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  1. While I live in Shiregreen like most others I shop in the city centre & am disappointed in that it seems two Chinese supermarkets have closed down. - The one in Matilda Street has looked abandoned for some time & the other more recent one in West Street has now gone the same way! So does anybody know of an alternative reasonably convenient ( cost isn't a problem with a bus pass ! ) alternative source where i can get some trays of Tofu? - T.I.A. ! Cheers, Jim
  2. This is more than just an interesting thread if you take it seriously it's actually VERY scary! A while back i chanced across an off the cuff comment by Naom Chomsky who said it was neither "neo" or "liberal" which seems a clear indication of the old political ploy of engaging in verbal camouflage so that nobody picks up on the truth until it's too late! By which I mean they seek a fait accompli - Whilst on a different level if you look below the surface of right wing middle class/ Tory politicians very often they seek to appear as if they are rational & thus we should agree with their point of view as they are "logical". But as far as I'm concerned you can build THE most impressive shining "ivory towers" of logic & NONE of it means a damn thing until it's reality tested ! If you are aware of MULTI ORDINALITY, the fact that words have multiple definitions ( which is why we have dictionaries ) & look up "rational" then I suggest that one of the definitions is the most appropriate for such politicians i.e. rationalisation in the sense of an intellectual lie! Which I suggest far too many politicians are far too practiced @ ! As we still seem @ a stage here where we have some difficulty in identifying & defining the problem ( which I see as a deliberate ploy by these unscrupulous politicians - corporations-bankers who seem to have an incestuously close relationship ! ) i came across a book a while back & finally got round to reading - "AUSTERITY The DEMOLITION of the WELFARE STATE and the RISE of the ZOMBIE ECONOMY" by KERRY-ANNE MENDOZA ISBN 978-1-78026-246-8 Published by New Internationalist/newint.org Paperback 9'99 GBP ( First published in 2015 & she was talking of writing a follow up so that might be out by now? ) So to draw away the blind fold covering our eyes according to Kerry - Anne ( who does a blog called "Scriptonite Daily" ) what is called "Neo Liberalism" is actually CORPORATE FASCISM where their ultimate intention is to PRIVATISE THE ENTIRE PLANET ! Given the recent problems in America where the Barons of Silicon Valley have applied blanket censorship on those on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/etc whose opinions they don't like (inc. Trump ) given that level of obsession with power it seems to me we have a few too many psychopaths on the loose! While this may initially seem to be straying from the point it's not ( as rather than sticking to symptoms/effects as most do I understand perfectly well little will be solved until we correct the Original /Primary cause - for if we succeed in that then the effects will "wither on the vine" So here's the classic example from the 20th century where the "great" dictators Adolf Hitler/Joseph Stalin/Mao Zedong & Pol Pot caused World Wars/Holocaust & deliberate famine etc. Apart from being mass murderers the one other thing they all shared - & this is NO random coincidence in that they were all abused children *( & THE reason why the state of THE HUMAN CONDITION continues to be so toxic is that while kids are born "hard wired" to be sociable & democratic is that 90% fail to get the democratic style of parenting they both need & deserve so usually become adult -children full of repressed anger. Having failed to overcome their problems they parent their kids just as they were & thus each generation screws up the next one & so it has been for countless millennia ! ) * who in order to protect themselves from their abusive relatives shut down emotionally & sought power to protect themselves i.e. they became psychopaths (read THE child psychologist ALICE MILLER ) . So THE big lesson we have failed to learn from the last century is NEVER EVER give power to a psychopath ! ! ! ! - Though sadly it seems in the West in this century we have failed to learn that lesson as i can think of @ least two psychopaths voted into power ! - Which isn't that surprising as we are all quite deliberately "dumbed down" by the corrupt political system rigging the conventional education system to keep us stupid! - After all the last thing corrupt & incompetent politicians want is a population intelligent enough to be no longer abused by their mind games! BTW i have a taste for good quality sci fi where they take a present social problem , run it forward into a dystopic future, exaggerate it to make it more obvious & let us work it out for ourselves. now if we look @ the sci fi film trilogy "Matrix, in particular the sub plot of Pt.1 ( you can safely ignore Pts @ & 3 as they are only average! ) where the robots enslave mankind &the main weapon they use is holographic projectors to create the illusion of normality ( & our illusion of normality is having a species where 90% are dysfunctional because of toxic parenting & assuming we are healthy! ) While our present holographic technology isn't up to the level of the film, the old ways still work - 'dumb down" the education system & the press & media mainly re-issue the lies & propaganda of whatever corrupt government we are saddled with! Whatever way you look @ it, it still comes down to
  3. Not to worry & I appreciate the clarification - When I first came here I'd ask older people the way round & though they'd spent all their lives here they didn't seem to know even the basics! Being the 4 th largest city in England I guess that goes with the territory?
