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  1. The BBC for years stated that there was no systemic discrimination against women when it came to BBC pay equality with men. For years the BBC resisted revealing the pay disparity between men and women, until it was forced to do so by a change in the law. It was only after this change in the law revealed the secretive and illegal BBC pay structure which did indeed discriminate against women that the BBC admitted there was a problem. The BBC is not to be trusted. The unique way the BBC is funded has created a culture of secrecy and discrimination which damages our society. End the persecution of women in poverty. Smash the BBC TV licence fee - by any means necessary.
  2. The problem is that watching television is considered by most people, including the BBC, to be an essential part of society and those who cannot afford to do so (because of the unique way in which the BBC is funded) are in a state of enforced material deprivation. The persecution is the fact that the BBC is persistently targeting women, particularly women in very low income brackets, year on year to achieve its targets regarding prosecution of BBC TV licence fee evaders. Women on very low incomes, very often single parents, are massively over represented in the numbers prosecuted (nearly three quarters of those sent to court every year are female). The BBC has stated there is no evidence of discrimination against women, but the figures speak for themselves. It was only a short time ago that the BBC claimed it didn't discriminate against women when it came to pay, before it was exposed and shamefully admitted that it never practices what it preaches.
  3. When is discrimination against women in poverty not a problem and not even worth mentioning? When the BBC, due to the unique way it's funded, does it! Your BBC - persecuting poor women so that it can give bumper pay rises to the rich. Smash the BBC. By any means necessary.
  4. The EU and it's IMF partner have imposed terrible economic austerity on Greece until at least 2060 - in order to save the Euro. The Euro and the EU are not worth saving. The oppressed will rise up against the oppressors. The EU will fall.
  5. There are links at the bottom of this excellent article by a social researcher and data analyst which provide data from the Ministry of Justice. http://www.moragtreanor.co.uk/?p=350
  6. Ah. You are talking about Greece. The neoliberal programme of the European troika (the consortium of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF) which imposed terrible EU inspired austerity on the Greek people.
  7. Criminalising the poorest in our society who can't afford a BBC TV licence - and poor women in particular - is persecution. Only the ruling class and it's sycophants would attempt to claim otherwise. Because of the unique way the BBC is funded, prosecutions for non-payment of the BBC TV licence fee currently account for around one in 10 of all criminal cases in the magistrates’ courts. Women accounted for 72% of all prosecutions for BBC tv licence evasion in England and Wales in 2017. BBC tv licence fee evasion is the most common offence for which women are prosecuted. 30% of all prosecutions for women are for not paying the BBC TV licence fee.. That the majority of those women convicted receive very low fines, and are single mothers on benefits, tells us that the unique way the BBC is funded is criminalising poverty and women in poverty in particular. The ruling class, which includes the top of the BBC, claims this is not persecuting the poor, and poor women in particular. But they would say that, wouldn't they? Smash the BBC. By any means necessary.
  8. The BBC has carried out detailed studies into the viability of subscription and discovered that it would not bring in anywhere near as much money as the licence fee. The BBC understands that once people are given the choice of voluntarily paying for its content, such as under a subscription service, most people would prefer not to. The very last thing the BBC wants is subscription. It would end the extremely lucrative gravy train for the few.
  9. So the BBC paying Gary Lineker £1.75 million every year ISN'T using public sector money to create £millionaires? Don't forget, persecuting the poor to fund the rich is all because of the unique way the BBC is funded.
  10. Who cares if they go to the private sector? If they do they will be paid less than the BBC, as Jonathan Ross and others have quickly discovered. It's the public sector and the unique way the BBC is funded that is at issue here. The public sector should not be creating £multi-millionaires at the expense of the poor and vulnerable pensioners. The BBC are an integral part of the ruling class. The ruling class have always looked down on the rest of us while picking our pockets.
  11. Is Graham Norton or Gary Lineker going to head to Hollywood and mega bucks if the BBC doesn't pay them £millions of licence fee viewers money? Not on your nelly. These people could never get the huge amounts of money they are paid by the BBC anywhere else. You really must drop this 'pay the going rate' nonsense. It doesn't apply to the BBC due to the unique way it is funded.
  12. You fail to recognise that comparing private sector 'talent' or film stars to the public sector funded BBC is entirely irrelevant. It's all to do with the unique way the BBC is funded you see (demanding money with menaces from every UK home). Does Jennifer Lawrence or Johnny Depp come to our homes demanding we pay them money just in case we may be watching one of their films? BBC leeches should face trial for their war on the poor.
  13. In 1981 Kenneth Kendall was paid £16,000 a year to read the main BBC news to an average 8 million viewers. Huw Edwards is now paid £490,000 a year for 5 million viewers. That's nearly a 3000* per cent increase, for less viewers. *2963 per cent pay increase in 37 years. BBC hate the poor. Love the rich.
  14. I haven't paid my BBC TV licence for some years, despite the BBC constantly sending me letters threatening me with menaces if I don't pay. I am not a criminal. I don't watch live television broadcasts. You should have been in the SS with your investigatory skills criminalising those you disagree with.
  15. I'm curious as to how you can label a forum contributor a 'criminal' without a shred of evidence. Or do you simply assume, as the BBC does, that everyone who doesn't have a BBC TV Licence is breaking the law?
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