think that's a good idea. Some people might like the social aspect of going and making small talk with the other class members. After a day at work I just want to switch off and let someone lead my movements, breathing and calm my brain. I'm not really interested in the small talk bit that's just my personal take on yoga classes 🙂
  4. My class that I visited on a Wednesday is currently online. I do enjoy the fact I don't have to travel to it and then back home after. I think yoga works well from home as you are connected to listening to your teacher and there are no external distractions that you'd have in a shared class in a studio/ hall. I have tryed gym classes and don't enjoy them so much from home. Yoga from home remotely no problem i'd carry on even when normal classes can start again.
  5. Deserted anyone in their time of need. E
  6. To be honest with you.... In my experience means they are just about to be dishonest 😉
  7. I've lived in both s12 and s13. Off Lindley Lane S12 is very quiet but 5 mins to the shops/ buses etc. I live at S13 near the train station now, between Woodhouse and Woodhouse Mill, it's a mixed bag in Woodhouse but some nice quite areas and endless fields/ parks/ lanes for walking would recommend.
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