  4. Hi"katekate", Thanks for the input but you didn't give me the full address & I don't know my way around S14. So I did a Google & they came up with - Summerfield & Associates, J. M. 2 Newfield Green, Gleadless, Sheffield, S2 2BR Tel. 0114 239 8198 Obviously the name & phone number match, but the addresses don't, particularly with regards to post code. From what you say I want to get THE man so can you give me his FULL address & all I have to do then is go there & book an appointment? Cheers, Jim
  5. Hi, I live in Shiregreen & am looking for a GOOD dentist & willing to travel a bit for a GOOD one. If you can help me their name & full address would help. :) Cheers, Jim
  6. Hi, I seem to remember that somewhere off Cromwell tools ( which is on Effingham Road ) tucked out of sight of the more obvious roads beyond Cromwell Tools is a workshop that sells various metal off cuts ( & I'm after both 1 mm & 3.2 mm steel sheet ). Would somE one be good enough totell me if they are still in business & if so give me some detailed directions on how to get there to save me a lot of hassle? - TIA ! :) Cheers, Jim
  7. Hi, After the 2008 World Bank crisis like a lot of other people the blinds finally fell off & I now recognise that most of the banking industry are just a bunch of "robber barons" Over the last few years I've got more & more ticked off with the attitude of the banks I've used. Putting up with their arrogance etc is bad enough but when you raise a dispute over an internet transaction & Visa try to scam you that's definitely stepping over the line. So, the banks building societies I'm ticked off with are - Lloyds ( who own Royal Bank of Scotland, Halifax & MBNA etc ), Nationwide Building Society & Yorkshire Building Society. If I were to ask for a recommendation for a good bank or building society ( preferably in the city centre ) I suspect I'd be setting my aim too high so I'm prepared to settle for reasonable or least worst! - TIA
  8. With regards to the 2 follow on comments from mine. Clearly they don't want to be supplied with FACTS that contadict their irrational opinions. What they, & other uninformed & opinionated people entirely fail to understand is that, despite the urban myth, ostriches do NOT bury their heads in the sand, as they understand perfectly well that to do so would be to engage in NON SURVIVAL BEHAVIOUR Some people have yet to evolve to that level. And while their loss would be no great one, sadly they're likely to help destroy civilisation simply through their crass stupidity & ignorance - which beggars belief ! ! !
  9. Got my blocked drain sorted out yesterday. I'd PM'd Dave /" Rocky 1" on Wednesday evening, saying what my most convenient times were so he was over early on the afternoon of the next day. No great fuss or drama as some suggested that the drain pipe had collapsed. It was simply a build up of grease. Dave /"Rocky1" was not only prompt, but clearly knows what he's talking about, & is fast, efficient & gets on with the job. While he works for a fixed rate, he volunteered ( I didn't even have to ask him ! ) to sort out another drain that was beginning to get silted up for no extra cost! So, in my book he's a top man & I'd not only be very happy to use him again, but highly recommend him to others. Jim
  10. WAKEY WAKEY ! It's long past time to stop talking about trivia & get a sense of proportion! The question is NOT about whether a few people might die this winter because of energy costs. THE question is WILL THE HUMAN SPECIES STILL EXIST AFTER THE END OF THIS CENTURY ?! The chances are that a few mating pairs may survive, but @ this rate of VERY slow progress, it's VERY likely that we're looking @ the end of our civilisation ! ! ! So, go & read "THE REVENGE OF GAIA " by JAMES LOVELOCK & "OUR FINAL CENTURY" by MARTIN REES Lovelock is THE acknowledged expert on this topic & Martin Rees, being The astronomer Royal & President of the Royal society is no slouch either!
