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  1. Thank you DeZeus. I looked on PCWorld webite concerning WEEEE and it would appear that, yes, they will take away your old whateveritis, but only if you are buying a NEW one from them. Well, let's be thankful that at least they will do that, but I am not buying a new one from them, so I shall pursue other avenues you have suggested. Thanks for replying.
  2. I was given this printer. It has been useful, but now makes the right noises but the printed page is feint in the extreme, hardly showing that it is a printed page at all. I suppose new inks are required. I do not intend to buy them, because I have another printer I am using now. How do I dispose of this printer as it is? Would anyone want it? Where do all these old pieces of equipment go? This must be a question that arises all the time. Do I put it in the black bin?
  3. The channel for BBC World News used to be 107. Can anyone tell me what it is now please?
  4. I received via my land line an odd message telling me that during the next 24 hours my BT internet connection would be cut off because of suspected hacking. I was invited to press 1 for something and 2 for something else. I didn't. Has anyone had something similar? I dialled 1471 and the number who had called began 00625....
  5. Where does the 51 bus (that used to stop at the cathedral) now stop? And why? I liked having the 51 and the 52 stopping at the same stop.
  6. I'm looking for a pub, a hotel or a hostelry with a private hire room which can seat 40 people and serve lunch. It needs to have easy access from the car park to the building, spacious toilet facilities, and if possible a view over hills and countryside. Not more than 7 miles from the Hallamshire Hospital. Any ideas, please?
  7. I think this topic has arisen before. I have a hospital appointment at 8.30 a.m. on a weekday. I shall have to travel by bus to get there. Can I use my OAP bus pass if I show my appointment letter to the driver?
  8. I would like advice as to how and where to advertise for sale a Trimfast Ream Cutter and a sewing frame no longer needed.
  9. Copies are coming off the printer with undesirable little black marks, repeated down the page at approx. four inch intervals. This would suggest something on a roller. What can be done?
  10. A friend has just told me not to try to go up to Lodge Moor on Monday because there are no buses? Is this so?
  11. Does anyone have any tips for getting a wheelchair and occupant safely down a steepish slope from house to pavement?
  12. I passed the site on Thursday 23 August and the worker at the entrance was having a hard task answering the questions of passers-by, because all he knew was that his firm had a contract to clear the site, and he knew nothing more. That site has been an amazing example of how rapidly nature can take over completely.
  13. I need a joiner/carpenter to alter the back door to make it open further. I suspect this will mean taking the door off to alter the hinges, or removing something from the bottom of the door, rehanging it, etc. I need it done to be sure a wheelchair will go through. At the moment it's going to be not quite possible... there is a certain urgency to all this. Any reliable tradesperson you can recommend please?
  14. YES, it does, I am now back with a language I understand. Thanks for that help. "Simple when you know how", as they say!
  15. Thanks, northernboy, I've just been there, but the choice of what to do is in the language I am now stuck in. I therefore need to know the language to discover which bit says "change language"!! There must be a simple solution... Aha, what if I consult iplayer website on another laptop which IS using English? I have just tried this, and noted where the "change language" instruction is out of the various possibilities. I shall now see whether that works and report back...
  16. For the last week or so, the instructions on the main page of the bbc iplayer website have presented themselves in a language unknown to me. I think it might be Gaelic. I would really prefer English! I have no idea how this happened. How do I get English back? The language is used for days of the week, names of channels, etc.
  17. Return of the acclaimed SHEFFIELD SINFONIETTA at St Mark's Church, Broomhill, S10 2SE, on Friday 13 July 2018 at 8 p.m. BACH Harpsichord Concerto in D minor VIVALDI 'Summer' and 'Winter' concertos from The Four Seasons VIVALDI Concerto for four violins in B minor No tickets, but retiring collection for Phaseworldwide charity no. 1112734, see http://www.phaseworldwide.org
  18. I would have hoped that the staff of any restaurant, pub or public place would do a thorough check, before they lock up and leave, of all the places where the public get to, particularly the toilets. Someone might be hiding deliberately, but worse, they could be taken ill and need assistance.
  19. Yes, it's fine for me now, don't know what was wrong before. They're not at their prettiest at the moment, but it won't be long before they look like real peregrine falcons! F
  20. I cannot get the "Nest" picture to show this morning - and that's the exciting option. Something wrong?
  21. What is the latest on tetrapak recycling in Sheffield? The most recent info on the Forum is 2013, as far as I can tell.
  22. After an enormous clearing of the garden, I want to light a bonfire. What are the current council "rules" on this?
  23. What is so good this year, and I don't think it was evident last year, are the little clips down the right hand side, below the two main live screens, showing "edited highlights". These are the events you are most likely to have missed, (e.g. an egg being laid, change over time and the latest meal arriving), because you are not able to watch 24/7. A big thank you to those who are making this possible. It enhances the experience completely.
  24. There is no St Patrick's day tent at the Town Hall end of Fargate this year. Why not?
  25. I'd like to take out to lunch a group of older people, mostly in their 80s and 90s. We need a user-friendly restaurant with easy access, waitress service, plenty of space, a senior menu, somewhere we could book in advance (I'm thinking of late June, early July) and be sure of a room to ourselves. We might be up to 40 people. A good view would be nice! I am thinking most likely of the south or west of Sheffield, not more than 8-10 miles from the city centre. Any suggestions and experience, please?
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