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  1. Well maybe the term 'predator' is too harsh, but if someone demands to see a gynaecologist without the correct plumbing, or indeed book into a body waxing salon as a woman and then blatantly not being (which was her previous claim to fame), could be construed as some kind of deviance. If Ms Yaniv had, in fact, slapped the plums out in front of a woman who was not expecting it or indeed agreed to see that, then it could indeed be classed as a crime. Now I don't know if Ms Yaniv indeed ever intended to go through with either of these things. It could be that she took the first case to court (and lost) simply to prove a point of her own. But I don't think we will ever really know that.
  2. As a fan of Ricky Gervais I had wondered whether I was naturally biased to agree with him on this issue (and the previous argument he was involved in regarding this individual). But I do love this article... https://spectator.us/leave-jessica-yaniv-alone/ Interested in what others think.
  3. You call a fair few things right mate. Perhaps the original was just too ambitious for Sheffield. TBH it has proven that many things are.
  4. Well it won't be at their original site. They have handed back the lease on that.
  5. Apparently, the deal that has been agreed in unlawful under a amendment of law tabled by the ERG themselves back in 2018, and is set to be challenged: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-50076186
  6. I highly doubt you have tried many of the thousands of beers I, and many others on this forum, have, some costing upwards of £20 a pint, so please don't pretend you have. Jemmos post above sums it up exactly. You are on record stating that you put the venue ahead of the beer. And that's fine if that's what you want. I am pretty sure you could educate us all on which has the best flock wallpaper or standards of hygeine in the toilets. maybe even the best live music line-up. And no-one would argue with you. Just don't pretend to lecture us on things you know little about. And let's face it... the comment ' I don't doubt some of them taste quite nice' (post #30) kinda demonstrates this. Don't you think?
  7. I know what you mean about the opening times. It always seems odd to me that somewhere would reserve their entire venue for a party without the ability to make sure the fact this was published far and wide beforehand. And no, I don't know how they would achieve this. But I still hold grudges against WEST in Glasgow for the time this happend to a group of us who had just been dropped off in a minibus in the depth of winter and we had to trudge back into town through the snow and past some very dodgy looking pubs... That said, Triple Point (I think was the name you were looking for) have improved on Sentinel in other ways by uprating the internal and external areas and, instead of brewing average beer at extortionate prices, now charge pretty much what they are worth. TBHI will probbly now use the Industry Tap as the regular stop-off between Beer Engine and Rutland instead. Unless i don't fancy walking too far that day in which case I could use both and not start up Dev Green.
  8. What people like Maka consistently fail to realise is that we have had all the beers they have had, and are therefore in a ;position to comment on how much bettter they are than run of the mills stuff. Unfortunately, they aren't in a similar position so cannot appreciate how a beer would be worth 2,3 4 or more times the price. But that's fine. Their loss is our gain. As long as bars that stock them continue to open and thrive, then at least it means there are enough people who do.
  9. Unless Jimmy (and/or Nathan) are Sheffield Utd fans. Which possibly explains why they do so much sour beer...
  10. While I personbally think that any alternative is better than crashing out with no deal, I can't help thinking that installing Corbyn as a 'caretaker PM' is somewhat akin to installing Senator Palpatine as Supreme Chancellor. He won't give up the power without a fight and we will be all dragged down the dark side...
  11. Jimmy is a great guy who has produced some of the best sour beers I've seen produced in this country, but seems to have painted himself into a bit of a corner with them, almost like being typecast in a role. Hopefully the bar (with 21 lines apparently) will help him prove he's not just a one trick pony. Tho, like Jemmo says, some of his non-sour beers have been a little questionable.
  12. The Dronny wasn't brewing when I went for the 'One Valley' festival. I had seen a couple of beers of theirs around in the weeks leading up to that so I assumed they must be, but it seems that was just old stock as the bar was quite clear no brewing was happening, and none of their beers were on.
  13. Like Cyclone I don't particularly care what speed you drive on the Parkway, as long as it's not slow enough to hold up other traffic. What I do object to is being told that a certain speed is too fast when it has long been perfectly acceptable. Your 65 for example would be illegal if this rule came into effect. A fundamental point that many are ,missing here is that these speed limits were set back in a day when cars were far less efficient and capable. What may have been mildly dangerous in the 1970s to drive at is an absolute breeze these days with traction control and assisted braking. In fact most modern cars wil stop in far less time than the old fashioned 'braking distance' says they will. So the safety aspect of reducing speed limits these days is largely bogus. Equally, cars are much kinder on the environment than they used to be. Mine (like Cyclone's) has an 8 speed box and is more efficient driving on the Parkway at 70MPH than it would be through town at 40MPH (which would be my preferred route if the 50MPH limit of the Parkway comes into force). Indeed it has an Eco Pro mode which i engage on the motorway which saves me fuel and emissions. It only starts to become ineffective at 80MPH (according to the manufcturers own details) and will actually tell you to reduce your speed to below that level. I presume that is becuase it is German car and we all know you can drive faster on some roads in Germany - hence how I know. Maybe what they should really do is ban the older 4-speed cars that are less safe, use more fuel and cause more damage to the environment doing 50 MPH than mine will at 70? Just a thought..
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