  11. There's a LOT of opinion, or quoting extremists in denial*, etc i.e. stuff I would ignore as being a complete waste of time! If you REALLY want to understand, then go & read the acknowledged expert on this topic, James Lovelock. He's done a number of books, the latest one I've come across is "The Revenge Of Gaia" -in which he explains, amongst other things that we've now wasted our time. the ONLY chance for the survival of CIVILISATION is the temporary use of nuclear energy for power ( yes it has disadvantages if not treated with respect, but it will NOT destroy civilisation as GIAI/climate change will - & what we've got so far is just a forestaste, in a hundred years it'll some of our kids & definitely grandkids who'll suffer ! ) until we can crack nuclear fusion! * - Extreme denial - Despite the urban myth, an ostrich does NOT bury it's head in the sand, as even it ( but many humans don't ) as even they understand that would be NON SURVIVAL BEHAVIOUR !
  12. I REALLY hate this pathological attitude of blame the victim!
  13. Hi! I'm looking for some information on a problem I've got with the drainage system for my house ( 2 bedroom semi detached ex council house built around 1935 in Shiregreen ). The problem is with the outside drain from the kitchen sink ( i.e. the sink itself is not blocked ). Outside the house there are two "drain boxes" in the drive way, one placed near the front corner of the house, the other @ the rear corner. I've had the lids off them, & poured a bucket of water down the front one, & it flows freely to the rear "drain box", so it appears that main run of the drainage system is free. I have been told that the one from the blocked sink runs to the main branch where it joins the main run by means of a Y shaped junction. So, this short run of pipe is buried under the drive, & can be accessed from one end only i.e. just outside the kitchen window, where there's a short vertical clay pipe of about 4.5" diameter which accepts the plastic pipe from the kitchen sink. I've been told that after a 90 degree turn from vertical to horizontal, these pipes open up to a U bend before running to the main branch pipe. While I've got some drainage clearing rods, I've got nothing that's nearly flexible enough to navigate a 90 degree bend then a U bend before it continue for approx 6 feet or so until it reaches the main branch pipe, & as yet, i don't know how far down this run the blockage is. So, being keen to avoid the cost of having to resort to Dynarod, does anybody know of a suitable, relatively cheap alternative solution that I can use to clear this blockage, & if there is one, where can I purchase it? Cheers, Jim
  14. Hi! Read below for context on proposed new "Free" trade agreement that will allow for privatisation of the NHS by the back door. The e-petition is near the bottom, but I've also placed it here, for youir convenience. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/47102 Cheers, Jim Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 21:15:21 +0000 From: carrie@burngreave.net To: Subject: Fwd: [ssonhs-organize] Continuing the fight against Section 75 - Keep the NHS out of the impending Free Trade Agreement - sign the e-petition --Forwarded Message Attachment-- From: mike.simpkin@mixim.org.uk To: ssonhs-organize@googlegroups.com Subject: [ssonhs-organize] Continuing the fight against Section 75 - Keep the NHS out of the impending Free Trade Agreement - sign the e-petition Date: Sun, 5 May 2013 16:06:59 +0100 Ray from Sheffield Trades Council has passed on the important appeal below from the National Pensioners Convention to sign a petition to keep the NHS out of the scope of a likely new free trade agreement between the EU and the USA. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/47102 . As Ray says, it's good that the NPC has got involved and if you don't want to read my text below, just scroll down to the NPC letter. What's at stake? One of the biggest and most long standing issues in the global economic system is the debate between free trade and protectionism. Proponents of free trade argue that the consequent reduction in tariff barriers increases global economic activity, benefits traders and increases wealth while critics belive that the biggest gainers are the global multinational traders; that wealth gets sucked out of countries, and that locally agreed standards such as labour or environmental regulations get undercut. Such standards include provisions which protect the NHS. However within a free trade agreement some exemptions can be made as part of the negotiations. The EU currently has 45 free trade agreements with other parts of the world and President Obama, under pressure from the US Chamber of Commerce, has made it a priority to negotiate a similar agreement for the USA. The EU, with its currently stultified eurozone, is keen to respond and negotations are expected to begin in June leading to an agreement being in place for 2016. The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would create the world’s biggest free trade zone. What has this to do with the NHS? Well, one might have said not a lot, until