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  1. Hi, I'm looking for saxophone lessons. Would need to be able to borrow an instrument for the lessons as not wanting to buy a saxophone until I know I like playing.
  2. It wasn't the wrong spec, or in fact anything a test before hand could have picked up. Cant go into too many details but an issue caused the concrete barrier to have a number of pop outs (anyone stuck in the traffic could see them, they looked like bullet holes) and it was deemed that this had caused such a detrimental effect to the barrier that it had to be removed.
  3. It doesn't matter how many sets of wheels it has. It calculates the time from the first axel going over the first wire to it going over the second. Its not to try to catch people, but so they can get a rough idea of the sort of speeds people are doing to see if traffic calming measures are needed.
  4. Smithy... What sort of price was that work if you don't mind me asking?
  5. I was there too. Real good natured humour, loved it
  6. It was a really good talk last night, could listen to Simon talk for hours. Also good to see so many people there, hopefully some of them will keep coming back.
  7. Firstly, you are right about newly laid asphalt being more slippery than the older stuff. This is to do with the fact that there is a fresh, thin layer of bitumen covering the stone in the material. As this is worn away with trafficking etc, this will expose the natural skid resistance of the stone, and in effect make the road rougher, giving a better grip. For most roads in the city there is a minimum PSV (polished stone value) specified. This is not the same for footpaths though. Regarding minimum thicknesses, this depends on the size of the aggregate in the layers. For footpaths where a 6mm aggregates material is used, the British standards call for a layer of around 25mm thick. Roads containing 14mm aggregate as a surface course, will be laid around the 40mm mark. The majority of the material being laid on the main roads are probably a proprietary 'thin surfacing' system and will be designed to perform at such depths.
  8. So, with that logic, if a mentally disturbed individual hears voices, then we should accept that they are real? I do agree that people can believe what they want as long as it doesn't effect me, but the problem with any religion is that they cannot stop trying to convert people to their faith. Its written into the doctrines of religions to bring people to that particular God. Religion is a parasite that worms its way into the fabric of society, from unelected Bishops sitting in the House of Lords making decisions on the laws of the land, to faith schools teaching creationism, to Muslims trying to get Sharia Law into certain areas of the country.
  9. Firstly, although you say you aren't religious, it is clear from the rest of the post you are, it might not just fit into a the parameters of normal church teachings. Secondly, it all sound nice and airy-fairy, but all it is, is an nice idea. There is no evidence to support any of this. Their is no finger of God that comes down to touch our paper dimensions to help a baby not be sexually abused, to put food into the mouths of starving children, to stop people killing each other in his name.
  10. In my opinion there are three possibilities 1 - There is no God 2 - There is a God, but it is neither all powerful or all knowing, hence all the pain and suffering in the world 3 - There is a God, that is all knowing and all powerful, yet stands by and lets thousands of children a day die from hunger or get abused. If its option 2, then why worship a god that is impotent, or if its option 3 then this isn't a God that deserves worshiping.
  11. Very interesting talk tonight. Am also very excited to hear you have Simon Singh coming in November
  12. Thank you, have just tried this but no success.
  13. When switched on we can hear the game but there is no picture on the tv. Have tried a new HDMI lead and the tv works on it's own and with the wii but not with the x box. Any ideas why?! Thanks
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