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    working with animals, running my own dog walking and pet care business, <3
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  1. Did you ever find your dog? And are you still doing the dog walking?
  2. Not in sheffield but in arkwright town chesterfield there is calagran four paws pet hotel... really good kennels my 2 dogs loved it as did 1 of my customers dogs who really enjoyed himself.
  3. iv also got a car full of stuff but my car is off road at the moment so the bedding would need to be collected from stradbroke S13 if possible early next week? please email me walkieswithdel@live.com as i very rarely come on the forum these days thanks del
  4. Hiya im available to walk your dogs if you would like to view my website its in my sig. give me a call if you need me and we can sort a plan out thanks del
  5. Hi i run Walkies With Del & Pet Care Services, take a look at my website, i give me a ring on the number on there to see if i can assist you http://www.del1284.wix.com/walkieswithdel Crb/Dbs checked & fully insured, qualified in pet/canine 1st aid and references are available thanks del
  6. New Number for walkies with del is 07986844873 email is still walkieswithdel@live.com
  7. hiya i think thats where helping hands dog rescue board their dogs if you message pets@home on here nigel will be able to tell you more about them HTH
  8. Hi as most have said for that price it just isnt possible, i would be coming from stradbroke and would have to cover my fuel costs so each visit would be £10 not £7, if you think that you can afford that much then please dont hesitate to contact me, im fully insured DBS checked & fully qualified in Pet/Canine 1st aid, i can give reference via teeny and another walker if needs be. if you do use someone else please make sure they have valid insurance and dbs check, thanks del.
  9. I can also help... and cover your area. If you would like to chat please follow the link in my signature believe my mobile and email contact details are on there. Thanks Del.
  10. Hi I can cover this area but do charge petrol costs if more than 3 mile from my home address. Please visit my website in my signature for details and contact me for more info
  11. Gemma please pm if you would like to discuss as I don't want teenys thread disapearing
  12. Count me in. I can't believe what I have seen and not been able to do anything about it is beyond a joke... This is why I hardy post of here anymore
  13. Hi my friend has lost a small female ferret around s2 near the springfield pub she is albino if you still have the ferret plz call me 07898603004 thanks
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