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  1. I did it for a few days but felt awful so I stopped. But, I can see the difference it made to how well my body deals with being ill! I am going to do it again soon as I am now obsessed with juices. I just need to take a week off to get into it so I can get over the headaches and the mood swings on my own rather than sat at my desk at work.
  2. I use glowballs for my dog. You can chuck them in the dead of night and I can always see where it is! Collars are a bit annoying i've found so I use a little flashing light that I can attach to her collar or her harness when I take her out. They are only a couple of quid from ebay. The white ones are the best. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pet-Cat-Dog-Safety-LED-Clip-Buckle-Night-Light-Flashing-Collar-Pendant-Neon-New-/380992672719?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item58b4eed3cf
  3. Try mixing Turmeric and coconut oil into their food (cold pressed virgin coconut oil in a tub is best. Just put some in an egg cup and microwave for 20 seconds to melt it) My dog has allergies to a number of things including food allergies and grass etc. Since I started her with this mixture, both have gone and she's got loads more energy! (She's 12) It works well for cats as well. There is quite a few sites talking about it. Good luck Ps. Get better quality cat biscuits if you can and give her some meat rather than just biscuits.
  4. Hi Del, Thanks for the offer but I am looking for someone who lives local and can just pop over after work or what not. She doesn't even really need walking, more just letting out in the garden and giving cuddles for 20 mins. Thank-you though ---------- Post added 22-05-2015 at 16:44 ---------- I'm not looking for a professional, and I am not looking for someone to trek across town. I am looking for a person, local or around Meersbrook to let my dog in the garden for a wee or if they feel like it, running her around the park which I live practically next to. It's not like I am asking for the world on a stick.
  5. The last thing I would do is leave my dog outside without proper supervision. She's nearly 12 and gets a bad chest when she's outside too long if it's a bit chilly. Plus, I couldn't relax knowing she was outside all the time. I live in rented accommodation at the moment until we buy at the end of the year and she's never been in a kennel with me and I won't start now. I am not looking for a professional dog walker, I am just looking for someone to either walk her to the park and back (which she's exhausted by when she gets there) or someone to let her out for a wee in the garden and give her a cuddle and a belly rub for 20 mins. I am the dogs 4th owner and I am very protective of her so I would never get someone who wasn't trustworthy. Even if they just let her out for a wee, that's enough for me to know she won't be at home uncomfortable and busting by the time I get home
  6. I had a professional dog walker previously who charged me £80 a month to come for an hour 3 times a week. Unfortunately, he wasn't providing her with the full hour I was paying for and sometimes didn't turn up at all. I couldn't afford to keep it up so I am trying to get an option that will help both myself and someone local in Meersbrook. I wouldn't let just anyone into my house and especially not to look after my dog. Anyone I choose will be fully vetted by me and my partner and the dog. I don't have a lot of money but at £7 for 30 mins, I don't have much choice other than leaving her on her own all day which is unfair.
  7. Hi, I am looking for a dog walker/sitter in Meersbrook that can come round to my house about lunch time Mon-Fri and either walk the dog to the park and around and back (20 mins tops) or let her out for a wee in the garden and spend 20 mins giving her a belly rub. She's almost 12 but has the energy of a puppy (for the first 5 mins) then gets knackered. I don't have much money but I can pay £65 a month. It would be 15-20 mins work a day. Would suit student, teenager or older person. If you can help, please let me know by replying or sending me a text on 07514606779 Thanks
  8. Hi Babyblueeyes. I am currently on Slimming World and it is fantastic! You can eat as much as you want, whenever you want and it falls off you. Slimming World also has loads of recipes online so you can make all the meals you love without sacrificing on taste. I joined after my friend lost 5 stone in 10 months. Its £5 per week and I go to the one at the Red Lion in Meersbrook (Chesterfield Road) If you fancy coming along and giving it a try, send me a PM and i'll meet you before hand and take you down. You won't regret it! Check out the website and have a think x
  9. I use a chap called Chris. i contacted him for advertising (I work at the Star) and he's done my windows ever since! Really nice guy as well. His number is 07942 865108. I live in Meersbrook S8 so I am sure he can get to S7 just as easily
  10. These guys walk my dog and are brilliant! Highly recommended
  11. My house mate is an incredible artist. She does Pet Portraits and asks in return that you make a suitable donation to a dog charity that she supports. If you check out this fb page here, you should be able to contact her. Good luck x https://www.facebook.com/pages/Win-a-pet-portrait-charity-raffle/1479709965607680?ref=ts&fref=ts
  12. I adopted my 6 year old Rat Snake (Ianto-Baby) about 5.5 years ago after my ex decided that caring for her was not a big priority. It was more out of necessity than a want / like of snakes and although i've read the books, I don't have the passion for reptiles that I think any pet owner should have. Both the house and myself generally smell of mine and my house mates 3 dogs and after a unsupervised meeting between my dog and the snake (I was cleaning the snake out, put the dog downstairs, other dog let her out, dog opens the bathroom door to say hi to the snake, much snake anger and chaos ensues!) it seems to stress her out and confuse her when she's out. I haven't handled her as much since adopting a rescue staffy so I am looking for a home for her with experienced snake handlers who can reassure her and give her the home and love she deserves. She comes with a big vivarium and the various hides etc. She's beautiful colours and is pretty chilled out most of the time. She's only ever bitten me 3 times, 2 times, I was feeding her a mouse and my hands got in the way, other time was when I walked past her after the dog incident and I didn't realise she was under the table and was furious / scared. She likes to bathe in water so I put her in the bathroom sometimes and allow her to find her way to the water (although block up any escape holes, especially bath panels, floor boards, behind sinks etc!) I don't want any money for her, just the assurance that she will be well loved and well looked after. If you do find yourself unable to care for her for whatever reason, please let me know and I will come collect her. I would like to do a home check before hand as well just to make sure she's going to a good home. If you can , please let me know Thanks!
  13. Hi, I am really interested in this position. I have sent you a message Many thanks
  14. I am Missy's owner, the dog that was attacked by the White Staffy in Mearsbrook park TWICE within a month!! I am almost positive that the Staff did have a patch on it's eye (just one of them) as I remember registering it when it went for Missy the second time. Sounds like the same dog Although the second time around, Missy clamped onto it's behind and didn't let go until she'd had her fair share of blood. I guess she'd had enough and wasn't taking the risk! As soon as she let go, she picked up her ball and wanted to carry on playing. I on the other hand was traumatised! Missy was also attacked AGAIN a couple of weeks after by a German Shepherd that went for a tiny dog, then for Missy (who bravely fought the dog off and carried on playing again) This may be a isolated incident, but just in case, be on your guard of similar dogs off lead. I really hope your little one feels better soon.
  15. Hi there, I used to live on City Road which is S2 and just out of the city centre (very accessible by car) and there is a hair dressers there called Deja Vu. The girls in there are super friendly, they always remember me, what I like and stories I have told them even if I go in months after the fact! Its a bit bad that I can never remember the name of the girl I see... But she always remembers me Very reasonably priced and is half way up City Road. I moved to Mearsbrook recently and still go back there when I need a hair cut as I trust them completely. Give them a bell on 0114 2730555
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