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  1. teeny

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    I really like Magid , hes speaking out for truth and for the world which is is dire straights . What you don't see is how hard he works away from the public eye . The last Lord mayor to do anything useful was Tony Arbor , who did masses for disabilities awareness in Sheffield, Magid will leave a fantastic record and the council will get no one better to represent them .
  2. teeny

    Dog sitter s6

    Hi Gemma , I offer home sits for dogs , we have some dates free but get booked up . Click on my link Thanks Tina
  3. teeny

    Campaign to Save Birley Spa

    SCC continues to steal bully and plunder assets which do not belong to them , I suggest that you go to council meeting and challenge them on this , this is how dictatorship begins please act , don’t allow them to get a foot hold . Vote them out at election time , take photos use the press , Toby foster at Radio sheffield go in there guns blazing showing that this council isn’t fit for purpose, it our city , sign the petition so that this cabinet model cannot continue it rein of despicable behaviour towards the public that it actually represents. This kitchen was brought by the community . https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/sheffield-peoples-petition?fbclid=IwAR06-9nsb0HbzwfWgwIJUcJDIiIJWl04FxDurR2nhp2McDvkqCp5JfdjQwE this is one way to tell SCC to stop doing this , these building were given the us the people not SCC to sell off .
  4. teeny

    Neighbours who feed your obese cat.

    Basically I have kept our girl in , since she is so weighty , and now shes loosing weight . I asked around where we lived at the time , nobody said they were feeding her but her size says different .
  5. teeny

    Isle of wight ferry

    not sure on that , but its a domestic so possibly not , I flew from Bulawayo to Harare , no passport needed .
  6. Hes said plenty of other things over the years , he does need to remember hes a member of the council , he represents them and what people see makes them sad , what saw was that he made a hurtful comment , which is so sad for the girls family, such a hurtful thing considering they have lost their daughter .
  7. teeny

    Isle of wight ferry

    you don't need a passport , you just get on and go , I was born in Ryde isle of wight , I have been going back and forth since forever. The best crossing is lymington to yarmouth
  8. Apparently there is a new pet shop opening in s8 , does anyone know where and what is it called ?
  9. teeny

    Legal position in microchips

    our new dog was microchipped to the previous owner we had no problem in registering her as ours , we paid £15 , changed owners and address.
  10. The committee system doesn't cost much more than the strong leadership does , we have to be democratic and we have to do what is best for the people of Sheffield . ---------- Post added 30-08-2018 at 18:19 ---------- 84 Councillors, 10 in the Cabinet. 7 wards out of 28 have a Cabinet member The Cabinet (12% of Councillors) make all key day to day decisions for ALL of Sheffield. SCC CABINET MEMBERS, PORTFOLIOS AND WARDS: Councillor Julie Dore – Chair and Leader of the Council PARK AND ARBOURTHORNE Councillor Olivia Blake – Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance WALKLEY Councillor Mazher Iqbal – Cabinet Member for Business and Investment DARNALL •Councillor Jackie Drayton – Cabinet Member for Children and Families BURNGREAVE Councillor Mary Lea – Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Leisure DARNALL •Councillor Jayne Dunn – Cabinet Member for Education and Skills SOUTHEY •Councillor Lewis Dagnall – Cabinet Member for Environment and Streetscene GLEADLESS VALLEY •Councillor Chris Peace – Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care GLEADLESS VALLEY •Councillor Jim Steinke – Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety NETHER EDGE AND SHARROW •Councillor Jack Scott – Cabinet Member for Transport and Development PARK AND ARBOURTHORNE This is who represents us in sheffield .
  11. thank you for signing , I think if we can get the petition signed then we can start to change people perspectives , it doesn't need to be just one party but it would be so excellent if we can get change in sheffield .
  12. This isn't the case though its not just one party its right across the board . Cllr Booker UKIP supports switch to Committee Model There is a better way At times, city councillors put party politics ahead of taxpayers when making decisions on important matters. I believe councils should exist to serve their communities first and put power back where it belongs, in the hands of local people. Sheffield City Council should be looking at a policy of “in-sourcing” not “out-sourcing”following the examples of Liverpool, Cumbria, and Essex. On January 15, Carillion Plc and assorted subsidiaries declared insolvencies. This 10 per cent organisation had around 450 government contracts, taking money from the taxpayer, slicing off their cut then subcontracting the work to local, national and international companies. They have left a trail of destruction in their wake. The practice of allowing multi-national corporations, private companies and management consultants to flood local government, is flawed. They treat the public sector as a gift that keeps on giving, charging inflated amounts of money for consultant templates that read as if they have been written by a child, with only the names of the local authorities changed on these documents. This is the practice of “risk and reward” contracts, profits made from money saved from local council budgets, then given to these private companies. The poorest in society paying towards the wealthiest. I am totally opposed to the cabinet system of governance, which puts too much power in the hands of too few people. I advocate a committee system which brings more openness, transparency and cross-party collaboration. The behaviour of professional party politicians over the last four decades, has shown their self-serving system has completely failed democracy, and the people. At all times taxpayers should be given the best services, the best value for money and the best representation, There is a better way. Councillor John Booker UKIP, West Ecclesfield
  13. Simply by getting the right people Who were voted on , the councillors we vote for to be heard in the council they represent . If we can get a fairer system in to being then change will happen .
  14. There are many campaigns in the world . Pastor Evan Activist Zimbabwe Broughs about real change by speaking out , eventually Mugabe went . Activism has many key factors , mainly empowering people to bring democratic change . Our cities motives are honest , we want a fairer system for our councillors of unless you are in a ward headed by a cabinet member , your vote is invalid , which leads me to say , it seems to me like a no brainier , fair or unfair , well for me it’s not in anyone’s interests to keep a strong leadership , this council doesn’t hear our voices , which goes against us voting .our city cares about many issues that effect the city of sheffield . Now I have to say since last November I have learnt much of our council here , it’s not what I want to see . In the past Sheffield’s councillors have made a big difference but looking at the cabinet it’s never going to happen . Julie Dore herself cannot take responsibility when the bbc interview her after she spends 70,000 on policing tree protests , when adults with severe learning difficulties don’t have social workers or PAs for hours they are allocated , that is morally wrong it’s social injustice. We need people like those who stated it’s our city to make a better sheffield .
  15. It doesn’t change the fact they were activists of their time .

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