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  1. Only the EU decides if Ireland has a hard border imposed against its will - not the people who voted for Brexit. Or the people of Ireland for that matter. The UK doesn't want a hard border in Ireland. The Irish don't want a hard border in Ireland. The EU Commission President stated on Sunday when insisting upon the need for a hard border: “We have to make sure that the interests of the European Union and of the internal market will be preserved." The blame rests entirely with the EU protecting the profits of the Single Market. Smash the EU. By any means necessary.
  2. What do you think of the EU Commission President putting innocent lives at risk simply to protect the EU Single Market (and profits for EU capitalists) by insisting that an EU border in Ireland is imposed against the clear wishes of the Irish people?
  3. NO to an EU border in Ireland! NO to protecting the Single Market at the expense of innocent lives! People BEFORE profit.
  4. I am not on the same side as £billionaire Tories, or £billionaires of any description. These creatures only have such obscene wealth because they have stolen it from the working class. EVERY £billionaire should have their wealth confiscated by the state and they should be imprisoned for their crimes against society.
  5. On Sunday, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that Brussels will insist on border checks in Ireland if there is a no-deal Brexit - purely to protect the interests (private profits) of capitalists in the European Union. Brussels EU border in Ireland will bring back the Long War just so that already very rich men can get even richer. The EU has spoken out against Donald Trump building a wall on the Mexican border, but it has no qualms about building a border in Ireland to protect the profits of the single market. NO to an EU border in Ireland. NO to an EU army to enforce it. People BEFORE EU protectionism.
  6. Jeremy Corbyn has defeated the Blairites in their push to make Labour a party of Remain. Much standing and cheering "Oh Jeremy Corbyn!" The Labour Leader is standing by his working class Leave voters, against the affluent middle class Blairite Remainers.
  7. In 2008 the Liberal Democrats demanded a simple democratic In or Out referendum on our EU membership. In 2016 the Liberal Democrats, after enabling the Tories to unleash austerity on the poorest and weakest in society, lose the democratic EU referendum they had been demanding for many years. In 2019 the Liberal Democrats demand that the democratic result of the 2016 EU referendum be ignored and at their conference applaud an EU official who calls for the EU to become an Empire... Sinister organisation, the Liberal Democrats. They are not liberal or Democrats.
  8. Do you agree with the new EU President that the European Commission immigration job title should be called ‘protecting our way of life’? What does the European 'way of life' need protecting from? Is the European 'way of life' the same in Germany as it is in Spain? Or Estonia? Or Greece? Do you support the complete lack of democracy in the selection and imposition of the new EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen? Do you think the EU Commission strengthens democratic accountability or is actually working to weaken it?
  9. The working class create the wealth under a capitalist system. So called 'wealth creators' are greedy businessmen who exploit the working class for their own selfish ends.
  10. Why didn't you read the link to an article from a reputable newspaper I left for you?
  11. Ignoring all the candidates voted for by EU citizens and dictating to the EU Parliament who it must nominate as EU President - somebody who was not even on the ballot paper - is a problem for all those who support democracy and freedom.
  12. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/european-commission-president-ursula-von-der-leyen-juncker-eu-parliament-a8987841.html
  13. Wealth creators should be creating wealth for the state to redistribute. Or they should be in prison.
  14. How many candidates were permitted to stand against Ursula von der Leyen? Why was Ursula von der Leyen not on the lead candidate system ballot paper and she didn't have a manifesto? Why was her appointment decided behind closed doors and MEPs given no input into her nomination? Why is democracy despised by the EU Commission?
  15. Wealth creators generally don't want to pay any tax. They certainly don't want their taxes to fund the NHS, social security or state pensions. They are the very last group we should be listening to when it comes to universal healthcare and state provision for the poorest. I guess that you support our EU membership. Typical.
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