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  1. Stanleybobs

    Napoli Centro Pizzeria, Glossop Rd

    Looking forward to a visit to this place tomorrow. I lived in Naples for 5 years so I'm very excited about it!!! Especially the salsiccia & friarielli pizza.
  2. Stanleybobs

    Sheffield's Mansions?

  3. Stanleybobs

    Parking on Botanical Road

    ah thanks, looks like I missed the very important sign!!
  4. Confused about whether or not it's permitted to park on the single yellow lines on Botanical road (on the left hand side as you go up). There are no signs on that side of the road, but I never see anyone parked there which is odd as it's such a busy area. Can anyone clarify please?
  5. Does anyone know what's happening with this shop? I saw some activity a few days ago and the 'for sale' sign has come down....
  6. saw a post on facebook a few days ago: Simply cool campers https://www.facebook.com/simplycoolcampers.co.uk/?hc_ref=ARTnajuB0jbPWwQ_TiWBy1Y24dw8uqek2Z8LWEofP_xySlYamHTLO_K41KQy1q6y7qY&fref=nf
  7. Stanleybobs

    Sympathetic dentist required

    Have you thought about a referral to the Charles Clifford? I'm going there for an extraction and having IV sedation as I'm very nervous.
  8. Stanleybobs

    Off Road driving practice

    a supermarket car park on a Sunday when the shop's closed?
  9. Stanleybobs

    Boys Birthday Parties

    At the Academy do nerf parties http://www.attheacademy.co.uk/category/birthday/
  10. Stanleybobs

    Proove Pizza - Broomhil

    Do they have a wood-fired pizza oven? If not, no chance. The only way pizza should be cooked is in a wood-fired pizza oven. It makes a world of difference. Yes they do have a wood fired oven. Have a look at the website it's got a huge photo of it!
  11. Stanleybobs

    Proove Pizza - Broomhil

    I agree, Proove is (usually) excellent, and Porter Pizza is a close second. I lived in Naples for a long time.
  12. Hi, can anyone recommend someone to fit a gas fire insert into an existing Victorian fireplace please? thanks!
  13. Stanleybobs

    Westways school

    I was under the impression that the headmistress had turned around several under-performing schools, including Hallam, and that's what she's been brought in to do at Westways?
  14. Stanleybobs

    Please vote for local cross-country runner!

    Thank you! I use Chrome so wasn't aware of this.
  15. Please vote for Tom Bains! Tom went to Tapton School in Sheffield and then to Leeds Beckett University. He ran for Hallamshire Harriers until he went to America on an athletic scholarship with Queen’s University of Charlotte. He has trained extremely hard and on Saturday was named the 2017 South Atlantic Conference Men's Cross Country Runner Of The Year after winning the South Atlantic Conference meet with a time of 24:28 over the 8K course. He needs your vote by midday Friday to make the D2 Hero of the week. (Note: on the voting list his surname is spelt Baines!). Many thanks! https://herosports.com/cross-country/vote-d2-mens-cross-country-hero-of-the-week-8-blbl

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