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  1. Thankfully, the electorate did not share the EU desire to enrich the corporations at the expense of the many and voted to Leave what is a prime mover of capitalist globalisation. As the EU views it's own internal diversity as a barrier to icreasing globalisation, we Left just in time before the next phase of globalisation begins. We have seen the soft power, economics. The next stage is hard power. The EU will soon have its army and military might...
  2. You do understand that economic globalisation has not happened randomly by chance due to any natural law of nature? The primary driver of globalisation has been the political decisions made by institutions such as the EU. Political decisions that have decided if globalisation is forbidden, encouraged or eagerly embraced, and the EU has eagerly embraced globalisation. Globalisation has been the primary driver of all major EU legislation since the 1980s. Globalisation is the dog that wags the EU tail. Expecting the EU to do something against the adverse effects of globalisation demonstrates a deep misunderstanding of the purpose of the EU. The EU exists to increase globalisation, not curtail it.
  3. The EU will not protect us from the adverse effects of capitalist globalisation. The EU is the main force for capitalist globalisation!
  4. Some Remainers on here are portraying the EU as a protection against capitalist globalisation. When in fact the EU has been one of the main, if not THE main, players in the drive for the globalisation of capital, goods and services, and the free movement of a nomadic, poorer class of workers.
  5. We must consign the EU's four freedoms (for business) to the dustbin of history. We want rid of the sacrosanct four freedoms, completely and utterly. These false freedoms must go so that we can change the social Balance of the UK towards labour, not Capital as under EU rule. To do this we must make ALL EU law illegal in the UK. The road to a new socialism requires strict controls over the flow of goods, services, money, and labour. Thatcher's Single Market must be rejected and we must rebalance the economy away from Thatcherite services and towards industry and manufacturing.
  6. We've removed an entire tier of surplus politicians from the public purse, the members of the fig leaf EU parliament. How is this not a win? It gets better. We no longer have to obey the laws passed by the EU parliament and we no longer have to help finance it. Definitely a Brexit benefit!
  7. There was no false equivalence. There is no requirement for me to make a declaration that I don't own a firearm with any firearms authority. Just as there is no requirement for me to make a declaration that I don't watch or record live television broadcasts or BBC iPlayer with the TV Licensing authority. BBC TV Licensing do threaten me with a home visit, large fine and criminal record if I do not get in touch with them. The firearms authority do not.
  8. That's true. But the BBC (and it's supporters) are extremely resistant to any change to the current licence fee system.
  9. Oh dear. You seem to have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Very bitter personal attacks and insults on a forum reveal more about the mentality of the person making them than they do the individual being attacked.
  10. The Daily Mail did not manufacture the appalling TV Licensing letter, it is genuine: There is no legal requirement for non-customers to respond to TV Licensing demands for information about private households. The contents of this letter are chilling, and reveal that TV Licensing (a trademark of the BBC) is sending people to visit the homes of non-customers of the BBC TV licence fee during the Coronavirus pandemic (when infections are rising) and using extremely threatening letters that cause alarm and distress - especially to vulnerable people. When the BBC uses such desperate tactics to force people to pay for the licence fee, then anti-BBC campaigners don't need to try very hard. It seems the BBC is making the case for decriminalisation and abolition of the licence fee all by itself.
  11. Your posts just reinforce the opinion of many Leave voters that we were correct to support Brexit and be rid of the arrogant, out of touch EU. We knew Brexit wasn't going to be easy, with the EU desperate to set an example and punish the UK for voting to Leave. But we did know it would be worth it.
  12. You don't seem to care that the most regressive tax in the UK, the BBC TV licence fee, is enforced by home visits and frightening letters that instruct non-customers to obey or they face being interrogated in their own home, guilty until proven innocent, a large fine and a criminal record. 'Defund the BBC ' a campaign group that wants to decriminalise the BBC TV licence fee has seen rapid growth since it was launched on 29 June 2020 and has managed to raise over £65,000 so far from people donating as little as £5 or £10. This is truly magnificent for grass roots people power, taking on the mighty BBC upper class Establishment behemoth. The people VS the BBC. The people will win.
  13. What does owning a television have to do with the legal requirement to purchase a BBC TV licence? Absolutely nothing. I've owned televisions for years and have never been required to buy a BBC TV licence. I watch the majority of my Netflix and YouTube on streaming devices, none of which are a 'tv set'. Owning a 'TV set' to watch live television broadcasts is sooo twentieth century. Even the term 'tv set' is old fashioned and out of date. Just like the BBC and it's feared and hated TV licence fee.
  14. BBC 'terrifies' the elderly with 'threatening' licence fee letters warning viewers of a £1,000 fine if they do not stump up the £157.50-a-year cost The BBC has been accused of 'terrifying' the elderly with 'threatening' licence fee letters warning viewers of a £1,000 fine if they do not pay the £157.50-a-year cost. Social media users complained online after receiving the letters, which are emblazoned with red capital letters and informed recipients they could face prosecution. The letter reads: 'Our records show your property has no TV licence. I visited today, to find out why. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8859237/BBC-terrifies-elderly-threatening-licence-fee-letters-warning-viewers-1-000-fine.html The outside of the envelope. The BBC under its trademark 'TV Licensing' is still harassing non-customers for payments with the use of doorstep visits and threatening letters. I don't have a rod fishing licence because I don't fish, can I expect a visit from the Environment Agency to find out why? I also don't have a firearms licence, because I don't have any firearms (never have, never will). Will the police visit me to find out why I don't have a firearms licence? Wicked Auntie Beeb has sent me hundreds of threatening letters and visited me at home to demand money with menaces although I don't watch or record live television broadcasts or iPlayer... In 2020 these threats and intimidation are not acceptable. Defund the BBC.
  15. Once we are free of the EU's globalising agenda we can rebalance the economy towards productive industry and manufacturing and away from unproductive labour such as speculative financial services. A modern economy cannot provide for all if it doesn't have a long term manufacturing and industrial Base. Financial services provide a quick return for the few, a form of medieval alchemy of making money out of thin air in which production has no part to play but gambling on the money markets is its essence. No wonder financial collapse is always just around the corner when a society is reliant upon this form of money speculation. There must be strict controls on the export of capital to protect our currency and economy. Pressure to increase wages is excellent news for the worker - a direct benefit of Brexit. 'Getting on your bike' to look for work was exploitative and unacceptable when Norman Tebbit demanded unemployed workers move home to seek jobs elsewhere. Then under the EU and the dreadful Single Market it became the accepted norm for migrant workers, low pay and zero hours contracts. A labour market plan for full employment, skills development and high tech manufacturing can only happen once employers are deprived of their dependency on cheap unskilled European migrants.
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