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  1. Goldfish bowl further up and where Brendas is.
  2. Good for them. Not about pay but the zero hour contracts.
  3. Nice selective posting there El Cid. They have been shut down. The year in question was 2-14-15 and it looks like the founder didnt understand her duties as a trustee, which is a bit silly really as she has to sign a form saying she does. She will be banned from being a trustee and if they believe there was fraud then the police could be called in and they will attempt to get monies back depending upon what the education finds. Good to see Gina Miller is where the action is at and getting headlines for her own foundation.
  4. Have to agree with cyclone. They wouldnt have done anything and why didnt hubby just drop you off outside or at a park so you could take the dog for a walk?
  5. Nothing to do with religion and everything to do with you being ignorant . People have told you why it costs £11m. But for some reason youd rather they let York Minster fall into ruin and youd rather people werent allowed to make voluntary contributions to its upkeep.
  6. What a stupid ignorant OP. York Minster is one of he most important historical buildings in the country and as pointed out a major tourist draw. The money is raise mostly through pubic donations. They can donate to where they like Pub goers are well known for their charitable work. How much charity work or public donations do you make sammsong?
  7. Heh@ all the Sheffield jealousy. Typical SF thread. People at the top of their profession earn a lot of money. I only had issue with a few of them, but there are thousands of other people who earn a lot more than this small number .
  8. The government's preferred routes for the HS2 high speed railway north of Birmingham have been confirmed. The eastern route to Leeds will run east of Sheffield, with some trains going into the city on existing lines. Just confirmed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40635299 So as expected Sheffield really wont get HS2 but Leeds does. Sheffield will just get a few HS2 trains diverted via a link line which will then run at normal speed. The Tories really hate this city. It would have been much better for the Northern cities to have been linked together properly.
  9. She doesnt know what she is talking about. You can always contact someone by phone and even a visit will be assessed and booked in to deal with the problem in good time.
  10. errr go to CAB like I said and get a debt counselor to assess your situation. Tell the council that is what you are doing and the date of your appointment. You can then make the Council an offer of £X a month on top of your normal payments. ---------- Post added 25-06-2017 at 11:33 ---------- That's Sheffield forum for you.
  11. Honestly go to CAB and sort it out with them. You need to see a specialist debt advisor.
  12. Waiting to see if any of the unsafe blocks are in Sheffield.
  13. This is really misleading as usual. Theres more than one branch of CAB and they have drop in days plus you can phone in as well. If someone has an urgent time critical situation then they will be seen. Anyone with any common sense would just lodge an appeal in any event and seek an extension and point out you needed to get proper advice. ---------- Post added 24-06-2017 at 11:31 ---------- The benefits system can be complicated and she should really go and see CAB. If she has failed ESA and mist go on JSA, then she will only be expected to search for jobs applicable to her ability and limitations. A letter from her GP backing her up would protect her. She should also appeal the ESA or at least get further advice if it was incorrect. If you google it there are forums set up for this.
  14. You just said its stopped? have you been on site? Do you know what the schedule is? Do you live round that end of town? I go past it once or twice a week and Ive just thought it was steady progress.
  15. Well if you want chaos and for us to plunge into a recession then that would be the way to go. You dont really care about the economic welfare of the UK though do you. ---------- Post added 20-06-2017 at 22:42 ---------- Its just plain ignorance and stupidity. Hardly uncommon on these forums.
  16. I didnt think it had stalled either. It impressed just how big it is.
  17. I always felt it was making steady progress. Whats your idea of stopped for a while? Its a pretty massive structure.
  18. This is entirely correct. I was looking at a a chart showing fatalities from terrorism western Europe since the 60's and it shows how peaceful its been since the mid 90's. Even with the recent attacks its still below an average year in the 70s and 80's.
  19. The most important is what you think of yourself, then those closest to you. You should also think who these other people are and why or if their opinion really matters. As long as you know in yourself that you are a good person, then the rest dont matter.
  20. Wrong point of view. Think how much worse the public finances would have been if we had spent even more money we dont have. Money only comes from 2 sources. Borrowing or taxes. Due to being in recession then tax receipts are always lower and at the same time demands on welfare benefits are always higher. Public finances were already in a very poor state when the Cons took power because Labour had spent too much an we were in a poor state to deal with the recession.
  21. Very sensible and in the wake of such a tragedy (I cant remember a more horrific one), then a Public Inquiry was the way to go and that should make it possible to find out what happened and why plus review problems for other high rise flats. Lets hope someone at the Council had some common sense and had safety in mind.
  22. How are they putting profit before people? f they were then you would be paying market rent . I expect they are having emergency meetings with the chief fire officer and building inspectors plus associated experts in order to assess any risk and to ensure they are safe. As a priority they need to check the safety of any cladding. I expect central government to make some money available for any refurbishment that needs doing.
  23. Yes you can complain, but i suggest you. Collect all documents relating to your dismissal/ removal. Speak to an adviser at the SU/ CAB/ Law centre or speak to the ACAS helpline. Dont submit until you have advice. Check for any deadlline. It may be your continuance on the college course is dependent upon you being on the apprenticeship as your funding might have been withdrawn. Its important someone looks at it to understand whats happened in order to give you best advice. Their complaint procedure is here https://www.sheffcol.ac.uk/media/editor/Public%20Documents/Complaints/003_TSC_Complaints_Procedure_2016_Final.pdf and here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdR1qQ9BCX4x6bkpnlUVoXe5nejzzTtXAXDgL5RlBCj80VfPw/viewform?c=0&w=1
  24. Nope I never said that, it is all in your head. They should go with a positive attitude and be willing to co operate rather than be defensive or hostile. They have a job to do so understand that and give them what they want and everyone will get what they want. If someone is rude then here are various ways to handle it , but being smart and keeping your calm is more likely to result in a positive outcome than getting into an argument. Going in with an attitude that they are out to get you or they will be rude isnt really going to help.
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