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  1. DnAuK

    The Crow

    More to the point, are Chris and Kate opening this place in addition to the Rutland, or instead of?
  2. DnAuK

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    Is it bad that I base a lot of my holidays around the beer choices available these days? Barcelona is surprisigly good if you're wanting a beach holiday combined with good beer. If you're like me and love to do some sightseeing I would recommed Rome too. And Copenhagen of course, as well as Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki... I have been told Budapest is pretty decent too, tho never been. I'm heading to Paris next month. I understand that their beer culture has taken off a bit in the last few years. Depends what you're looking for really.
  3. Interesting reading from the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/17/semi-brexit-england-wales-leaving-eu-solution Quote - "A semi-Brexit, with just England and Wales leaving the EU, is the solution" I don't pretend to understand all of this, but it seems there is precedent for it. And I have seen signs of this being quoted before in the job I do. But if it was realistic, why has it not been mentioned before i wonder?
  4. DnAuK

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    The only two beers that St Mars have at the moment are OK, rather than spectacular, but that was just bedding in the brew kit. The Impy Stout (Barbapapa) that is currently in the fermenter is apparently a direct port of the stuff they brewed in the US under Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. Look it up - got really decent reviews. And the guy does seem to know what he's doing. Glad they settled on Sheffield. Leeds seems to be where it's at right now, given SALT breweries opening of two bars in town, North Brewing Co opening a more central taproom and Vocation dropping a 50 tap bar into the Assembly Underground (a bit like the Cutlery Works) - all in the last 3 months. However, anyone who is retailing beer there clearly knows it's probbly the best place outside London to get it and prices are reflecting that. Not cheap day out. So can't really knock Will for moving there really. Same with Colin from Buxton. Tho the replacement brewer in Buxton has eventually found his feet and started brewing some decent stuff of his own recipe. Is this time to say that the Buxton Tap is one of the best places to drink beer on the planet, BTW? If you like Buxton beers anyway. Which, let's face it, most people who know good beer do. Wish we had a place like that closer to home.
  5. Your humour is wasted on here mate.
  6. So many questions... So little time...
  7. DnAuK

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    Personally I thought he meant Stancill. They are the kind of brewer that would get a yeast infection and then pass it off as spontaneous fermentation... I have had Abbeydale Moonshine, Deception and Absolution in non-Abbeydale bars over the last few months. They have varied between bland and downright awful. Maybe the just don't respond well to less than perfect cellar management?
  8. DnAuK

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    Yeah Little Critters sadly went downhill a bit when the brewer left and was replaced by 'Wentworth Richard'. He is capable of following a recipe, but not really inventing anything good. I think Abbeydale have become complacent with their core range, as Thornbridge seem to have done also. I think jaipur is nowghere near as good as it was. By contrast I had a pint of Ilkley Lotus the other day which used to be about on par but now well outshines it. Dark Star Revelation is another example of a ~6% IPA that has still maintained it's quality over the years, so it is possible. Maybe it's all to do with volume of brews as Abbeydale Brewers Emporium beers can be quite good. Went to the St Mars place and was pleasantly surprised. Despite being more difficult to find than I hoped, given my lack of geographical knowledge of the area. I had to actually get off at the Boiler Room - proclaiming loudly that 'the Brewery must be this way!' but being believed by none. It looks like a shed on the outside, but inside it's quite nice. They have only brewed two beers so far, both probably on a par with Sentinel IPA, but at £4 and £4.50/pt on keg which is muh more realisic. The brewer gave us a tour of the brewery, which is a custom 10HL plant with some interesting features. They even have their own bottling line. The Imperial Stout is currently in the fermenter and they are planning to do some spontaneous fermentation beers later in the year (think Cantillion which, despite what they would have you believe, is very much in the Attercliffe of Brussells, so maybe not such a bad idea!). Can't help thinking that if Sentinel had started this way they might still be going now...
  9. DnAuK

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    Haha. Glad you didn;t take offence. I sometimes have a tendency to illicit that in people where none was meant! I used to like Pilsner Urquell back in the day, and can still sink a pint of Staropramen when there is nothing else avaialble. Haven't had the Polish stuff since my dad had a place at the coast and they had Zwyviec (I'm goin with your spelling as it looks right) and another one - Okochim or something. But these days I tend to go down the craft cask and keg route. Five Towns have brewed some decent stuff - especially when they were naming everything after Bowie songs. I'd also keep a look out for Kirkstall now the old Little Critters brewer has had time to settle in. I had a cracker of theirs the other day . Alacrity - a proper big US IPA, a bit like Founders Centennial. Sadly, other than Abbeydale, and possibly Neepsend, I don't think Sheffield has a really classy mainstream brewer. I like most of Dave's stuff at Steel City, and Jimmy at Lost Industry has made a niche for himself with the sours. But one maybe to look out for is the Brewery of St Mars in the Desert that has just got going down Attercliffe. I have some friends in Chicago that used to really like them when they brewed in the US and were sad to see them pack up and head for the UK. I have sampled a couple of their beers and they have both been decent, tho my friends particualrly raved about their Impy Stout, which I understand they have started brewing this week. Might give their brewery a call in this weekend. The one problem is that I'd have to get the 52 bus back from pretty much outside the Boiler Room, and absolutely everyone on that bus is going to think I have been up to things other than visiting a brewery! Why can't they have been the ones that took over Sentinel? <See what I did to try and drag this back on topic there...?>
  10. DnAuK

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    TBH Derby, it's always a risk going anywhere they sell Kop Lager. At least the Blue side of the city is served by a proper brewer with some talent and pedigree, even if the team itself may not live up to that right now! Joking aside, though, I am not the kind of beer snob that automaticallyrefuses to try lager. In fact I have had some rather excellent IPL's recently - a style that has come on leaps and bounds of late. But I have to confess that I have never tried Kop Lager. Though I thought Sentinel's Kolsch was a pretty fine example of it's type (and yes I DO know that kolsch is techncally an ale, although the layman would struggle to see the difference between it and lager). So maybe I have been missing out on it? But I'm afraid I have kind of 'parked the bus' on that one!
  11. On the lorry front - I thouht this made good reading. https://www.ft.com/content/d05498f6-1299-11e9-a581-4ff78404524e Delving deeper it seems to indicate that delays of up to 40 seconds per lorry are 'managable' but anything above that increases delays exponentially.
  12. DnAuK

    Labyrinthitis type bug going around?

    Yep. Had it myself before Christmas. Having actually had labytinthitis about ten years ago I can tell it wasn't as serious, but was - as you say - similar. Took me a good couple of weeks to get over it. Worst part was driving with the oncoming headlights being quite dazzling. So I worked from home quite a bit.
  13. DnAuK

    Northern Rail strikes

    Like on tubes for example...?
  14. DnAuK

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    Yes - It's normally you, Mr Keiran and Mr Miller congregating around the guest taps... Alex is a very competent brewer. The problem he had was thinking that brewing traditional style beers as well as he possibly could warranted charging craft beer proces. It didn't. As has been said before it left him in no mans land between those wanting traditional stuff but refusing to pay that price, and those expecting rather more from a 6% IPA and £6/pt. Hopefully whioever owns the new place will steer his hand one way or another.
  15. DnAuK

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    Ignore me abouit the banks. I somehow had it in my head that Pinstone treet went around the corner past the Town Hall, but of course that is Surrey Street, where the closed banks are. The only Panasonic shop (maybe you mean?) is now a Co-op Bank and the one on the other corder is a Barclays. So yes, I presume it could only be Maplins or the old supermarket.

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