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  1. Unless Jimmy (and/or Nathan) are Sheffield Utd fans. Which possibly explains why they do so much sour beer...
  2. While I personbally think that any alternative is better than crashing out with no deal, I can't help thinking that installing Corbyn as a 'caretaker PM' is somewhat akin to installing Senator Palpatine as Supreme Chancellor. He won't give up the power without a fight and we will be all dragged down the dark side...
  3. What about dairy? Can you have that without animal cruelty?
  4. Jimmy is a great guy who has produced some of the best sour beers I've seen produced in this country, but seems to have painted himself into a bit of a corner with them, almost like being typecast in a role. Hopefully the bar (with 21 lines apparently) will help him prove he's not just a one trick pony. Tho, like Jemmo says, some of his non-sour beers have been a little questionable.
  5. The Dronny wasn't brewing when I went for the 'One Valley' festival. I had seen a couple of beers of theirs around in the weeks leading up to that so I assumed they must be, but it seems that was just old stock as the bar was quite clear no brewing was happening, and none of their beers were on.
  6. Like Cyclone I don't particularly care what speed you drive on the Parkway, as long as it's not slow enough to hold up other traffic. What I do object to is being told that a certain speed is too fast when it has long been perfectly acceptable. Your 65 for example would be illegal if this rule came into effect. A fundamental point that many are ,missing here is that these speed limits were set back in a day when cars were far less efficient and capable. What may have been mildly dangerous in the 1970s to drive at is an absolute breeze these days with traction control and assisted braking. In fact most modern cars wil stop in far less time than the old fashioned 'braking distance' says they will. So the safety aspect of reducing speed limits these days is largely bogus. Equally, cars are much kinder on the environment than they used to be. Mine (like Cyclone's) has an 8 speed box and is more efficient driving on the Parkway at 70MPH than it would be through town at 40MPH (which would be my preferred route if the 50MPH limit of the Parkway comes into force). Indeed it has an Eco Pro mode which i engage on the motorway which saves me fuel and emissions. It only starts to become ineffective at 80MPH (according to the manufcturers own details) and will actually tell you to reduce your speed to below that level. I presume that is becuase it is German car and we all know you can drive faster on some roads in Germany - hence how I know. Maybe what they should really do is ban the older 4-speed cars that are less safe, use more fuel and cause more damage to the environment doing 50 MPH than mine will at 70? Just a thought..
  7. Npe. You're missing a fundamental point on this. Universities have a public duty to declare a student 'fit to practice' what they are teaching. In this particular circumstance the university felt that they could not. In fact the university's terms and conditions of the course specifically included lines on the very thing the person was kicked off the course for. So... 1) They couldn't state he was fit to practice 2) he breached terms and condition of being on the course Just what should the university have done do you think? (Oh, and by the way, a legal appeal upheld their decision - just in case you were wondering). You beat me to the fitness to practice thing by seconds. They are correct that they have this responsibility. It is specifically laid out to them in guidance from government. For me, the whole rest of the argumant is irrelevant.
  8. I really shouldn't on a school night... but gonna head down there after work today, probably via Kommune for some food and prinks, and with an ill-advised finish in Shakespeares that already makes me realise Im not going to work tomorrow.. Im thinking it sounds like a good crawl. And mostly downhill too!
  9. Tweet from Bishop Thomas Tobin "@ThomasJTobin1: A reminder that Catholics should not support or attend LGBTQ “Pride Month” events held in June. They promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Catholic faith and morals. They are especially harmful for children." Easily corrected
  10. Well... At least you didn't do this... https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/19/hilarious-google-maps-****-blurs-totally-wrong-body-part-9263484/ Or did you?
  11. I do love these constant reminders about the 17 million who voted leave, despite the repeated calculations of what a no-deal would actually cost us as a country. Always puts me in mind of something else tho... Oh yes: https://www.ft.com/content/6ec09b2e-5388-11e8-b24e-cad6aa67e23e QUOTE: About 17m workers possess the numeracy skills of a primary schoolchild Coincidence?
  12. I don't think this is a daft question at all. And I must admit that I haven't done any research on this because I am way too busy at the mo - just browsing on my lunch breaks. But in my role I do deal with issues that refer to the home nations, such as devolution, so have some knowledge of the matter. The way I understand it, it is the UK that is a member of the EU, NOT England, Scotland, Wales and NI. That means if the UK leaves the EU, Scotland would then have to leave the UK in order to apply for their own membership into the EU. This would likely come with all the strings attached to any new country wanting to join - such as having to adopt the Euro and all trading / lawmaking conditions. There are many of these conditions and the UK only adopt 3 of them - a better 'deal' than any other country who is a member (I believe Denmark adopt 4). Should Scotland be successful and given EU member status then, has been said elsewhere, it is likely a hard border will be required, along with currency changes etc. Whether Scotland will actually decide leaving the UK and joining the EU would then be worth it is debatable, but not impossible. Happy to be corrected on any of the above - like I say, I haven't had time to research.
  13. One of the options for government, already suggested by a few Ministers, is for them to vote to change the law in order to allow a third vote. Another is for them to ask the Queen to suspend Parliament ans then restart it again, making it a different 'session'. I wonder if May has enough b@lls to try either of these optiions? Cabinet meeting today so I guess we will find out.
  14. I was up in the north east yesterday, visiting the outlaws, so thought i might pop a long to see these poor sould and have a laugh... https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1101391/brexit-march-leave-eu-nigel-farage-march-to-leave-brexit-news-latest QUOTE: "the protestors were forced into taking a five-mile detour after forgetting the Tees Transporter Bridge is closed on Sundays."
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