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Carphone warehouse meadowhall


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Don't get anything from car phone warehouse at meadow hall.


I got the s6 edge 8 days ago on a 24 month contract

The screen has cracked on its own. I have taken it back and they are saying nothing can be done.

They also told me I have a 14 day cooling off period to decide if I wanted it when I took it out.

I told them today I wanted to cancel it then I was told I couldn't cancel it as they don't do a 14 day cooling off period and I was now stuck with it for 24 months.


I will be looking at this futher


Carphone warehouse staff was unhelpful and kept changing their story.

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It's quite a difficult situation is this. It would be hard to prove that the screen cracking was either a fault or the result of the phone being dropped / sat on, bent in a tight jeans pocket without any other visible signs of damage. Though clearly the 'cooling off period' doesn't apply to goods returned in a condition worse than that in which it was purchased so that bit, at least, is a red herring.


I'm guessing that if the store are not willing to assess the product to see if the can prove it the screen cracked as a result of a fault or user damage then the only recourse would be to get an independent agent to make a report on it. This would, of course, be at the owners cost. Although likely could be claimed back if found to be a result of manufacturing defect.


I have to say, though, I have had excellent service from Carphone Warehouse in Meadowhall. And in other branches too.

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Just look at the link dan and emma gave you. You will need to write to them and confirm all the details that have happened plus request they replace the phone. You should also contact your phone company as they might listen.


Assuming neither of them do, then cite the New consumer Rights Act 2015 to them and ell them the phone wasnt of saisfactory quality or fit for purpose under s9 and s10.


If you cant do it yourself then get the assistance of CAB to write a letter before action and hand it in. The idea is to make as much a nusicance of yourself that they relent and replace the phone or you escape the contract.

Obviously there point may be that phones dont spontaneously crack, but its a call my bluff situation.

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I know Samsung provide a 2 year warranty on their phones, so you're probably best going directly to them, explaining what's happened, and how CPW won't help etc...


I know that in other situations (Laptops / Tablets) the manufacturer will assess the goods and fault, in an attempt to determine if it was a fault, or an accident or negligence etc....


It's VERY difficult for them to prove it, just like you have to prove to them that it wasn't because it was dropped/bent etc.... how difficult is that to do?

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which store in meadowhall did you go to - the one downstairs is absolutely useless and even their manager is downright rude and obstructive towards customers.


I purchased LG3 from this store and the migration never went through properly and they wouldn't do anything to fix it, just kept pushing me away saying not their problem.


After 6 months and still unsure of when would be resolved I went into upstairs store and spoke to manager.


He agreed to cancel the contract and pick a new phone as it looked as though it had not been setup properly and if he tried re-activating would have been stuck on it for another 2 years.


I choose the Nexus 6 64gb (they only just got them in) but within a month noticed it was not charging properly and contacted motorola, after some emails backwards/forwards they agreed it was faulty but was probably software but not sure.


I went to meadowhall and upstairs store the tech guy was not on so they couldn't do anything, so went into store downstairs and regretted it ever since. They took the phone and provided wrong repair information, I found out they were not accredited to repair the phone, I then had to chase to get the phone back from them so could then see about replacing it (under warranty and SOGA).


The manager totally refused to do anything, it was absolute ***** and his attitude was 'we only sell phones, we don't make them' when mentioned SOGA and they have repsonsibility to repair/replace he still refused. Complained to CPW and still took time to sort until I threatened them with Watchdog, Trading Standards and legal action if needed.


I should have realised after buying the LG3 from this store that would have further issues dealing with them.


I had all correspondence from motorola which backed up my issue the device was faulty. They did want me to send it off to their central collections before they would replace, but refused and demanded a brand new replacement from a local store. Managed to get one from the store upstairs the following day without issues and £50 from CPW as gesture of goodwill.


But if you do need to use CPW in meadowhall don't use the one downstairs

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