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  1. I've got 16gb DDR3 installed currently ---------- Post added 30-04-2017 at 15:12 ---------- Thanks, yeah i'm basically just in the position of having a bit of 'fun' money available and thought maybe I could improve computer...but i'm not sure now, it works pretty well for what I need at the moment but I like gadgets and the CPU has been installed for quite a while and on benchmarking it seems to come out as weakest element...although my graphics card isn't fantastic but I don't play many newer games. Maybe i'll consider a new system further down the line and transfer over my RAM and HDD's (29tb and counting!) into some better system
  2. So, I've habit of buying the wrong item and i'm considering upgrading my CPU and currently have "AMD HDZ555WFGMBOX Phenom II X2 555 - 3.2 Ghz AM3 Black Edition CPU" What do I need to make sure any CPU I buy will work with the current motherboard "Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3". And any recommendations? wondering if an upgrade is even worth my money/effort. I like to multi task so maybe watching a high res film, transferring files from one place to another, downloading something, converting something else while viewing a few webpages...this is where I 'hope' a CPU upgrade would speed things up and avoid any 'not responding' notifications.
  3. I'm looking at a new computer to put together (will most likely pick up components and put together myself) Just wondering, my current case is a beast and takes up a lot of space, I have at least 6 internal drives and a couple of externals, is there a better way to manage these? I've seen server and NAS mentioned but know nothing about them or how they function. Ideally I'm hoping I can have all hard drives (except maybe ssd with operating system on) in a separate box to save on space when I put together a new PC.
  4. Sounds interesting, Robert Englund needs to turn up in full make up though!
  5. Thanks, was more worried about all the different specifications they seem to state, I fear plugging all and finding one does not like it and wrecks a pedal due to plugging in and something not being compatible. Am I worrying about nothing? volts, amps, dc, ac, it all is gibberish to me.
  6. Being thick around such things, i've got the below and finally may plug them all up and use them, however no plugs and sick of using batteries. SO… I have seen various 'power banks' etc you can get for such things, but I'm confused by all the different options and wether they relate to my stuff, can anyone advise? I have the below and have stated what instructions or back of device state: EVH Flanger MXR Dunlop ECB-004 18VDC adapter with 5.5mm x 2.1mm positive barrel & negative center. EVH Phase 90 MXR Dunlop ECB03E, a 9volt DC regulated AC adapter Morley Classic WAH 9v 300 Milliamp Regulated Adapter Korg Pitch Black Tuner DC 9v Max 200mA out
  7. Thanks guys, will try to get a look at it tomorrow night and figure something out and post my findings, just seems stupid compared to what i'm used to (basically install wherever you want).
  8. It's Logic Pro for music production, still trying to find my way around so maybe something simple i'm missing
  9. Any ideas? I'm new to macs and I have a 50gb SSD and 500gb HDD, when trying to install a programme that requires 60gb it keeps saying MUST be installed on drive with OSX, which is the 50gb, obviously not big enough...arghhh, have searched on google but struggling. anyone have any ideas? ta!
  10. Anyone use Reaper? I can't even get past first bit of how to link in superior drummer, any tutorial goes on about how to record and mess with sounds...I can't even find out how to link them together! help!
  11. I started about 8 years ago and still don't know those chords.... hasn't stopped me writing tons of songs and playing in many bands.
  12. I have Reaper just not used it as yet ---------- Post added 04-08-2013 at 16:06 ---------- Thanks, i'll continue to compare.... oh and just said Sony as was first thing that came to mind... I mean ANY brand laptop, i'm not fussy about who makes it, I just want best spec for my money, even if it looks like a big turd
  13. I'm no wizz, so previously been using cool edit pro...then adobe audition... using line 6 UX1 as input. i'm up for trying new software eg logic or FL studio producer. Laptop will not be used for any gaming, so not a consideration. My personal feelings (without much knowledge) is that macs are all well and good and you'll be happy with them, but is it more style over substance and at same price laptop from sony (or others) can out perform due to higher specification at same price.
  14. Few comparison threads but nothing specific to what i'm after.. let's say you could choose a Macbook Pro 13-inch: 2.9GHz or get given £1000 to get best laptop you could... what would you do... AND... what laptop is there out there that is very good at moment? I'm mostly wanting this for music production, i'll have it linked to a monitor at home 90% of time, but a bigger screen would be nice for occasional use elsewhere.
  15. Just moved into a property that has a overhead shower, unfortunately i'm renting so can't go ripping it to pieces, but is there some kind of fitting i can get to replace the head of it so it's on a flexible cord or something? it's doing my head in.
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