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  1. If you want to know anything about Jehovah's witnesses just go to the website? You can even request a visit if you have any queries, so no need to go on tittle tattle just go to the horses mouth? https://www.jw.org/en/
  2. Some good albums to check some may not be heavy rock technicaly Robin George dangerous music Gary Moore back to the blues (some heavy blues) Gary Moore Scars (superb one off album) Europe start from the dark Mamas boys power and passion.
  3. Black keys el camino Joe bonamassa the ballad of John Henry.
  4. I have to admit to 196 mph I wasn't caught But I'm not proud of it lol
  5. Any chance someone could drop it off in s66 ? I build electric bikes etc . i can test batterys and order new if required and fit at cost .
  6. Hi i can have a look at it for you where are you located ? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the suggestions I'm now booked and ready to go ?
  8. I'm not being snotty lol I think you misread me , I'm looking for something in my budget .
  9. I'm not paying £1650 for somewhere to get my head down for 7 nights
  10. Is driving in London really that bad ? I haven't been since 1985 lol ---------- Post added 29-12-2016 at 15:50 ---------- £1650 ?,...............
  11. They do now it's horrible , the man with the pen who meets you for 1 hour at most knows more than the doctor who is treating you regularly and the specialists , always fight it and appeal !
  12. Going to London in April to see Joe Bonamassa at the Albert hall , going to the museums and a couple of shows any recommendations as to where to visit ? We are driving down would it be better to get a hotel out of London center and travel in ? Or pay the higher rates in the center ? Any recommendations on accommodation ? I always find it better to go on recommendations ☺etc many thanks
  13. They need to be grateful to the black keys that's the only reason they had any success in the USA
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