the 2012 Health and Social Care Act which we have already seen lays current publicly owned NHS providers far more open to EU competition regulations and will make them doubly vulnerable to US companies under a free trade agreement. Indeed the case has been made that the infamous Section 75 could have been written to facilitate such an agreement. http://www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs/linda-kaucher/real-force-behind-nhs-act-euus-trade-agreement. Although the forces behind the agreement are powerful ones, there is already opposition on both sides. For instance it's been reported that in the USA, "a significant obstacle in the talks, which are expected to take several months to conclude, is the resistance from consumer advocacy groups, environmental organization, and public health experts, who fear that an agreement would sacrifice important regulatory standards and give multinational corporations political power similar to that of a sovereign nation if governments are no longer able to regulate within their own borders... The Public Citizen's Access to Medicines campaign presented the White House with a letter from 47 nonprofits group objecting to the intellectual property standards of the proposed agreement with Europe." Conversely "Europe's restrictions on genetically modified crops and hormones in meat are just a few examples of how European regulators apply the precautionary principle to regulation rather using a strict cost-benefit analysis as is often done in the U.S". http://bit.ly/13Sr30Z The French have already taken action at national level to try to protect some of their key issues including agriculture and audio-visual culture against US imports which would be favoured under such an agreement. A fortnight ago the International Trade Committee (INTA) of the European Parliament passed a resolution welcoming the negotiations but adopting an amendment asking for the “exclusion of the cultural and audiovisual services, including those provided online” in the negotiation mandate. If culture can potentially be excluded, then why not health? This week we have seen a hospital in Surrey owned by one of the largest private companies in the UK, BMI Healthcare (owner of Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield) brought to book for appalling standards where surgeons 'broke the rules and ignored critics'. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/may/02/mount-alvernia-private-hospital We should be pressing for publicly owned health services to be excluded and signing this petition is a good start. There should also be lobbies of MEPs to bring this matter to their attention. Thanks again to Ray for bringing this to us. Mike S. ----- Original Message ----- From: ray jackson To: mike.simpkin@mixim.org.uk Sent: Friday, May 03, 2013 6:52 PM Subject: Fwd: Keep the NHS out of the Free Trade Agreement - sign the e-petition Mike, I feel this is a great effort by the National Pensioner Convention To bring to a wider body of opinion makers and activists . I believe this revels the serious threat posed to our NHS be the failure to get Section 75 annuled recently in the sham of a debate by the peoples representatives. I HOPE YOU WILL AGREE WITH ME AND CIRCULARISE TO ALL OUR CONTACTS IN SSONHS Ray Jackson for STUC TU afliates are being advised to support -----Original Message----- From: Neil Duncan-Jordan <nduncanjordan@ntlworld.com> To: info <info@npcuk.org> Sent: Fri, May 3, 2013 2:39 pm Subject: Keep the NHS out of the Free Trade Agreement - sign the e-petition Dear EC Member There is currently a free trade agreement between the US and EU, which is being ratified by the European Union. This agreement would open all European markets to the US and vice versa. This includes all the public sector including health and education. This means that the NHS would be statutorily opened up to not just British companies like Virgin Healthcare and Sainsbury, but if ratified without amendment, would mean that American companies would have a right to bid. They would be able to bring legal action against any CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) that prevented them bidding. The NHS would become a pay day for American Private health care companies and their lawyers paid for by British taxpayers. Bear in mind these are the very companies that fought so strongly against Obama's socialised Healthcare bill as it would hurt their profits. Now these companies want to run our health service as well. There is a way out. European members apart from Germany and Britain have exempted their healthcare services from the free trade agreement. Please sign and pass on the petition below to prevent this happening. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/47102 Thank you Neil Duncan-Jordan National Officer NPC -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "SSONHS Organize" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to ssonhs-organize+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To post to this group, send an email to ssonhs-organize@googlegroups.com. For more options, visit https://groups.google.com/groups/opt_out.
