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  1. Does anyone know of a dog walker with availability mon - fri for 1 hour per day. I have recently started working longer hours and I'm looking for someone to walk my 2 small dogs. I have tried lots of dog walkers but they either don't seem to cover my area (wincobank) or have no availability.
  2. Just wondered if anyone knows why they havent been open for a couple of weeks, have they closed down?
  3. thanks I hadnt realised there were other comments on here, and I will report to Green King and post another comment when I receive a response.
  4. We went for a carvery at meadow farm earlier in the after, as its somewhere we have been many times and always enjoyed. As I am vegetarian I obviously have no meat with the carvery - this used to be at a reduced price, but I was told very abruptly ' it wont be any cheaper'. I was offended as I dont selected this option because I dont eat meat not as a cheaper option, however when you can only have 1/2 a meal I dont see why it should be the same price. My partner ( a meat eater) was asked which meat he wanted - he advised all 3 to be told - you can only have 2 now! in addtion the vegetables were not nice and the staff were ignorant and unhelpful !! - what's happened this place used to be great???
  5. We have sold our house, and need to move out end of April, Our new property is a new build and wont be ready until end Aug/ early Sept, most agents only do a minimum of 6 month leases, - does anyone know of anywhere that could help?? any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Im looking for a new door seal for my 2003 citroen picasso , its for the off side rear door - have tried googling it, but can only find second hand ones on ebay. Would be really grateful if anyone can help.
  7. We are going our for a special occasion in a few weeks, and want to go to an Italian, that is rerasonably priced with excellent food preferably in or around town or woodseats /ecclesall rd area? Can anyone recommend somewhere?
  8. thanks for your reply, it is difficult to upgrade the memory and graphics card - I have put vista on for now, but its so slow its driving me crazy!!!
  9. thanks for your reply, i dont have anyone to help - can anyone talk me thru it? many thanks
  10. thanks for your resonse, i realised i had put xp and its actually windows 7 i installed, so i started a new thread as I didnt know how to delete this one - sorry im not very good on this!!
  11. I have recently installed windows 7 on my fairly old pc ( its about 6 yrs), and I am just having 1 problem. The resolution set was default at 640 x 480, this means that all the icons are too big and all the internet explorer windows i open are too big for the page, if I reduce the % of the page the text goes fuzzy. I have managed to go into advacned setting on change resolution under control panel and in advance setting, in list all modes if I change it to 1024 x 768- it is the right size, but then all the colours go wrong, I have noticed the default setting says high color- which is the only option that does- is there anything I can do or is the pc just too old for Windows 7 , its a dell dimension 1100 if that helps. I dont know if I can download or install anything to fix this? my adapter type says standard vga graphic adapter - does know if this help Hope someone can help!!!!!
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