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  1. There is some considerable scaffolding gone up on the front of the hospital. Does anyone know why?
  2. I have got the camera back hurrah. The sad thing is that I have no idea how I did it. I tried to follow the various commands, but it is often quite hard understanding what is meant because of the computer language. One thing I did was to let it run a very long time to get back to whatever it was trying to get back to. Thank you for your various suggestions.
  3. I tried to do what you suggested. Now it's trying to "repair" itself! I opted for "uninstall latest quality update", because I think it was the updating that lost me the recognition of the camera. It's Microsoft Windows 10, by the way. I am on a different laptop at the moment.
  4. Thank you Zach. Device manager gives the impression that it's on. It's a Lenovo. Z70. What is OS?
  5. Why might my lap top think I no longer had a camera available? This happened after it had gone through one of its periodic updates. What can I do.? Zoom isn't the same without it!
  6. I don't think anyone has mentioned Sheffield Freegle. People advertise OFFERS and WANTED. Everything changes hands for free. It would seem there are people out there very much in need of furniture to furnish empty flats they have recently moved into and would be glad of pieces of furniture you want to get rid of. If you are offering stuff, you need to describe it honestly so that people know what condition it's in. I have had many opportunities in recent months to down size by following up WANTED adverts, to match what I'm trying to get rid of. Worth your attention I think.
  7. What sort of timetable are the buses running, starting on Thursday?
  8. I have received an email from jenservice@hotmail.co.uk encouraging me to pay via their website by 8 September for a TV licence. I would say, without a doubt, that it's a scam, There are a few around, but what I am wondering is what has happened to the official request for licence fee, which we were told would be sent out by post in August? No sign, as yet.
  9. I have been using You tube for years. Then, all of a sudden, it's changed. I don't see anywhere a box to enter my choice of music. If I follow up a link from a friend, all I get is a blurred picture of the particular music, and pressing the arrow gets me nowhere. It would appear that you have to "Sign In", something which I never had to do before. What is happening?
  10. Thank you DeZeus. I looked on PCWorld webite concerning WEEEE and it would appear that, yes, they will take away your old whateveritis, but only if you are buying a NEW one from them. Well, let's be thankful that at least they will do that, but I am not buying a new one from them, so I shall pursue other avenues you have suggested. Thanks for replying.
  11. I was given this printer. It has been useful, but now makes the right noises but the printed page is feint in the extreme, hardly showing that it is a printed page at all. I suppose new inks are required. I do not intend to buy them, because I have another printer I am using now. How do I dispose of this printer as it is? Would anyone want it? Where do all these old pieces of equipment go? This must be a question that arises all the time. Do I put it in the black bin?
  12. The channel for BBC World News used to be 107. Can anyone tell me what it is now please?
  13. I received via my land line an odd message telling me that during the next 24 hours my BT internet connection would be cut off because of suspected hacking. I was invited to press 1 for something and 2 for something else. I didn't. Has anyone had something similar? I dialled 1471 and the number who had called began 00625....
  14. Where does the 51 bus (that used to stop at the cathedral) now stop? And why? I liked having the 51 and the 52 stopping at the same stop.
  15. I'm looking for a pub, a hotel or a hostelry with a private hire room which can seat 40 people and serve lunch. It needs to have easy access from the car park to the building, spacious toilet facilities, and if possible a view over hills and countryside. Not more than 7 miles from the Hallamshire Hospital. Any ideas, please?
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