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  1. facebook. south yorkshire ghost hunters. for ghost hunting events in sheffield and yorkshire areas.
  2. is there any more info on this? meeting place, time and date. i have been thinking of doing it myself but doing it for charity would be great
  3. if scc want to make the city centre a less traffic place they make it as stressful and difficult as possible for motorists, in the hope more motorists will use public transport. also with more traffic lights theres more chance of having someone going through a red making more money from them.
  4. FIGHT YOUR PRIVATE PARKING INVOICE. tony taylor will sort this out for you. (look on facebook)
  5. it wont achieve nothing but most of it is been dumped in the black sacks.
  6. our street and a few streets local were supposed to be emptied on thursday. now people are dumping their rubbish on the field and in the fishing pond.
  7. i forgot when i joined this forum so im posting in this now. i dont know why most of my posts have vanished, maybe medusa had something to do with it. lol pattricia, joan l.
  8. attempted murder sentence should be the charge for carrying a knife
  9. sounds like this will all boil down to drugs again.
  10. drivers and cyclists are as bad as each other. i have had near misses with both and thats on the pavement. thinking on they both go over zebra crossings and red lights too when people are crossing. bloody cyclists and bloody drivers.
  11. even i know wich shop it is now. im another one that walked past. but i thought it was for goths and hippies.
  12. i never found one open on sunday, and then i think you have to be booked in to the ones that are.
  13. does the op mean like cyclists moaning about drivers all the time?
  14. may be a hercules, big green and 4 engines? if so, i seen it a few times in that area.
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