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  1. There is no Russian interference in UK elections. It is simply a wild conspiracy theory that seeks to lay the blame for anti-establishment voting patterns on outside influences. When in reality the establishment has lost control of its voter manipulation due to its own incompetence and greed.
  2. The world very much needs the equality and stability of the USSR. Sadly, this is not on offer.
  3. Let's get the the divorce from the EU over and done with then we can move on and start new relationships. Our marriage to the EU has become very acrimonious. It's time to separate and move on, no point clinging to a failed relationship.
  4. Anybody who believes that the Tories will take us out of the EU is simply delusional.
  5. If cheaper and less cumbersome continental holidays are the very best that the EU Patriarchy has to offer the British worker, then we need to Leave. No wonder Remain couldn't persuade us that the EU capitalist club benefits all. Say NO to austerity - whether from Britain OR Brussels! Repeal anti-trade union EU court rulings NOW!
  6. It would be a good idea for all those who enjoy being a member of a secret society to go and Iive in North Korea as their moral compass is completely different to the rest of us.
  7. Ah, the slow death of British democracy is because there is no respect for the referendum result of June 2016, therefore there is no respect for democracy itself.
  8. The rich are the main cause of global warming.
  9. Masonry prevents the progression of women, ethnic and sexual minorities in the societies in which they clandestinely operate. Masonry is a shadowy elite that uses satanic symbolism and sinister rituals.
  10. Climate change is completely natural. Who are these flat earthers that want to keep the world as it was in 1980? Embrace change. Don't fear it.
  11. The EU Commission President and the individual Commissioners are not directly elected by the Peoples of Europe. The Peoples of Europe have no power to either elect or sack the Commission at an election. The Peoples of Europe deserve so much better than this. Don't you agree? I missed the bit about electing the EU Commission President. Where on the ballot paper was it? I didn't see it on mine.
  12. An upside of Brexit is that we can reject the EU treaties that curtail democracy, encourage social dumping and demand privatisation. The EU has provided a framework in which the larger European capitalists can better pursue their interests at the expense of member states sovereignty and democracy. Another upside is that those who decide our laws and taxes should be able to be removed by the electorate - membership of the EU does not allow this.
  13. Brexit will end the control of the unelected, neoliberal Commissioners who are in the pocket of big business and the rule of the anti-trade union, anti-worker, European Court of Justice. Brexit frees our democratically elected Parliament from the control of those we don’t elect. That is an upside to every Democrat.
  14. Let's not forget Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Ed Davey, who as Employment Minister doubled the qualifying period for unfair dismissal for workers from 12 to 24 months. Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson, after becoming Employment Minister in 2012, also delivered a Liberal Democrat fair deal for workers by introducing charges of up to £1,200 for the privilege of a worker attending an employment tribunal, on top of the two year qualifying period. In 2017 the Supreme Court decided Swinson’s fees scheme “prevents access to justice and is therefore unlawful.” The Liberal Democrats love the EU, but hate the worker.
  15. Yeah, those Yellow Tories who along with their Blue Tory buddies enabled: Massive decreases in Tax Credits and Child Tax credits for the very poorest which far outweighed any increases in the Personal Tax free Allowance - especially to those who didn't earn enough to benefit from the full tax free Allowance. Students leaving University owing £55,000 plus thanks to those Yellow Tories who had promised absolutely NO tuition fees. Voting for harsh austerity measures that cost tens of thousands of lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people, and are still killing people today. Supporting extremely harsh benefit sanctions on the poorest in exchange for the Tories putting a 5p plastic bag charge in place, again to hurt the poorest. The last time the 'Orange Bookers' were in power they ensured that a financial crisis created by bankers and speculators was paid for by public sector workers and benefit claimants. The Liberal Democrats are most definitely the bad guys and gals.
  16. The EU and the Monarchy are two institutions that are outdated, distant, unapproachable, and operating on quite another level to ordinary decent people. The UK must dump both of them into the dustbin of history. Good riddance.
  17. Why should our membership of the EU protect manufacturing jobs now or in the future when it hasn't protected them in the past?
  18. What about the loss, for ever, of manufacturing jobs that have happened since we have been an EU member state? The EU hasn't prevented the loss of manufacturing jobs and it hasn't prevented many, many recessions from shredding jobs. The EU HAS given protections to business to help maximise profit at the expense of workers.
  19. It was the Tories who took us into the EU, selling off our sovereignty and democratic rights. Treaty after treaty has been used to entrench the interests of big business over workers. Opposing EU membership has always been left wing. Supporting the EU has always been right wing, and still is today.
  20. 'Project Fear' deliberately misled the electorate about an immediate recession (just for daring to vote to Leave the EU) with 800,000 job losses, a housing crash, wages falling and economic apocalypse. But Brexit Britain's economy has outpaced Germany since the EU referendum. FACT.
  21. I've never voted Conservative in my life. Nor will I ever. They stand for the landed gentry and the aristocracy, to ensure the system that keeps the poor poor, and the rich rich, remains in place. The EU is a part of this system, so when the Tories inform us they will take us out we know this will never happen under a Tory government. The Tories took us into the EU. They will never take us out.
  22. According to Jo Swinson's Liberal Democrats, the Tories must hold a second confirmatory EU referendum even if they get a majority. In the real world the Tories can do as they like if they win a majority. But according to Jo Swinson, She is going to be the next hardline Remainer Prime Minister who cancels Brexit and the votes of 17.4 million people.
  23. Ed Davey, the Deputy Leader of Jo Swinson's Liberal Democrats, has stated that they would support a minority Conservative government and push for a confirmatory second EU referendum, but they would not support Labour after the election. The Liberal Democrats are relying on getting a minority Tory government into power by forming a coalition just so they can deliver a Labour party second referendum policy, as well as the terrible austerity measures so beloved of the EU, Jo Swinson and the Tories.
  24. Jo Swinson's Liberal Democrats have promised that a majority win for them at the election is a mandate to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit without another EU referendum. But a majority for the Tories will require a further mandate, another referendum, to get Brexit done. When has it ever been fair or democratic to cancel a referendum vote?
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