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  1. Just a reminder this is happening tomorrow . Please come along and support this event .
  2. St Paul’s Norton Lees is hosting Brunch for Zimbabwe on Saturday the 29th February , starting with Prayers for Zimbabwe at 9am . Followed by Brunch , come and experience some Zimbabwean food Sadza or Mealie Meal and Choms. At 10 am Tina Sampson will be sharing about 3 projects which St Paul’s supports regularly these are senior citizens service , which supplies medical care and medicine to the elderly , Island Hospice providing care for cancer patients and the Good Hope Orphan care project supporting orphans living with extended. Families . Donations will be shared between these projects . Coffee , Tea and Croissants also available . Please come and support us help us make a difference and bring hope to lives in Zimbabwe.
  3. Join the beekeepers association , you have to have permission to keep bees from the allotments office . the beekeepers association run course during the winter and are well worth attending . If you go for secondhand hives they must be properly cleaned or the bees could be infected .
  4. RVHD2 and VHD1 are doing the rounds , there are no symptoms , sudden death is horrible but preventable , please vaccinate your bunnies .
  5. heeley and meersbrook is great , they don't have a massive waiting list
  6. not all pet sitters are like this , or we wouldn't be able to trade .
  7. Did you check out her insurance ? did she have a current DBS , did you have her home address ? did you check her references out ? these are important questions to always check , I am a pet sitter I hope I would do a better job than that , ok sometimes if you have multiple pet visits you may have an emergency but you text to say you are running behind , last week one of my customers was burgled , which meant I had to stay around waiting for the police etc , Now all my cat visit customers were informed , that's how any pet business should function as they have to receive the best care . This must be awful to have to deal with .
  8. I really like Magid , hes speaking out for truth and for the world which is is dire straights . What you don't see is how hard he works away from the public eye . The last Lord mayor to do anything useful was Tony Arbor , who did masses for disabilities awareness in Sheffield, Magid will leave a fantastic record and the council will get no one better to represent them .
  9. Hi Gemma , I offer home sits for dogs , we have some dates free but get booked up . Click on my link Thanks Tina
  10. SCC continues to steal bully and plunder assets which do not belong to them , I suggest that you go to council meeting and challenge them on this , this is how dictatorship begins please act , don’t allow them to get a foot hold . Vote them out at election time , take photos use the press , Toby foster at Radio sheffield go in there guns blazing showing that this council isn’t fit for purpose, it our city , sign the petition so that this cabinet model cannot continue it rein of despicable behaviour towards the public that it actually represents. This kitchen was brought by the community . https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/sheffield-peoples-petition?fbclid=IwAR06-9nsb0HbzwfWgwIJUcJDIiIJWl04FxDurR2nhp2McDvkqCp5JfdjQwE this is one way to tell SCC to stop doing this , these building were given the us the people not SCC to sell off .
  11. Basically I have kept our girl in , since she is so weighty , and now shes loosing weight . I asked around where we lived at the time , nobody said they were feeding her but her size says different .
  12. not sure on that , but its a domestic so possibly not , I flew from Bulawayo to Harare , no passport needed .
  13. Hes said plenty of other things over the years , he does need to remember hes a member of the council , he represents them and what people see makes them sad , what saw was that he made a hurtful comment , which is so sad for the girls family, such a hurtful thing considering they have lost their daughter .
  14. you don't need a passport , you just get on and go , I was born in Ryde isle of wight , I have been going back and forth since forever. The best crossing is lymington to yarmouth
  15. Apparently there is a new pet shop opening in s8 , does anyone know where and what is it called ?
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