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  1. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted stronger growth for a post-Brexit UK than what it is predicting for Germany, France and Japan. Unfortunately I don't think the IMF is very credible these days, considering that it previously predicted that Brexit would be "pretty bad to very, very bad" for the UK economy. Now it's predicting stable growth after Brexit. it seems that all those who were told that Brexit couldn't be done and that if it was done it would be terrible were misinformed.
  2. With the direction in the EU towards ever closer union I think that Brexit was inevitable. Let's face it, our political class and the majority of UK people were only ever part-time Europeans anyway - when it suited them. Half in, half out. Deeper political and economic integration was exactly the reason so many voted to Leave. In the coming years our position would have become increasingly untenable – being forced to either leave or fully integrate. If we really were committed to the EU we would have joined Schengen and the Euro. But only a handful of the political class wanted this, and only a small number of people. Big business though was always in favour. Brexit was inevitable.
  3. Very well put. According to every index of international food safety standards I have seen, the US and the UK are very similar. While every other country in the EU, apart from Ireland, have slightly lower food safety standards than both the UK and the US.
  4. You are aware that Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania are EU member states? The EU claims that these countries have higher food standards than the US and Australia. We can't Leave the EU quick enough.
  5. It is very difficult to believe that the US and Australia have lower food standards than Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania. The EU is telling us porky pies. Again.
  6. Do you believe that a person's ethnicity and sex are appropriate characteristics to be used to berate and bully someone for having an opinion? Can you criticise someone's opinion WITHOUT bringing their ethnicity and sex into the discussion?
  7. You do understand that the official EU message regarding Brexit must ALWAYS greatly emphasise huge damage to the UK economy, the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and the destruction of public finances? I think your post has not met the official EU Brexit criteria.
  8. A progressive lifestyle, according to the very wealthy, is living as a concerned global celebrity. It's a full time occupation. It involves lecturing those who are not Royal, who do not have the good royal blood, about the environment and climate change while those with a progressive lifestyle use private jets as often as possible. It involves spending £32 million on a single wedding while lecturing those with non-royal bad blood about the poor. It involves living in a 28 bedroom mansion and referring to it as a 'cottage'. Basically, being progressive means having an enormous sense of entitlement coupled with no self awareness. Harry and Meghan are truly progressive.
  9. They seem to want to break away from the Royal family, but not from all of the wealth and privileges associated with royalty itself. Hence their global trademark application for the 'Sussex Royal' brand name covering Australia, Canada, the EU and US. It was filed in December with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). They have also registered 'Sussex Royal the Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex'. So they desire all of the fine trappings of royalty without any of its duties and responsibilities. If Harry and Meghan really wanted to get away from royalty why not drop all of the titles, drop the word 'royal' and try to make it on their own two feet? WITHOUT the need to milk their Royal connections? Their £34 million fortune should keep them going for a few months.
  10. I would confiscate the entire wealth and property of the Royals. All of their wealth and possessions belong to the people, which their ancestors stole. I would imprison the Royals while their financial affairs were closely examined. Their great wealth, privilege, enormous sense of entitlement combined with a complete lack of self awareness would mean that all of their rights under the law would be suspended. Eventually, their fates would be decided and they would either be imprisoned for life or allowed to go into exile. A people's court would make the decision.
  11. All of their security, in the UK & overseas, is paid for by the taxpayer. This will not change. Their progressive lifestyles will cost us dear.
  12. When the Sussex Royal security warns the commoners not to do something - such as stand in a certain place or not to take any photos in their presence in a public place, even if the commoner is taking a selfie or a photo of somebody else, then the commoners will find out exactly who rules whom.
  13. So the Toxic Two can't use their HRH titles any more but are free to use their brand name 'Sussex Royal' on everything to milk their Royal connections to the max?
  14. Meghan pays the little people to do everything on her website. You really must stop imagining that she is anything like ordinary, decent working class people. Her and Harry are a part of the ruling class.
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