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  1. I am not bothered about the ones at remote locations that don't about other people but ones close to residential areas are a nuisance. Whether these are often or not they are inconsiderate. It is good that there wasn't any trouble, however this doesn't mean that they should be approved to play all night long. The reason it bothers me so much is because I am pregnant and wake up enough as it is without something else to keep me awake.
  2. Seems to be stuff online suggesting they have a rave down attercliffe at this time of the year. There was a page on the Sheffield star a couple of years ago where the police said they had lots of complaints but couldn't locate the noise.
  3. Oh my god, I can't believe this is the same rave as the one in Oughtibridge. How can it not have been stopped by the policy if it's this loud!
  4. Since 2.30 this morning I have been able to hear the thud of what sounds like drum and bass. If it wasn't still going on at 6.15 I'd have thought it might have been an event at davys. Please tell me someone else can hear it and knows where is coming from its driving me mad.
  5. Hi, can anyone hear a high pitched noise in the handsworth/darnall area? We heard it for a few nights last summer and one of our neighbours said it came from the Markham factory? It's so loud and annoying, I don't understand what it is.
  6. I guess it could be worse. I like reggae, just not when I'm trying to go to sleep and have the windows closed : (
  7. Another summer evening ruined... annoying loud music coming from an event at Davys sports club on Prince of Wales Road. Windows now closed! I hope they shut up soon.
  8. Oh joy! Thanks for the info. Now where can I buy some ear plugs...
  9. Ah, I wondered if it might be something over that way. The sound has travelled very well but then I'm not too far away I suppose! I'm probably more annoyed than usual as pregnant, warm and want to sleep.
  10. Can anyone else hear the loud reggae music that seems to be coming from Prince of Wales Road area/bowden houstead woods? I'm just wondering if it's a private party or an event at a pub. It's really annoying me now! I don't want to have to close my windows when it's this warm. I love reggae music but I don't want to hear the thumping right now!
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