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The Travellers Ecclesfied now a Sizzling?


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Saw the signs up that The Travellers in Ecclesfield was getting renovated and becoming a chain restaurant?


Saw that it was going to be Sizzling or a Sizzlers? The Travellers changes that much I can't keep up :hihi:


If anyone goes in (it's reopened now) I'd love to know what it's like and if it's worth the meal out! :)

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Trying it tonight, hope it's not crap.


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Went here last night: you could tell they couldn't keep up with the demand of how many people were there because it was super busy on for a Wednesday night.


They told us it would be an hour but it took an hour and half to come out! The food was good and it's super cheap.


I'll be going back but I'll give it a few weeks. They have a tiny kitchen and they need to change that if they want to be popular. They had a lot of complaints!

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I don't know where you normally dine but I have been in a few sizzler pubs, notably the Norton, and they are brilliant



Had a meal at Hassop Hall this weekend. Nothing sizzled though. It was "good" - not "brilliant" like the Norton. I bet I could have saved myself about £100 if I'd gone to the Norton instead. I will definitely bear that in mind for the future. And think about it next time I'm at Hassop Hall or Fischer's of Baslow, or Milano's.

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