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  1. Theres an olde saying round these here parts " bad smells linger the longest "
  2. Thanks for clearing that up loob, I think cyclone needs to get out a bit more.
  3. Who said state of security, because I sure didnt. Are you on drugs or something?
  4. Well, for the simple minded, it means that security are on high alert over possible terrorist attacks and to watch out for anything suspicious, but hey, what would chuck norris do. Kindly remove your head from where the sun dosnt shine much.
  5. Why dont you try working there and find out for your self?
  6. I see your point, but either way this is causing a lot of mis trust in society.
  7. Its what happens when the lunatics are running the asylum.
  8. This is going to be more common in the very near future, its no wonder meadowhall is on a hightened stage of security.
  9. Bull, Its a known fact that its just a bomb shelter and the only computer they have is a sinclair zx 81 with a 16k expansion pack (i know cos i put the plug on it). All the people that work there only maintain the zx81 and eat all the food that comes in huge lorries ( funny though, they seem to get a lot of deliveries of YE OLDE HOT DOG SAUSAGES.
  10. Yes nobby, you did follow through:hihi:
  11. Bull, Its for the filthy rich. I personally have seen the lorry loads of food going in there and the only workers on ground level are the gardner and security.
  12. I would love to rent a tourer, but you need to look into the insurance side and the clientelle you want to rent it to, I have a dog so that probably counts me out. Also it would have to be mechaically sound. This could be a mine field.
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