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  1. Anyone been to the new food shops that have opened on here? They're a strange mix; chippy, fancy juice place and apparently a new hot dog and milkshake place?
  2. Hmm not really sure how rescuing ex-cage hens encourages them? I'm not fussed on breed to be fair, I do like silkies though.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know where you can get chickens from in Sheffield and the surrounding areas? We wanted to rescue them but local rescues only do pickups every so often. I didn't know whether graves park or Hesley city farm sold theirs. Are there any farms or anything where they sell them?
  4. I've been really pleased with savings from replacing GU10s around the house, so I was thinking about switching out the security light we have for a LED model. I'd want something similar to this daylight LED, but they say you need a professional to install it. Would it just be exactly the same connections as a halogen, or does is need adapters, etc?
  5. What is the general feeling about warranties from the bigger installers - are they worth going for? I've seen everything from a 5 year to a 10 year warranty and you can probably find even longer ones. There seems to be lots of independent installers in this thread, are you able to compete on the warranties or just price/service?
  6. Im a third year student and live on Hunters Hill road. The area is full of third and 2nd year students (some of them are a little snobby, but aside from that its great). If its maturity your looking for id recommend it.
  7. Walked past the Old Town Hall Courthouse and it got me thinking. I decided to to a little research and found some photos and video's online. The place is a complete mess but there's definitely potential there if someone was willing to refurbish the the place. I think it would make a brilliant hotel with all the beautiful art that remains. It would be a huge project but I think it would be worth it! What do you guys think?
  8. Newcastle for sure, id even say Manchester in some area's.
  9. Stick to what you know, start a company in a industry you have worked in if this is a feasible option.
  10. Was a very pleasant place anyway. Always arguing and fighting going on outside the pub at night. Seemed to attract a lot of trouble.
  11. I went in on a Friday night, 11.30pmish and it was dead!! That was with 50% off all drinks. £4 for two cocktails which weren't bad either. If it had a better atmosphere it'd be a decent place.
  12. I suppose the age limit might stop some trouble, with lads having to be 25 and girls 21. But I don't think it's very likely. I find when a place has a reputation like that, no amount of rebranding is going to change it. It just attracts the wrong sort, who then ruin the night and the nightclubs in Sheffield for everyone else.
  13. id be surprised if this is true.. ive found sheffield university accommodation fairly reasonable compared to what some of my friends pay at different unis
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