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  1. Thank you, HeHasRisen, just what I wanted.
  2. What are the Sheffield buses doing on 2 and 3 June, both Bank Holidays? I have looked on Travel South Yorkshire website, but couldn't find the answer.
  3. Pre-pandemic there were various opticians who would accept used spectacles, to be sent to third world countries for re-use. Does this still happen, and where in Sheffield could I take these?
  4. I hear of goods being donated and taken by lorry to Poland etc for Ukrainian refugees. Is there a local collection point in Sheffield for clothing and useful things?
  5. Do you know of any Sheffield opticians who will accept old spectacles for dispatch to, and re-use in, third world countries?
  6. It's interesting to see a lot of variations on the theme. Npower has told me nothing. No new supplier has told me anything either. I do remember in 2018, when I needed to transfer the account into my name, the response came up from npower, oh we don't supply you with electricity. I asked who did, and why no one had told me of the change. The firm was called something like Summer Breeze. I asked to be transferred back to npower, which was done. Since then I've been with npower - till now I suppose.
  7. As far as I my concerned, my gas supplier is British Gas and my electricity supplier is npower. Last week I got three pages of letter from British Gas to tell me that they "need a meter reading so we can set up your account accurately before we start supplying your electricity on 13th October 2021." Having looked up npower, I find they are now part of E.ON. So what is happening?
  8. Thank you for info and suggestions. The phone may well be locked into EE. I was only hoping I would be able to use this phone with Pay as you go because of the camera. I suppose a camera on the Klah is better than no camera at all! As for tariffs, I'll have to get the up to date details. I think I shall have to get into the city centre and ask the right questions.
  9. When my husband died, I cancelled his direct debit contract with EE for his old-fashioned non-smart phone. I think I'd like to use it now, because it has a built in camera and my mobile has not. What do I need to do if I want Pay as you Go?
  10. There is some considerable scaffolding gone up on the front of the hospital. Does anyone know why?
  11. I have got the camera back hurrah. The sad thing is that I have no idea how I did it. I tried to follow the various commands, but it is often quite hard understanding what is meant because of the computer language. One thing I did was to let it run a very long time to get back to whatever it was trying to get back to. Thank you for your various suggestions.
  12. I tried to do what you suggested. Now it's trying to "repair" itself! I opted for "uninstall latest quality update", because I think it was the updating that lost me the recognition of the camera. It's Microsoft Windows 10, by the way. I am on a different laptop at the moment.
  13. Thank you Zach. Device manager gives the impression that it's on. It's a Lenovo. Z70. What is OS?
  14. Why might my lap top think I no longer had a camera available? This happened after it had gone through one of its periodic updates. What can I do.? Zoom isn't the same without it!
  15. I don't think anyone has mentioned Sheffield Freegle. People advertise OFFERS and WANTED. Everything changes hands for free. It would seem there are people out there very much in need of furniture to furnish empty flats they have recently moved into and would be glad of pieces of furniture you want to get rid of. If you are offering stuff, you need to describe it honestly so that people know what condition it's in. I have had many opportunities in recent months to down size by following up WANTED adverts, to match what I'm trying to get rid of. Worth your attention I think.
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