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  1. Equality for Women - Decriminalise the unjust, discriminatory BBC TV Licence fee NOW.
  2. Is that because a very wealthy BBC man said so? The evidence is that BBC TV Licensing is gender targeting very low income women which accounts for nearly a third of all female prosecutions. Women are prosecuted for TV Licence fee evasion more than any other criminal offence. Shocking fact in 2020.
  3. "No one is going to tempt people into paying: the only method is the fear of what will happen if you don't." Esther Rantzen, 2008. I don't suppose that on International Women's Day 2020 you care to offer an opinion about why the highly gendered targeting of low income women by BBC TV Licencing results in three quarters of all licence fee prosecutions being made against women? Do you support the sexist BBC view that women are more pre-disposed to the crime of TV Licence fee evasion than men?
  4. Today is International Women's Day 2020. With 30% of all female prosecutions being for non-payment of the BBC TV licence fee, and women accounting for 72 per cent of all prosecutions for television licence evasion in 2017, it's time to hold the BBC to account for its highly gendered targeting of low income women. End the gender profiling by BBC TV Licensing which results in three quarters of TV Licence prosecutions being made against women. Almost a third of all female prosecutions are for not paying the BBC TV poll tax. Shocking that in this day and age the BBC funding model is so dependent upon criminalising poor and vulnerable women.
  5. It's the people who don't want the BBC TV poll tax. The majority of licence fee payers do so out of fear of what might happen if they don't pay. Your BBC - using intimidation and threats to exact money with menaces.
  6. Ultra low prices on US goods... Bring on the Brexit dividend!
  7. To many forum contributors the UK didn't exist economically until 1973. Oh dear. The EU is now in a Lose/Lose position. Millions of EU citizens will lose their jobs if Brussels seeks to promote the fantasy that the UK cannot survive outside the trading bloc, or the EU can allow the UK to prosper - weakening EU member states economically and again losing EU jobs. This crisis in global capitalism will mean the EU is weakened no matter the outcome of Brexit.
  8. The BBC has rarely been independent. It has always been a propaganda mouthpiece for the government of the day. Its current incarnation appears to be desperately sucking up to the Tories to try to stave off the axe.
  9. It's only a bargain if one values the stiff upper middle class BBC content. Many do not.
  10. Actually, it is correct. A person must pay the BBC TV Licence fee if they watch any live television broadcast. So somebody who never watches BBC television, or listens to a BBC radio station, and never reads any BBC website content but watches a film on E4 or another non-BBC channel will still have to pay the Licence fee. Want to watch a broadcast of Coronation Street on ITV1? You must pay the BBC for the privilege. Want to watch Sky News? Pay the BBC.
  11. YOUR BBC - uncritically pumping out racist rants. Make sure you pay your Licence fee.
  12. The BBC demands that people prosecuted for not having a valid BBC TV licence pay for their first licence in 26 payments, one each week. So thats a minimum of £6 per week the BBC demands with menaces from the poorest and most vulnerable in society. Even if they never watch, listen to or read any BBC content they must pay or be fined and given a criminal record. £6 may not be much to you and the BBC, but to a lot of people it's a big chunk of their weekly income. Justice for the poor - scrap the BBC system of oppression.
  13. The BBC has created, perpetuated and benefited from a system of oppression against the poor for decades - especially women in poverty. Time to dismantle this BBC system of oppression and end the gender inequality.
  14. "The BBC’s vision of a Britain where middle-class coke-snorters go free while low-income groups are rounded up and given criminal records is not one I find appealing." https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2020/02/why-is-the-bbc-criminalising-low-income-women/ The gender inequality practised by the BBC regarding enforcement of its regressive TV licence fee particularly disadvantages women. 30% of all female prosecutions are for non-payment of the TV licence. The majority of fines issued are for £150 or below, indicating that the people being prosecuted are living on very low incomes (the maximum fine of £1000 is rarely used as the majority of people prosecuted are poor, vulnerable and living in absolute poverty). End the discrimination - scrap the BBC TV licence fee.
  15. Give the People a referendum on the future of the BBC. The British public should be given control of the fate of the BBC TV licence fee. Poverty is NOT a crime. End the criminalisation of women in poverty NOW.
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