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Lost My Internet Connection !

jim lyon

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   I'm still running on a steep learning curve on computers-internet. The basic system I've got is a Dell that I bought as a complete kit around 2004 with a Windows 7 tower, which 
now has a basic upgrade of a Windows 10 tower I bought off my oldest son as he was wanting to upgrade to a more games oriented set up. I've been using it for sometime now & it's been 
basically OK until a while back when I was using a multi/(4) port USB digital connector by "UGREEN" which appeared to burn itself out. However, unplugging it from the rest of the
circuit & carrying on using it without the multi USB port, the system seemed to be working OK. 
 Since then, the present problem is that I've lost my internet connection. This wasn't part way through me using it. But rather a question of it being OK one day, & the next day that I
 switched on & booted up, couldn't get an internet connection, & unable to, ever since. 
 My initial suspicion fell on my router cable where there are two overlapping plastic "spade" style clips where compresssing the outer black one, in order to push the male plug into the 
female socket in the hole in the rear of the tower also compresses the two red coloured ( the outer are black in colour) inner plastic "spade" connectors thus locking the overall 
spade connectors in place, normally!-However, with the end of the cable router, with one red spade connector broken off, this allows the whole male plug to back off just over 1 m.m. 
backwards. - I've also been over all the other cable connectots & can't find any loose ones.
 However, I arranged a visit from my oldest son who brought over a few of his bits that were compatible & exchanged them over, so as to see if that made any difference to how well the 
computer worked. We swopped over the Windows 7 tower ( & both monitor to tower cables), the "router" cable, Keyboard & mouse, & none of them seemed to make any difference!
 Though I don't know any details, there is some talk on my street ( Wheatfield Crescent, S5) of poor connections & the fact that "Out Reach" who have a government mandate for some years
for BT have a poor reputation, but I know of no specific problems that would also directly affect me.
  For a while I've been using my memory stick to transfer messages to & from beteeen my home computer & the public library. In the last week or so, when "booting up" the Windows 10 @ 
home I notice that the tower has got mechanically noisy, but when it has booted up, then that stops!( At which stage I fit my memory stick. - so whether it sorts itself out, by itself, 
or under the influence of the memory stick, i'm not sure? )
 Unless somebody else on this forum has any better ideas, I've run out.
 That's pretty much as far as I can work out things @ my level, & should it be a problem with either of the towers, it's beyond me. With regards to taking it to a computer shop & getting
 bits checked out, I did once take it to a nearby one just off to one side of the Firth Park Library ( going down Sicey Avenue to the Firth Park roundabout-library, on the same side as 
the library, but off to the right hand side of the library by a few shops. He seemed entirely reasonable, but seems to have now moved on, either to retirement, or elsewhere, I don't 

 The bus routes I mainly use are #s 75/76/88  & @ the traffic lights & cross roads @ main entrance to the Northern General Hospital, diagonally opposite is another computer shop  - 
"Fir Vale Tech"

Returning from city centre & passing under the "Wicker Arches", going up Spital Hill & passing the main Tesco supermarket, on the right, on the T junction on the left is a small blue 
shop on the corner, called "Suda Tech". ( I'm unsure of his opening hours, but certainly after returning late after an afternoon;s shopping it usually seems closed!
I also note a computer shop diagonally opposite the cross roads-traffic lights @ the main entrance of the Northern General Hospital - called "Fir Vale Tech"
 Ideally, i'm looking for a reliable shop that gives value for money!
Can anybody recommend 
either of those, or indeed anywhere else? - Presumably to get either - or even both towers checked out?And if I had to make 
a choice between which tower to get checked out, which should I go for first, the Windows 7 or Windows 10 ( the noisy one )? - And in an ideal world, I'd be looking for a shop that gives
value for money!

 Jim Lyon

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