  15. Mm, you guys are like a bunch of zombies sleep walking to global disaster !
  16. Hi! I've got a Dell Dimension E520 multi media system & am looking for a new ( internal ) hard drive. It's a desktop so I assume the drive is 3.5". It's configured to SATA 1, & while I know SATA 2 is backwards compatible, what about SATA 3, will that also fit? The reason for asking is although I'm doing SATA2 searches, what mainly comes up is SATA 3. - I've even seen SATA6 - but I suspect this is an error & is referring to 600 Mb/s transfer speeds? I also see reference to WD blue/black or red desktop ( on ebuyer ) & Amazon bang on about green or red caviar. - Is there any useful or relevant info concerning that? Ideally, I'd like a 1 TB, & on the basis of the little I know, what seems most promising to me.@ the moment is either a Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB 3.5" SATA2 a little bit cheaper, but postal delivery is slower & no customer feedback on it or Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB SATA III 6 Gbps 3.5 inch about £3 more, postal delivery is faster, customer reviews seem reasonable on the whole, but I don't know if SATA 3 is compatible? So any recommendations or feedback would be really helpfulful. - TIA ! Cheers, Jim
  17. Au contraire ! I simply explain the ORIGINAL cause(s) As for the rest of you, not only do you need to do a LOT of growing up, but clearly you have VERY little understanding of the world as it really is ! You people need to understand that, despite the urban myth, ostriches do NOT "bury their head in the sand" as they realise it would be NON SURVIVAL BEHAVIOUR. But clearly you people don't ! -So, hopw does it feel to be less evolved than an ostrich?
  18. Hi! Maybe some of you out there are as fascinated by the BBC2 Monday night series "The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler" as I am? And while it seems to get into great depth as to how Hitler manipulated his way into power on the world stage & caused untold misery for countless millions, there are certain areas that will be avoided e.g. I'll be surprised if they go even as far as describing Hitler as a psychopath, which is clearly what he was ( Btw it seems a given that one of the many things that conventional psychology tries to avoid is that child abuse is what creates psychopaths, not genes. They also tend to ignore the fact, still controlled by their past traumas, it's a goal of most psychopaths to obtain positions of power & authority, so they, & not others, get to do the controlling. It thus follows that many psychopaths gravitate towards such positions in business & politics. And while we're told we live in a democracy, the fact is that, not being a true democracy, while psychopaths might seem unthreatening because of their small numbers [ estimated to be 1 in 200 in the UK ], the fact is that our pseudo democracy, being hierarchical in nature means that it only takes relatively few psychopaths to get their hands on the levers of power to take control of a country. - And while I'm not saying we're yet there, today it can be seen that there's an increasing disconnect between populations of Western so called democracies & the governments that are supposed to serve them, but seem to be increasingly driven by their own self interests & increasingly irrational ideologies ! ) However THE one area that all history books on Hitler have all carefully avoided or denied is the abusive nature of his childhood, & how he was regularly beaten by his father. So, when he grew up physically,it's hardly surprising that he went to great lengths To prevent anybody ever having power & control over him again. Given his childhood circumstances, that's entirely understandable, but clearly he lacked not only balance but the necessary self discipline to avoid going completely overboard & obtaining his wants pathologically. It should be noted that the destructiveness of Hitler & others is NOT "innate" or genetic, rather it is reactive, usually being a compulsion created by "unconscious" past trauma. Looking @ these old films of Hitler's speeches, his ranting & raving seems slightly comic to us nowadays, but actually it was a clever impersonation of an authoritarian father figure, which was a tool that helped him to gain power. You see, in the later part of the 19th century, there were quite a number of books published in Germany that amounted to manuals on how to condition children ( in the Pavlovian sense ) to be completely obedient to their authoritarian parents. What this created was a large pool of people who, when they grew up, became little more than "robots" willing to carry out the orders of the "father"/ Fuhrer of theNazi"family" who'd not only protect them from the world's ills, but return Germany to it's "rightful" position of being a world leader, etc. A brief example of the power of this negative conditioning can be had from the fact that Herman Goering ( Hitler's direct deputy ) admitted that, after interviews with Hitler, after he returned home, would sit in a chair, alone in a room, & shake & quiver for several hours , such was the strength of this toxic parental conditioning that was a profoundly strong feature of German culture in that era! - And Hitler knowingly took advantage of this situation. And while many might wish to ignore such problems by demonising Hitler, or saying he was a "one off", I'd point out that all the other great tyrants of the 20th century e.g. Stalin;, Mao Tse Tung / Ze Dung; Pol Pot; Saddam