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  1. Thanks - I will give her a call
  2. Hi does anyone know of a good reliable dog walker in the S12 area? I need someone for my Shih Tzu at lunchtimes, 3 days per week. Thanks
  3. Found very early this morning cowering beside a neighbours garage - if you are missing a Shih Tzu please contact me via here with a description of your missing dog. For obvious reasons I won't give too much detail. Will be taking to the vet to scan for a chip when they are open and take it from there. ---------- Post added 12-02-2015 at 09:41 ---------- This dog has now gone home
  4. Another recommendation for Terri at hardwick hounds, she's fantastic with them. And since her partner has started working with her there's free cuddles thrown in :-) I often arrive to pick mine up and find them curled up on Nick's lap :-)
  5. I am sorry if I am repeating as I haven't read the whole of the thread, but I did raise my concerns with my last vet. There was an email argument in which they told me I was rude, did not look after my dog appropriately, and they stood by their charges. (I would give my life for my dog - I disagreed he needed antibiotics one day and then when I asked for a prescription so I could source them elsewhere, they told me there was a £15 charge for the prescription and by the time I got them off the internet it would be "too late". I took exception to this and so emailed a complaint and had him seen somewhere else the next day, who did not recommend antibiotics) They basically told me like it or lump it. I lumped it, and moved to a new vet. Upon registering, they could not get any history from the old vets because they say they have no record of him!!! They have destroyed / "lost" his history, which in my case is devastating because he has a lot of history that needs to be noted or he could actually die given the wrong treatment.
  6. I think the neighbours thing is what you give is what you get. I made an effort to talk to mine and we all get on great. Sheffield is, I would say, a friendly place...if you are prepared to put the same effort in.
  7. No I thought I had some Metacam left but turns out I don't. I have dunked it in warm water a few times this afternoon and decided against the vets, at least until after the weekend and see how it is then. It looks far less sore than it did last night and he's definitely not been licking it as much. It's just trying to get near to clean it, so dunking it is for now. I did try to trim a bit of the fur away and the hole doesn't look too big. If no better by Monday I will rebook and get him some Metacam.
  8. Yes I was wondering if the vet trip was strictly necessary....he doesn't seem as bothered by it today as he was last night, but he still won't let me touch it. I have antibiotics so I was wondering if I should just try to keep it clean and see what happens. I could really do without the expense right now. I just dunked it in a bowl of salt water. He didn't very much appreciate it
  9. My dog has various lumps and bumps that come and go, none seem to bother him and he doesn't appear to be in pain. Some of them are like spots, you can squeeze them and they are gone, some are hard and stay around a while. I do have him checked now and again and there has been no cause for concern. However, last night, I noticed him licking his paw obsessively so had a closer look and he has a large red swelling on the top of his paw...it looked like there was an "entry point" so I thought perhaps a grass seed or something and I gave it a bit of a squeeze. Well, he has never bitten or even snarled at a human in all his life, but he nearly had my hand off!! Simultaneously, the lump exploded in a big mess of blood and clear matter He's booked in the vets today but not until tea time, is there anything I can do to ease the obvious discomfort he's in until then?
  10. You could also try dwarf peas you can sow those up till the end of July (according to my packet!)
  11. I saw some in homebase but I am in the south east of Sheffield.
  12. Hmph. I was about to start a thread to ask advice on my bolted red onions, but found this! So to be clear...I don't have to pull them up?
  13. I have a little bit of growing space left in my veggie patch. What can I plant now to use up the space? I already have carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, dwarf beans, courgettes, lettuces, and rather optimistically a sweet pepper plant!
  14. No. For the record, if I see someone eating, or with children, I do not go and plonk myself down next to them and light up. I have been to a couple of parks that have had no smoking areas, Clifton Park has put signs up saying no smoking in the childrens area, and I do not smoke if there are signs.
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