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  1. "TV licence evasion was the most common offence for which females were convicted in 2019. In 2019, 74% of those convicted for TV licence evasion were female. This offence accounted for 30% of all female convictions, compared to 4% of male convictions." Statistics on Women and the Criminal Justice System 2019. A Ministry of Justice publication under Section 95 of the Criminal Justice Act 1991. Published 26 November 2020. https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/women-and-the-criminal-justice-system-2019 The BBC continues with its policy of indirect gender discrimination to target women who are massively overrepresented in criminal convictions for BBC TV licence fee evasion. According to the BBC, it's not discrimination when they practice it - only when others do. You won't hear about this on BBC news. It's not censorship when the BBC practices it.
  2. It's very revealing that your inspiration for EU membership is derived from European colonialism stealing Native American land in order to build empires. Or do you call it 'lifting them up'? I'm on the side of the Native American and opposed to colonialism and EU empire building.
  3. The political and economic will to make British cars no longer exists Anna, a consequence of our EU membership. 'Leave it to the EU - we're not capable' has become the mentality of most of our political leaders, the Whitehall mandarins at the top of the civil service and our so-called captains of industry. It smacks of a 'UK is a failure' attitude which has become increasingly prevalent during our membership of the EU capitalist club. So much so that it explains the Remain vote and the terrified belief that to Leave the EU is an act of economic suicide. It's nothing of the sort, of course. We will adapt and do things differently, as we always have. It's not the fault of British workers that we don't make British cars anymore - it's because our political and economic leaders lack vision and ambition. Just leave it to the EU and the Japanese!
  4. Ah. The old, discredited, 'UK is a failure that's why we are dependent upon the EU' mantra that backfired in the June 2016 referendum.
  5. We no longer manufacture British cars anymore Anna because of global political and economic trading blocs we signed up to, such as the EU, bringing in rules that forbid state aid of industry. Distorts the markets. But moving labour from poorer parts of the EU to richer parts to keep down labour costs does NOT distort markets - according to the Mickey mouse European kangaroo Court of Justice. You couldn't make it up. The entire idea behind the EU is to distort markets in favour of business.
  6. Adequate food is a wonderful aspiration for a happy, healthy population. The people of the Socialist Republic were healthier than many people in the West.
  7. There was much wisdom in the former Socialist Republic, sadly now lost.
  8. The June 2016 EU referendum was the biggest anti-capitalist vote in UK history, if not the West. No wonder those who voted Leave were subjected to such hatred and abuse by the capitalist establishment and it's supporters.
  9. It is inevitable that big business will seek to punish UK voters for exercising their democratic right to seek to disentangle their nation from the squid like economic tentacles of the EU. For the EU, with its four freedoms for business, is primarily a device to maximise profit for the few, at the expense of the many. This means the EU's main purpose is to protect the interests of business over the interests of people. Big business is well aware that the Brexit vote was in fact a vote against multi-national business and capitalism. They hate that we voted to minimise their profits and will seek revenge.
  10. "The country was perfectly successful as it was"? Tell that to the millions of poorly paid workers and the underclass failed by our EU membership. No EU privilege for them. Having to visit food banks to survive. No chance of affordable, decent social housing. Competing for jobs with an EU underclass. Your statement reeks of an out of touch affluent middle-class mindset that believes everybody enjoys the same privilege as yourself. The referendum result revealed that many Remainers simply didn't have a clue about the real conditions of life for many of their fellow citizens. And many still don't.
  11. The Leave vote was, in reality, a revolt against the rich. We took on the might of the global capitalist establishment, ducking and diving about with all sorts being flung at us. We didn't do it because we wanted the status quo. We wanted change. We knew it wouldn't be easy. We knew it would be worth it.
  12. I am proud to have voted Leave too. Against all the odds, plucky little Leave took on the massed forces of the global capitalist Remain establishment. And won.
  13. Any action that undermines the integrity of Thatcher's Single Market should be approved of and pursued vigorously.
  14. There is an agreement predating the EU by about fifty years allowing free movement across the UK and Ireland. The Common Travel Area arrangement began in 1922 and is not dependent upon either Irish or UK membership of the EU. The Irish hard border ‘problem’ is entirely an EU construct. Nobody wants a hard border except the EU - to protect profits for business. Profits before people - it's the EU way.
  15. Who is going to impose a hard border on Ireland? Certainly not the British. They are the very last nation on earth that could erect a hard border on Ireland. So who is going to do it? The Irish Republic, puppets of their EU masters?
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