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  1. Do you support the official Black Lives Matter campaign for a national defunding of the police and to invest in black communities instead?
  2. Do you believe that people should abstain from spending their money in white shops and economies, and invest in black-owned businesses instead, as prominent Black Lives Matter supporters are now calling for?
  3. Do 'Black Lives Matter' activists value all life? Or just the lives of those with a particular characteristic?
  4. BBC double standards in operation, thank you for exposing it. Of course, while the BBC will insist that a £12,000 per year job is open to BAME candidates only, to establish its wafer thin commitment to diversity, it would never allow senior management positions to go to anybody but white males, as we have seen time and time again over the decades.
  5. Does the life of the female police officer who suffered a collapsed lung, broken collarbone and shattered ribs after being thrown from her horse after Black Lives Matter protesters pelted her with missiles, matter at all?
  6. It's a child like mentality that believes supporting one thing means automatically opposing another. It's a very black and white view of the world. Very dangerous. I prefer my world to be shades of grey, and every other colour. Complexity is reality. Simplicity is for fools and followers.
  7. We need to put the blame for this shameful situation where it truly lays - with senior BBC management.
  8. Working class struggle brought about Brexit. The voices of the workers, the underclass, the vulnerable and disadvantaged combined to drown out the voices of the rich establishment - who took us into the European trading bloc to enrich themselves further, at our expense.
  9. The Conservative party, mostly unknown for its diverse leadership, has appointed a Black and Minority Ethnic man and a Black and Minority Ethnic woman to two of the four highest offices of state, and appointed others to the cabinet. The one-colour, one-sex nature of the senior leadership of the BBC makes it look dangerously out of touch and aggressively resistant to progressive change. Time to close down this backwards looking dinosaur of broadcasting.
  10. The BBC Board of Directors has 13 members. 8 are men. 5 are women. 1 director is black and minority ethnic. The white male who got the job of Director General was already on the board. The shortlist of candidates for the job were 3 white men and 1 woman. The BBC passionately believes in equality and diversity for everyone EXCEPT it's senior management. Time to break up this dinosaur organisation which treats women and black and ethnic minority people as if the year is still 1970, not 2020.
  11. How can Tim Davie, a very wealthy and privileged white male, defend BBC TV licence fee prosecutions against very low income women, who make up nearly 75 per cent of all TV licence fee prosecutions in the UK? Your BBC - discriminating against women from the very top of the BBC to the bottom. Justice for women. Sack Tim Davie. No more BBC jobs for the boys.
  12. Davie was privately educated at Whitgift school in South Croydon, which costs from £20,000 a year for day students to £40,000 for full boarding. In the last three years ITV and Channel 4 have appointed female chief executives, Carolyn McCall and Alex Mahon. But the BBC refuses to embrace the equality and diversity it preaches. “It would have been right to have a woman now. It is disappointing" - Carrie Gracie, the BBC’s former China editor who resigned over gender discrimination at the BBC. Davie was Deputy Chairman of the Hammersmith and Fulham Tory party in the 1990s.
  13. In 100 years the BBC has NEVER had a female, or black and minority ethnic, person as it's Director General. Not once. It's also never had a Director General from a working class background.
  14. Are you really trying to tell us that in the entire history of the BBC no woman or black and ethnic minority person has ever been as good a candidate for Director General as a white, male, public school educated member of the establishment? That notion is as out of date as the 'do as we say, not as we do' BBC.
  15. Tim Davie - a white, male, public school educated oxbridge graduate is the next Director General of the BBC. So much for the very talented women who could have done the job. Or the many black and minority ethnic people who would have performed an outstanding service to broadcasting. Your BBC - once again showing how deeply out of touch it is with diversity and equality. Your BBC - blacks and women need not apply.
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