Hussein were ALL abused children. And while their abusive parent's toxic behaviour filled their children with such hatred that they felt compelled to "re-enact childhood traumas - dramas" & use convenient innocent bystanders as "emotional dustbins" on who to vent their "unconscious" ( which they couldn't control, because it was repressed )hatred, being unchecked it leads to such horrors as the Nazi Holocaust, etc. The only book I've come across that explains these psycho dynamics is " For Your Own Good : The Roots Of Violence in Child-rearing" by Alice Miller in which she provides an in depth profile of Hitler & how his toxic childhood consumed him with hatred. And for more of her books, here's a link to them in the Amazon book catalogue http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=sr_adv_b?search-alias=stripbooks&unfiltered=1&__mk_en_GB=%C5M%C5Z%D5%D1&field-keywords=&field-author=Alice+Miller&field-title=&field-isbn=&field-publisher=&node=&field-binding_browse-bin=&field-subject=&emi=&field-dateop=&field-datemod=&field-dateyear=&sort=&Adv-Srch-Books-Submit.x=43&Adv-Srch-Books-Submit.y=10 For those with the wisdom to read Alice Miller's other books ( & if we are ever to obtain a better, more just world, then EVERY parent, teacher, social worker, psychologist, etc should read her work ) they'll start to understand that while Hitler,Stalin & other psychopaths were the product of abusive parenting are the more extreme examples of how "poisonous pedagogy " ( instruction ) has been damaging our species for many mllennia, & unless unchecked, will continue to do so for countless future generations, the sad fact is that not only is abusive parenting a pandemic, while still being considered "normal", but to give perspective,I'll put a number on it - 90% of our species is dysfunctional. To give just a little more detail, 80% of our species is "neurotic". And while that's a word that is too often thrown around rather carelessly, I'll do whatt the neo Freudians are incapable of ( all that Karen Horney in her classic book on the subject "Neurosis & Human Growth" could do was to define it as "a peculiar interpsychic configuration! ! ), & give it a practical defintion - "Neurosis is a sick system of social relationships resulting from disordered growth", which @ least gives some indication of PROCESS. - But in order to understand process, it's necessary to know what the original cause is, something which most of our idiot politicians completely fail to understand when they come out with simplistic comments such as "Tough on crime & tough on the causes of crime". So, with regards to drug abuse, which is a major factor in crime, in dealing only with the symptoms it shows a complete lack of understanding of the mechanism which is that abused children physically grow up to become traumatised & confused adult-children who, unable to deal with their pain, attempt to top up their repression ( unhealthy, as coming out of repression is the mind-body's way of saying that this needs attenttion & should be dealt with ! ) by means of drugs, alcohol, sex, smoking, etc. In the case of the first two, crime is the easiest way of financing a severe habit. On another level, to see a further "snapshot" of where child rearing commonly goes wrong, all you have to do is to hang around any shopping centre late on a Saturday afternoon & watch how harassed parents have scant sympathy for having tired out their young children. Rather than comforting them & giving them a chance to recover from having been exhausted by being dragged around, most parents simply click straight into "control mode" as that's what their own parents did to them ( & there seems to be an all too common lack of understanding in that the ONLY way a young child can communicate their NEEDS is to cry. But ( probably because of their own toxic upbringing, they still buy into the rationalisations [ in the sense of an intellectual lie ! ] of their own abusive parents, these parent(s) asssume that "somehow" the child is starting a "power struggle", & the parent shouldn't give in to them !x!x - Which is a classic example of "looking through the wrong end of a telescope" ! So typically they apply "normal" parenting techniques of smacking ( physical abuse ) scolding ( verbal abuse ) or ignoring ( emotional abuse that teaches a child their needs will NEVER be met ! ). So what we have is a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY where we create the very thing we're trying to avoid ! Considering that is a point on which much Greek mythology turns on ( e.g. Oedipus ) & the gross consequences of us continuing the same mistakes as previous generations, amount to a Greek tragedy of such epic proportions as to be Germanic! ( e.g. Gotterdamerung! - for how can we focus on preserving civilisation & our species from climate change while we're so confused & distracted by our own internal problems that we're willing to put up with politicians in cahoots with the banksters stealing from the poor [ i.e. the major bank frauds of 2008 have now progressed to so called "austerity measures", which is just another disguised form of theft on a grand scale! ] rather than implementing measures, new technology, etc. to combat climate change? ) But OPPRESSION ( for that's what these unaware parents are engaging in ) BREEDS RESISTANCE. - And they wonder why, they have such a hard time in the "terrible twos"? ( as a thought for more aware parents, as children haven't lived for so long as us, & therefore most