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  1. Area: Sheffield s5 Type of Property: House Number of Bedrooms:2 Landlord: council Any other information: front and rear garden, shed, only staircase left to decorate. Wanted Area: S10, S6 Property: House Bedrooms: Minimum 2 Landlord: Council
  2. Black female shar pei answers to missy wearing a red harness very friendly she is micro chipped last seen on field behind Adlington community centre at 5.15 this morning wanting her home desperately! If anyone finds her my number is 07939843320 thanks tony
  3. We cover all of Sheffield. We are fully insured and crb checked. ---------- Post added 06-08-2014 at 00:04 ---------- We also offer boarding (which we are insured for). ---------- Post added 06-08-2014 at 14:06 ---------- Or alternatively call me on 07939843320
  4. Walker and pooch dog walking service offered in Sheffield whether it's once a day, once week or once a month we can cater for you and your pooch's needs. We walk dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Check our face book page walker n pooch for more info and contact details
  5. Reason for Rehome / Sale Time Scale – How Urgent? Sale Amount Has the Dog been in Rescue Location Age & Sex Breed/ Mix KC Registered Approximate size Exercise Needed Neutered & Micro chipped Vaccinated & Wormed Live in / out Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Temperament Good or Bad with Children Dislike of Men or Women OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals Travel OK in Car Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time Destructive Behaviour Barks Pull on the lead Crate trained Housetrained General Information you can share about the Dog. Hi my 3 month old great dane needs a new as we cant give him the time and attention he needs/wants he is harlequin with kc papers he needs his jabs as we havr only had him a week we are only wanting the 600 back that we paid for him please contact me on 07880560553 thankd
  6. PlayStation is right not only do they have terrible customer service they rip people off as well and they also for double what they buy for if not more than double
  7. Here i have 2 Dwarf Boa Constrictors, only 6 months old came out of the same clutch both female they come with tank 3x2x2 which will last them all their lifes the tank comes with all accessories you will ever need, they are both exactly the same apart from lightness of pattern, reason of sale due to girlfriend not liking them looking for £300 onothey are worth every penny wish i could keep them but i cant. These would make a perfect first snake as they dont grow very big and are rather dorsile please contact Tony on 07880560553
  8. if they dont do the business against honduras they dont deserve to be in the world cup (hold on a min england should have done the business against usa mmmmmm)
  9. hi im looking for a 11 a side team to play for in the s8 area i play all positions except defence and goalkeeper but i will play anywhere else
  10. is this a proper 11 a side team if so are you looking for any players
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