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  1. No problem mate. thanks for posting. Yeah we hang out alot, hes been doing Judo fridays for about a year, but hes got a big bored of it, (as kids do) i like to get him active when i can , as at home hes a xbox kid, (like his dad ) Hes shown a interest in climbing but i just cant get in at the times available.
  2. Thanks for posting mate but i have to stick with fridays, it my only free night to take him
  3. Looking for activities to burn some energy for my 8 year old son, Friday evenings about 6 pm for an hr or 2 Tried all the climbing walls but classes are too early 4:30 or 5:00 or full up. Hes got a bit bored of Judo Hes playing football Wednesdays and Saturdays, and id like something different Fridays. Live in Crookes area, but can travel within 30 mins. Thanks
  4. Anyone know what days any pub quizes are in chapeltown or high green?
  5. Whats the deal with High Green Telephone exchange? Ive been monitoring it closely as im desperate for a faster broadband speed. I get about 13MB now with 1MB upload , but want 50+MB speeds Checking the openreach website all was going ahead and it reached the connecting stage, but its now all gone back to 'exploring Solutions' but showing as 'Fibre Enabled' Anyone know what happened or if its going to happen again? So frustrating, im sat waiting to pay someone but no one can offer it me, I've been waiting about 5 years! Post code S35 3XU btw ---------- Post added 05-04-2018 at 14:27 ---------- downloaded something off the open reach website says the High Green exchange is FTTC & FOD Ecclefield showing as FTTC/P & FOD Seems FTTC is fibre to the cabinet and FTTP is fibre to the home. 'Broadband users within about 300 m of the street cabinet can expect to achieve about the maximum possible downlink connection speed (currently 80 Mbps).Speeds fall to about 60 Mbps when 500 m away from the street cabinet and, at 1 km, about 28 Mbps connection speed can be achieved' Im probably less than 500 km, so why cant i get faster than 14MB
  6. Kind of need to put what kind of tribute act? Metallica to Tom Jones, could be anything
  7. As title really, few threads in here but all very old?
  8. I dont dispute the work involved, perhaps i need a rethink on what i use, as i say its just for under a trampoline. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply but Jesus! i want expecting that much. Its literally just for a trampoline to go on!
  10. Anyone have an idea how much a 10ft x 14 ft patch of artifial grass would cost to have installed? Only needs to be budget quality but not rough as for kids to play on. Is it easy to install yourself?
  11. Hi wassa Sorted for main vocals but need backing vocals Do you play guitar? We will do some acoustic but not the whole set
  12. Hi Was busy last night, i can call later today if thats ok, at work so cant talk now, but can message on here. Whats your thoughts? We are brand new, formed on Sheff Forum, met up once and are currently gathering songs to sort a setlist. Were all early 40's aged and live in Chapeltown & Hillsborough area. Examples of songs are: Do I Wanna Know - Monkeys Club Foot - Kasabian The Day We Caught The Train - Ocean Colour Scene Waterfall - Stone Roses Sit Down - James Oasis - DLBIA Oasis - Supersonic Blur - Song 2 Shoot The Runner - Kasabian Chasing Rainbows - Shed 7 Sea Horses -Love Is The Law Stone Roses - Made Of Stone Riverboat Song - Ocean Colour Scene The La's - There She Goes Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve Charlatans- one to another Charlatans-north country boy Bet that you look good on the dancefloor - Monkeys Sterophonics - Dakota All that kind of stuff, old school 90's indie mixed with new indie inspired songs. The ultimate aim is to get good enough to be a function band, weddings, festivals, parties etc. but also just want to enjoy it and play songs we love, and see how far we can get.
  13. Interested in this at all? although it is a new set up http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1480583
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