will be less contaminated by our dysfunctional society than we are, it follows that, rather than ignoring their NEEDS [ & causing power struggles, etc.] perhaps we should follow their lead & simply meet their NEEDS as they arise? ) well, that's simply because they caused it! Generally after a year of being over controlled, most children are suppressed, & all remains quiet until these abused children have become a little older & stronger in their teens. By which time not only are most kids completely alienated from their parents, but they have also been contaminated such a degree by our dysfunctional society's negative conditioning that when they become parents, they too will contaminate their own children who will pass this perversion of human nature on down through the ages s, which is the true nature of so called "evil"! For FAR more years than I care to remember, I've heard countless Home Secretaries banging on about how they'll prevent crime by creating a stronger police force when, because their understanding of causality is so limited that they're only dealing with symptoms, & thus "barking up the wrong tree". But @ the 'same' time they still allow/condone parents to physically punish children ( i.e. ABUSE them ). Not only is this a primary cause of the huge trail of consequences we're trying to avoid ( up to & including war, genocide & famine, etc. ) but while they continue allowing that to carry on, in allowing the lines between "acceptable" parenting & abuse to be blurred, the practical effect is that they are condoning the abuse of children!). And for as long as we so called 'adults' in this country remain in denial, then we will continue to generate such statistics as 987 children dying of child abuse in ONE YEAR (2003)in this country! And to put that into perspective, during the 'same' period in Sweden, only one child died from abuse!! - Clearly, in this country, we still have a VERY long way to go!! At the core of this problem is a lack of basic awareness & education, for not only do our own parents not understand this mechanism, but the power elite who control society have no interest in changing the status quo which serves their own selfish interests. For them, it's FAR better that we continue to have a conventional education system that merely produces more "cogs for the capitalist machine" thus allowing them to grow fat from our sweat. As none of society's institutions have any interest in REALLY improving this age old impasse, we have to do it ourselves! And while the size of the problem seems insurmountable, even for the majority of us who are merely "neurotic", the fact remains that most of us behave the way we do, simply because we don't know any better. But we've now reached a point where the necessasry "tools" are now available in the public domain. - Reading Alice Miller's books was a life changing experience for me - now it can be for you, your family & our future generations! Cheers, Jim
  19. Thanks for that - Though on the downside, compared to the SATA1s that I last bought, for what seems to be basically the same thing, the price has doubled !
  20. Hi! I've got a Dell E520 Dimension which seems to be showing signs that the internal hard drive is beginning to pack up. It's my understanding that the standard for these is SATA 1. When I last had this problem IIRC you could pick up a 1Tb hard drive for about £30-40. But now, having looked round the obvious places like Ebuyer, Maplins, Amazon, all I'm seeing is hard drives for SATA 2 or 3, & not only that, but for much less capacity & much higher prices ! So, does anybody know where I can pick up a higher capacity SATA 1 hard drive @ a reasonable price? - TIA ! Cheers, Jim
  21. You're NEVER going to learn from mainstream TV as they're just part of the establishment & are sucking up to the corporations ! If you REALLY want to know, try looking around the internet or RT freeview channel 85, particularly "The Alyona Show" - 3-4 AM or the "Keiser Report " ! or try looking @ RT.com or on facebook. Or less recently - anything by John Pilger , Naom Chomsky etc. As for ORIGINAL causes as to why our soceity's are so dysfunctional & our governments corrupt, then read Alice Miller @ http://www.alice-miller.com or look her up on the Amazon book catalogue ( NB I don't mean Alice DUER Miller, as the Amazon search engine doesn't discriminate bwetween them )
  22. Hi! I'm on the market for a camcorder, preferably for no more than £100. From what I've seen so far, I can get some, but not all the features that I want i.e. 1)Shape - like a cylinder laid horizontally over a rectangular base, usually with a strap on the top. 2) High Def ( preferably 1080p) 3) Memory card, preferably SDHC If you know of one that has all these features,& is "value for money" & reliable, would you please supply the details & those of a source where I can obtain one? Failing that, while I have seen ones with the top two features, but not the third, is it possible to fit a SDHC memory card in a SD camcorder? If the two systems are incompatible, can you give me some idea of what film duration can be obtained from a 2GB memory card? - TIA ! Cheers, Jim
  23. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the input - MUCH appreciated. : ) As for missing out on cheap deals, that's all part of the joy of having to fall back on the public library with their new system that almost as bad as the old one -sigh ! Have a Happy NEw Year ! : ) Cheers, Jim
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