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  1. They deliberately make it difficult to get in touch - why is there no email contact? If you want to cancel you shouldn't have to spend hours on hold to their call centre!
  2. Had this the other day. I was calling to end my subscription, there isn't an email address you can use, you have to go through their rubbish call centre. Will never go back to them!! Spend about 2 hours sorting it out in the end!
  3. There's a new Poutine restaurant at the Cutlery Works in Neepsend. It's called Gravy Train I think. Haven't tried it yet though.
  4. Pronto Caldo on Abbeydale Road https://www.facebook.com/ProntoCaldoltd/
  5. not Fridays, but Zest in Upperthorpe have youth clubs on Wednesdays & Thursdays 6pm to 8pm, they may have other activities as well
  6. Knowles & son at banner cross (894 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8TP) repaired my bag zip.
  7. Just across from the three merry lads, I'd recommend the Sportsman. Views are amazing and food is delicious. Car park just outside.
  8. I'd second Spencer's, and also Hunters were very good too
  9. Looking forward to a visit to this place tomorrow. I lived in Naples for 5 years so I'm very excited about it!!! Especially the salsiccia & friarielli pizza.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stumperlowe_Hall
  11. ah thanks, looks like I missed the very important sign!!
  12. Confused about whether or not it's permitted to park on the single yellow lines on Botanical road (on the left hand side as you go up). There are no signs on that side of the road, but I never see anyone parked there which is odd as it's such a busy area. Can anyone clarify please?
  13. Does anyone know what's happening with this shop? I saw some activity a few days ago and the 'for sale' sign has come down....
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